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  • Behind closed doors (billdip) title changed. Book 1
    65.6K 2.3K 19

    Used to be Behind the curtains. Dipper and Mabel moved to GravityFalls after Dipper was rejected by his parents when he told them a secret. The guilt, confusion and bullying start to happen while he's at GravityFalls, but it will all change when one teenage magician and his sister comes to the small town.

  • Guilt Tripping Your Guilty Pleasure|| WillDip
    5.5K 210 2

    Will Cipher is a Dream God, a creature of immense power. So, what is he doing chained up and used by two mortal teenagers with inhuman abilities? He blames his emotions for getting in the way as he undergoes the abusive ways of the Telepathy Twins. Not only that, he's being plagued by nightmares of a world so similar...

  • You don't have a choice (Will x Dipper Gleeful)
    40.6K 1.5K 31

    Will was a tortured slave and servant of the Gleeful twins. He had no hope of ever being saved as he was used only to be a puppet in their game. But things became... peculiar. Dipper acted differently towards Will. It would frighten Will, he feared Dipper planned the worst. But Dipper had something else in mind...

  • The Gang Leader's Pet {WillDip}
    7.7K 332 8

    Will Cipher is new to the school of gravity falls, but regardless of the warnings he has received from numerous peers, he somehow falls into Mason's hands. Mason gleeful practically runs Gravity Falls, he's cold hearted, ruthless and gets whatever he wants whenever he wants. What happens when he lays eyes on the new k...

  • Escape (Willdip fanfic)
    7.8K 248 10

    While Dipper and Mable are at a show Will steals Journal 1 and 2. He gives them to Gideon and Pacifica. All he asks for in return is for them to summon his twin brother Bill and ask them to tell him he needs his help. Will Will be able to escape? May not look like it a first but it will become Willdip. I think

  • Our secret love| Willdip
    53.5K 1.7K 24

    A romance between a demon and his master, sounds simple but can easily be an almost deadly secret. So what'll happen when Mason finds out Wills feelings? And will their forbidden romance stay secret for long? This fan-fiction sticks to the original canon plot of 'reverse falls'. Meaning there will be abuse, torture, a...

  • All Mine Dipper Pines
    60.9K 2.3K 29

    Bill has returned and it seems Dipper is what he wants. But too much is happening. Will Dipper trust again? And what's happening to Mable. Her trusting ways are such lies these days. The grunkles think they are in control. What's happening in Gravity Falls? Updates slowly

  • Enslaved By A Demon // Bipper - Billdip // Slight AU
    226K 7.4K 16

    When Bill takes over the town and everyone is hiding in terror, Dipper has to make a deal with Bill to protect his family and get his Gruncle Ford back. Bill agrees and Dipper finds himself in the mercy of an all powerful God of chaos. What could go wrong? Highest Ranking; #1 - billdip 02/26/19 #67 - Gravity Falls 07...

    Completed   Mature
  • Angel, Demon, or Both
    56.9K 2.5K 25

    Angels and Demons are beginning to live together, but some of them live in Harmony and some don't, it's complicated. War was over centuries ago and it came up to this. Maria Pines is an angel while her husband Mark Pines is a Demon. All Angels have different sizes of wings and different color wings. It's not going to...

  • Soul Mates (a billdip fanfiction)
    295K 10.6K 56

    Dipper comes back to Gravity Falls, but things aren't the same. Mabel has some new friends and Dipper's body is only changing for the worst, in his opinion, not to mention the fact he's now discovered that he's bi. He ends up in the middle of a giant game of cat and mouse, set up by his sister, with seven guys fightin...

  • •Taking Over The World In A Blink Of An Eye• ||BillDip|| (Slow Updates!)
    112K 3.3K 13

    "We lost, we didn't defeat him. Now he holds the world in his hands, one eye always watching us. Trying to make our escape each time gets harder and harder. Him wanting us all to bow down to him, like he is some sorta god. Me and Mabel will always fight. I won't ever bow down to him!" "Pine tree~ that's wishful thinki...

  • BillDip - ⛓ You're Mine: Book Two: Two King Kingdom
    72.1K 3.4K 56

    ☾ ★ Book Two ☾ ★ : This follows after One of the strangest stories of Gravity Falls yet! (Billdip Book: one you're mine) so if you haven't read that go read that otherwise, this story won't make sense! After a couple years, Dipper has lived with Bill in the Realm that leads to all other Realms. . . The Nightm...

  • Highschool au
    15.6K 578 11

    Bill is always teasing Dipper because he loves him. But Dipper doesnt feel the same way.. Yet

    Completed   Mature
  • Oak Tree | BillDip
    233K 9.4K 31

    "Eeny!" Pine tree. "Meeny!" Shooting star. "Miney!" Pine tree. "YOU!!" Shooting star. "Wait!" Dipper forced out. "I...I wanna make a deal with you." cover art by elentori #1 rank in #billcipher and #billdip! (AUG 9 2019)

  • Pine Tree~ (Gravity Falls, Au, Billdip)
    63.9K 2.3K 20

    Gravity Falls Fanfic - Pine Tree~ When Dipper, a boy just trying to visit his family, is sent off into the woods to find a journal for a lustful needy demon, he is stuck in a turning of events that he cannot get out of. Demon after demon trying to get their hands on this journal leads Dipper to make a deal with one of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling in Love (Billdip highschool au)
    45.3K 1.6K 14

    Just a little billdip where Bill is a human and they're all in highschool. This is a yaoi(boyxboy) so if you don't like then LEAVE!!! I might add some of my own characters as well. DISCLAIMER: COVER DRAWN BY ELENTORI AND EDITED BY @TOFIKU! I DON'T OWN GRAVITY FALLS, ALEX HIRSCH DOES! IF I DID, THEN BILL WOULD BE TURNE...

  • That artsy kid (Billdip AU)
    91K 4.3K 29

    Dipper Pines is just a normal gay guy that captures the interest of Bill Cipher, a cool, stylish kid that thinks too highly of himself. Dipper doesn't want anything to do with Cipher, but Bill just won't give up. Plus all of Dipper's family just really wants him to get a boyfriend. A BILLDIP FANFICTION AU

  • Just for the Papers
    57.9K 3K 16

    Imagine a world of what you love. What's in it? Dogs, flowers, your favorite meme? Well now imagine the exact opposite. Yeah. That's my life. Not all rainbows and sunshine now, is it? (Warnings: BillDip BoyxBoy Strong Language)

  • Connect The Stars
    95.4K 4.3K 33

    BilDip (Under editing) Dipper has been going to the same high school for all of his teenage years. The fact of it is boring to his mind. He's always wanted to travel but his family didn't have the money. Dipper being more adult knows more about the world and has more stress then a regular teen should. However the boy...

  • Back To BillDip
    309K 11.6K 107

    Dipper and Mabel left at the end of the summer for their hometown, Piedmont. The end of the summer means Back To School. When the bullies start picking on Dipper, a mysterious blonde intervenes. This mysterious blonde turns out to be the infamous Bill Cipher, in human form! Highest Place: #1 in #gravityfalls #4 i...

  • My Pinetree (Completed)
    131K 5.2K 21

    Dipper Pines, now 18, returns to the small town of Gravity Falls with his twin sister Mabel. But right when he thinks everything is back to the way it was before his first face off with Bill when he was 12; a certain dream demon comes back. This time with a new look, and a new goal. I do not own Gravity Falls or its c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bloodied hands and brusied bodies (Billdip)
    108K 3.1K 44

    Slight Au! Weirdmeggdon is over but that doesn't mean the weirdness of gravity falls is. Dipper hates living in gravity falls and he has the cuts and bruises to explain why but when Dipper finds a boy his age lost in the woods his whole life is turned upside down and certain demon dorito who is now in quite the predic...

  • I'm not the one who wants to hurt you Billdip fanfic. [BOOK 1]
    99.2K 3.4K 26

    Dipper is 16 and suffers from paranoia and schizophrenia. He takes medication for for both of them and for anxiety. Everyone in the shack slowly starts to forget about him. What happens when Dipper becomes friends with his old enemy Bill Cipher? But doesn't know it yet? And bill helps him getting out of his problems a...

  • I Have My Reasons
    58.1K 2K 14

    Dipper and Mabel are starting their freshman year in highschool. They still go to gravity falls every summer and break they get. After the apocalypse bill became an ex-demon and shows up on the twins first day. After the apocalypse Dipper has started on wear nothing but long sleeve. A billdip fanfic (humanBill) (depre...

  • No Kidding (Highschool Au)
    50K 1.9K 13

    Dipper and Mabel just returned from their summer in Gravity Falls, only to hear their parents got in a car crash and passed away. Their Grunkle Stan took them in and many years later, a new high school year came, and a new student came. In this story, there is no Ford and Weirdmaggeddon, and Bill is not a DEMON!

  • ▲ ? Billdip ?▲- One of the Strangest Stories of Gravity Falls yet! ☢ (Book one)
    447K 18.3K 82

    ☾ ★ Highest Ranking Ever ☾ ★ : #41 in general fan-fiction. Welcome to Gravity Falls! Just west of Weird! We hope you enjoy your stay but one boy this summer won't. Unfortunately, one night, Bill Cipher the all-knowing dream demon of the mind entered into the adventurous and genius boy you all know, Dipper's, dream. It...

  • bill's secret (billdip)
    1.2K 50 12

    warning: this shit is old af like almost a year old ew lmao. if you're gonna read it still i'm warning you the first few chapters are really old and cringy so

    Completed   Mature
  • [Un]BLINDED // Bipper \\ Soulmates' AU
    877 30 7

    × Bill Cipher waits 2 years until he can finally reincarnate from his stonded prison to his Original form, Hence a Dreamon god freeing Cipher. to his suprise, Bill's new form takes shape of an average teenage boy. Nevertheless, Ciphers' demon possesions and reason for existence have not changed. However, When...

  • Petals | Billdip Soulmate Au
    1.6K 54 2

    Whats this? Another Billdip fanfic? YUP ------------- Imagine a world where everybody has a flower thats growing on them somewhere. It starts as a bud then grows into a flower later on. You soulmate has the same flower as you, and when your soulmate dies. A new flower grows in it's place. ------ For Dipper Pines this...

  • BillxDipper- Jealousy
    8.5K 295 4

    cute and funny