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  • Sophitz Forever
    82.4K 990 43

    HIGHEST RANK: #1 in Oblivion • #4 in KOTLC • Sophie has liked Fitz for as long as she can remember. But now, with everything changing as she turns sixteen, and feelings coming to light, she realizes that her crush isn't as simple as it seems. Not to mention the various feelings that her other friends have been hidin...

  • No Matter What
    6.4K 88 12

    I wont do this until I'm done!

  • Sophitz
    175K 1.3K 17

    Only one word...SOPHITZ...okay maybe more words but anyways this is my first fanfic as well as my first story on wattpad and if you read this than GREAT AND THANK YOU. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR READING!!! I have a few...okay a lot of spelling mistakes in this and I don't feel like fixing them. non of the characters be...

  • Why? - A Sophitz Fanfiction
    142K 576 19

    This book is inspired by @sophitzlover. Sophie has in kid, Levi Vacker. Sophie tells her daughter about the story of Sophie and Fitz's matchmaking scroll

  • Trust Me - a Sophitz story
    115K 1.7K 35

    - Trust Me is not my first attempt at a full-length fanfiction with a plot, but it is my first successful one. - - This is set directly after Lodestar, and obviously, contains spoilers. Without spoiling my own story, I can say that it contains a lot of Sophitz, along with a hint of Tiana and Dinh (or Lex, if you pref...

  • Love Unknown -- A Sophitz FanFiction [[incomplete]]
    37.8K 410 23

    I'm working on it, guys!

  • Becoming Cognates||Sophitz
    68.7K 676 17

    Sophie and Fitz are cognates, and one of the strongest duos the Elvin World has seen. Danger after danger comes their way, so can the budding romance survive? *ALL CHARACTERS AND PLACES BELONG TO THE WONDERFUL SHANNON MESSENGER*

  • Sophitz: Meant To Be [COMPLETED]
    196K 1.8K 18

    Sophie is now in her final year of the elite levels at Foxfire, and is old enough to apply for a Matchmaking Scroll. When Sophie and the rest of the Keeper crew open their scrolls, they're shocked at what they see. New romances blossom and things change, for good.

  • Sophie's Secret: Sophitz
    26.2K 310 5

    Sophie Foster had always had a crush on Fitz Vacker, but she could never bring herself to tell him. After all that has happened, though, Sophie thinks she can muster up the bravery enough to do it. But how? Takes place after Lodestar. ***ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO THE AMAZING SHANNON MESSENGER!***