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  • The Clarke Brothers
    91.8K 4.3K 19

    ***HAS VERY EXTREME MATURE CONTENT*** ***RECOMMENDED FOR READERS 18+*** What happens when you're roommate decides to get married and tells you that you have to move out? Where do you go? Who do you turn too? What happens when you have no choice but to move in with 3 people who made you life a living hell as a child...

  • Joong Ki-shi x Reader
    452 13 2

    Story Cover (c) 초록지안 These are all Song Joong Ki 송중기 x Reader stories. Enjoy!

  • Say te amo papi
    9.6K 233 7

    A story in which a Puerto Rican and Black girl fall in Love but will this love come easy? Will they drift apart? Find out in "Say te amo papi"

    1.3M 62.2K 67

    Everywhere she went people would stare at her. Some in awe, jealousy, and confusion. But she never took much notice of it. She would tell those who asked that it was her real hair. She was used to the staring so it never really bothered her. Until one day. The day when she felt the stare from someone that made her fee...

  • The Man Behind The Beast (BWWM) ✓
    1.7M 93.9K 34

    "He fell into despair and lost all hope... For who could ever love a beast?" -Beauty and The Beast ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• When Elle stumbled upon an ad for a stay in chef, she thought the universe had finally tipped in he...

  • Forbidden Love
    2.4M 106K 68

    A lot can happen in five months, but no one could have expected this. Cold, distant and sometimes shallow, Reign never thought she'd ever find a guy to meet her very high standards or her equally high Prada pumps. Per usual, life comes and knocks her right on her ass bringing with it the passionate, arrogant boxer To...

  • Forced to be His.
    11.2M 332K 53

    She looked up, tears drenching her dark eyelashes. She sees him in the obsidian shadows of the room. A scream is stuck in her throat, unable to erupt from her mouth. She tries to turn and run, but as she moves her feet and takes a step, muscly arms encircle her waist. She feels her body lift above the ground, an...

  • Claimed By Him Without Love (#Wattys2016)
    19.4M 643K 56

    Higest rank #1 in romance on 27.07.2016 His both hands were on the wall on either side of me, pinning me to the wall... ''you will not talk to any other men except me......'' he was fuming with anger. ''James...listen to me...'' I started but cut off by his punch on the wall. ''DO YOU GET IT'' he shouted angrily. I...

  • Newfound Lover |Completed|
    13.8K 871 21

    Just read ☺️

    Completed   Mature
  • Yn and chris brown stories
    223K 5K 40

    Imagines about you and Chris Brown, funny fluffy smutty...enjoy and thanks for stopping by 👍😊

  • Dancing with a 구미호 Gumiho
    32.1K 2.4K 38

    An excerpt previously published in Love Journey's AMBW Anthology: Shades of AMBW: Asian Men and Black Women Short Story Collection, this tells the story of a man eating fox, who meets a young human woman and the two instantly fall in love. However, tragedy stuck the two lovers and the immortal creature wanders around...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tunnel Vision {AMBW}
    6.5K 328 16

    An original folktale between an African Kandake and a Chinese Emperor.

  • My dad's best friends
    21.6K 216 10

    A 17 year old girl finds herself in the mist of her most wanted fantasy Leads up to the smut Short story.. Small chapters. My first story. What do you guys think?

  • Sounds Of Love
    879 57 5

    Just read it

  • Alpha Male
    206 7 3

    al·pha male a man tending to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations. Super Special Agent Aaron Hotchner and Special Agent Derek Morgan are the exact definitions of 'Alpha Male.' In fact, with their profession they'd been called it numerous times. Derek takes over for Aaron when...

  • Hurt You
    19.7K 1.4K 50

    This story is about Toni Braxton! That goes threw hell and then finds herself suffering and also experiences joy&sadness, and also feels like a betrayer

  • There's A Twist With Every Happy Ending [EDITING]
    10.2K 858 51

    **COMPLETED** Two years after being kidnapped, she returned to her family, but it's not all happily ever after. What will happen? Read and find out ❤

  • Grae's Chocolate Beauty
    126K 4.8K 12

    Grae Amato was the second oldest of the Amato siblings. He was ruthless, like his siblings, but tended to be the most level headed, though that wasn't always saying much. He was the strategist. So, good at what he did, you'd be finished before you ever even knew you were his target. He was a beast at what he did, but...

  • Shy Girl [1990s]
    7.6K 605 37

    #MyWorks 7 -Sorry really bad at this hope you read it anyways Lol- A Girl name Rumi Banks just move from New York to Atlanta. She is super shy but she hopes that she will get out of that when she goes to her new high school for her senior year.

  • Father's Best Friend [Michael Jackson]
    61.2K 1.5K 13

    Hey readers! This is the book I've made from the imagine Father's Best Friend (1993) in my Sexy Imagines book! I hope you all enjoy it just as much as you've enjoyed the imagines! Here's a small description... Y/N is a 16 year old girl who is forced to go to her father's friend's house and stay there for 3 months. Thi...

  • The Blind One.
    20K 341 12

    [ read BLIND LOVE for sokka & toph ] This is a short story of Sokka and Toph from Avatar the Last Airbender when they open up about their feelings. [ COMPLETED ]

  • True Love Always Comes Around
    378 15 2

    I'm Not Good With Descriptions soooo idk what to say. Just read and find out.

  • My Sister's Boyfriend
    21.3K 409 18

    "I like you a lot" he said as he caresses my cheek and plants a long kiss on my lips. I know this is so wrong but it feels so right. I close my eyes as I blurted out the words "I like you too" *A Quincy Brown Fan Fiction Story*

  • Crescent Rose (Season 3 Part: 2)
    66 10 10

    Pregnant? Betrayal? Loss? someone comes back from the dead?

  • Imagines Book
    2.5K 57 11

    Michael B. Jordan, Christopher M. Brown, Quincy Brown,

  • The Night I Got Married (Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson)
    10.7K 396 50

    Whitney Houston is being forced to go out. A night out in Vegas. Her friend and family thinking it such a good idea, but the night turn into something unexpected. She runs into the Janet and Michael Jackson. People telling them the need relax and enjoy They night. They are successful and young but the truth is they ra...

  • Forced
    79.2K 4.4K 50

    Angela Brown-Jackson is pregnant and married to the one and only, Michael Jackson. Before Michael, Angela had two children with the love of her life, Jake, who left her way too early. His loss left Angela broken-hearted. When she finds her deceased husband's Will, she discovers a wish that he had. The wish that led h...

    Completed   Mature
    48.3K 2.3K 19

    "I want you to strip for me." Mr.CEO orders "You must be crazy. I'm an exotic dancer, not a prostitute." He scoffs "Who said anything about sleeping with you? I'm just trying to get my moneys worth. Now strip." He leans back in the chair and rubs his chin. I sigh and slowly remove my bra. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is...

  • Lonely™|Bang Yongguk|
    27K 989 15

    He was the type mama warned you about. A savage in his own right. The type you shouldn't associate with. Yet how could you stay away from someone who made you feel so right? ♦ A Bang Yongguk AMBW Story.

  • The Savage In The Man
    32.4K 1K 21

    A Ninja Assassin Fanfiction Mika is having one heck of a day at work, and every day at work has been hectic since the "Ozunu Clan" fiasco! She thought her odds were turning in her favor when Raizo comes back into her life, and their friendship slowly blossoms into something ...more. But after weeks of them beginning...