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  • Branches - Two Fates. One Tale
    2.6K 141 8

    [TOP 4 in the Open Novella Contest 2018] "In blood born, in blood it ends." Do you believe in the freedom of choice or in proclaimed destiny? He had terrorized the lands. He had murdered and killed. He had walked the earth for centuries. Now he is back to fulfill his part of the legend. The legend of he who died once...

  • Mina's Children: The Legacy of Dracula (#OpenNovellaContest)
    1.7K 151 18

    ~~5th place winner Final Round & 2nd place winner, Round 2 - Open Novella Contest 2018~~ Mina Harker (née Murry) was changed by Dracula's attentions, and so were her descendants. Reggie comes from this line of vampire hunters, nature's definitive balance to the darkness. Her whole life has been building up to this one...