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  • The Mysterious Type (OHSHC Oc x ??? Yaoi)
    23.7K 653 2

    Hunni gets lost in Haruhi's neighborhood an a mysterious boy finds him an returns him to the host club. What happens if this mysterious boy goes to go to OH.

  • Don't Speak (OHSHC)
    58.1K 1.6K 14

    Jamie is a transfer from Canada. He's quiet and full of secrets. The Host Club is determined to make him talk.

  • A House Is Not A Home. OHSHC Fanfic
    108K 5.6K 52

    Life is like a cave. Every sound echo's. Every movement shakes. Every image remains. Hibiki, a new transfer, has to toughen up and join the host club, or have the cave collapse in on itself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Running. That's all I can do. To help the little ones. I care for them and only them. Must keep runn...

    Completed   Mature
  • The flirty type ( an ohshc story)
    198K 10K 33

    Kei Koizumi is a new student at Ouran, and, after being kidnapped, winds up at the host club! Watch the flirty type make friends, and maybe fall in love! The real question is, will he be to much for the club to handle? I'm not sure where I am headed with this story, so ratings and categories may change as the story pr...

  • { Ouran's Assassin }
    56.3K 2.1K 28

    Rin Fajioka is abnormal. . His parents gone. . With his parents gone hes forced to life with his aunt. . His aunt is important. So she had him trained . She saw emotions as a form of weakness. So she didnt allow them . Daggers later became his favorite weapon. Why? Because he lost 1 of his eyes to it. . He felt hopel...

  • The gaurded delinquent type(OHSHC fanfic.)
    34.4K 1.2K 4

    Sora and Yuto Gyakutai are twin brothers sent to Ouran in hopes of curing their 'special condition' but unfortunately are dragged into the host club after causing damage to the music room. For boys with such a troubled past being dragged into a club is more than a problem, but what makes it worse is the odd connection...

  • The Gamer Type OHSHC (ON HOLD)
    40.6K 1K 4

    A new boy at school gets involved into the host club because of a secret. Whats going to happen to him . Will he fall in love boyxboy

  • Kitten ((OHSHC))
    113K 4.5K 44

    Neko!Male! OC x Ohshc

  • Personality Disorders (OHSHC) (boyxboy)
    26.3K 1K 10

    "Joy?..... what's that?" My name is Keiiji Kazumi. I'm fifteen years old. My father is dead, and my dead beat mother is engaged. Forced to move to a different country, leaving everything behind everything I knew, I was enrolled into Ouran Private Academy. Due to a misunderstanding, I was forced to join the Host Club...

  • If fate allows (OHSHC fanfic OCx???Yaoi)
    54.9K 1.7K 6

    Alex has always been the kind of kid who never really interacted with anybody. Well except for his family that is. So when he gets a scholarship from Ouran, he has no choice but to accept because of his promise he made to his cousin (Fujioka Haruhi), which was if he got the scholarship and so did she they would both g...

  • The Sleepy Musician
    9.5K 358 1

    Yuki Hagarashi is a boy that always sleep. He's in Ouran for how smart he is and Music. Him and Haruhi is are neighbors and Haruhi always wake home up. what happens when he ends up being a host. what happens when all the host fall for him and Haruhi is jealous. (This will contain some lemon at certain times and this i...

  • If I Could Save You OHSHC Fanfic [Yaoi/ BxB]
    65.9K 2.2K 12

    After the brutal murder of his family, Ash Alotri moves in with his best friend Kai Minami. Soon after, they both move to Japan to attend Ouran Academy on scholarships. Living next to Haruhi Fujioka, a member of the infamous Host Club, both Kai and Ash are pulled into a life completely different from the ones they pre...

  • The Naughty Type
    126K 4.1K 24

    A teen boy named Ryu Himura moves and starts attending Ouran to get away from his past. His mother says it will help to start new. Ryu wasn't happy about the change but was willing to move on from his horrible past. But the problem Ryu has is he doesn't really follow the rules. He would always finds loop holes...

  • Red faced bad boy {OHSHC}
    254K 7.7K 85

    Ryoma Ikihara is considered a bad boy to most people outside of the host club. But that's not him. He's a adorable little gay otaku who gets in lots of love triangles...squares..octogans..IDK Also if you like Dgrayman read my other story, Double Trouble :P

  • Golden Eyes /Discontinued/ (BoyxBoy)
    58.1K 2.2K 16

    ***I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARTERS IN OHSHC*** Prince Alastair Rose Aldric Alastair was sent to Japan by his father to go to one of the most prestigious schools in all of the world.. Ouran Academy.. Alastair can easily go there by the mentioning on his family name... For he is the 3rd prince to the thrown in Britain. Alasta...

  • Larger Than Life ({ OHSHC }) ({ Boy x Boy })
    118K 4.8K 34

    He had a simple life, a caring girlfriend and a decent school life. But that all changes when his widowed mother meets a rich Japanese bachelor, who just so happens to be looking for a wife. His simple life was taken away from him, forced to move to an unfamiliar country, and forced to go off to a pink castle of a sc...

  • Bittersweet Kisses (OHSHC Fanfic)(Boyxboy)
    61.2K 2.5K 13

    Kongou Furikaji has always been the one-man-out. The watcher from the sidelines. An initiator of conflict. The 'weird kid', the 'misfit'. Isn't it a bit ironic then, that such a thing would go to high school with other people? When secrets could be so easily found out and exposed? For him, it's the sure-fire way to be...

  • That one host... (OHSHC)
    101K 2.7K 33

    Wynter Miyoshi is a friend of Haruhi, childhood friends actually and when he gets accepted to Ouran and meets the hosts and the other hosts learn he's bisexual and another secret, and more. He's rich yes but, he lives next door to Haruhi...just because he can. When he goes to school he decides to help Haruhi as much...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mysterious Type (OHSHC)
    135K 5.1K 30

    Toshiro Nakamowa, or Shiro, a 17 year old kendo prodigy who doesn't really enjoy having to be forced to be the best. The Nakamowa family has been at odds with the Morinozuka family for years and ever since the Morinozuka's and the Haninozuka's stopped their rivalry it only got a whole lot harder for Shiro. His father...

    Completed   Mature
  • Please Save Me! (OHSHC Yaoi)
    165K 6.2K 32

    This story is about a boy named Akira Nanami. He's the only son to the Nanami family. He is rich, but he enrolled as a honor student. This is how he met the host club and how the host club saved him from the pits of despair. This is my first fanfiction so don't judge it to harshly. Thank you! ^-^

  • The Otaku Type-Ohshc
    262K 8.2K 33

    Shiho Fujioka: Haruhi's Cousin is accepted into Ouran Senior Academy by getting a scholarship. He meets up with Haruhi and joins the Host Club. While he's there, The Hosts begin to fall in love with him?! Who will be the destine love one for this Lonely Otaku?

  • All the wrong things ({ OHSHC }) ({ boy x boy })
    138K 5.1K 27

    He was kidnapped at the age of eight, seven years later he ends up at Ouran Academy, what will happen when he meets old faces, but is still running from his past, present and future, what will happen when the host club meddle in his life. His name, Kai Yuki.

  • A host?! Don't make me laugh
    145K 5.6K 46

    I have finally gotten into the school that my parents wanted, nothing could ruin this. Except now I have to deal with the stupid host club harassing me. What am I going to do? Asami Etsuko has worked his butt off to get into ouran and now he has finally gotten in. Living without parents and taking care of his 5 year...

  • Her Other Half (An OHSHC x Male!reader FanFiction)
    62.4K 1.4K 12

    [DISCONTINUED] What if Haruhi had a brother and that brother is you Reader-san,the leader of a popular boy band named "We Are The Entertainers".Join us and discover how will the host club will react to this,not to mention how many hearts he has stolen. Sadly I do not own any picture,video or any character that is us...

  • Hopelessly In Love (Hikaru and Kaoru)
    64.6K 2.1K 16

    Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin were inseparable before they met Haruhi. Once Haruhi was involved in the twin brothers lives Kaoru noticed his brother slipping away from him and becoming more attached to Haruhi causing his world to be torn apart. Kaoru tries to hold onto what ever he and Hikaru have left. *i apologise Ha...

  • What Am I To U (Hikaoru) +18
    15.8K 473 9

    A Hikaru x Kaoru fanfic with love, betrayal, mystery and confusion!! Hope you like. WARNING YAOI AND SMUT DON'T LIKE DON'T READ. +18 another WARNING IT MIGHT GET REALLY DARK AT SOME POITS VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED