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  • Never to Know
    13.8K 497 5

    What if Nick Fury hired Izaya Orihara to help the newly Avengers team with Loki?

  • The Avenger's Princess (Tokyo Ghoul x Avengers)
    36.4K 1.1K 21

    During an attack on Anteiku by Aogiri, Kana (genderbent Kaneki) finds herself thrust into another world and lands in America. Having no idea on how to get home, she decides to simply wait it out but she still needs to feed. Caught on SHIELDS radar, can she fight in upcoming invasion or will her pacifistic nature inhib...

    235 8 1

    Deadpool moves into Tokyo to become an assassin for some big bucks. Until he finds out about the ghouls, as he hunts and kills one. He runs into Anteiku.

  • The Ghoul, the Government, and the Heroes
    63.8K 2.8K 23

    Everyone was dead. The people he had destroyed himself to protect and the people he had forsaken to get stronger. They were dead. He had nothing to live for, so like the coward he was, he was prepared to die. But things never go as planned. ~~~~~~~~~~~ This is an Avengers and Tokyo Ghoul crossover, set at the end of...

  • Tokyo Ghoul x Avengers One Shots
    25.7K 662 29

    Just as the title says. These are just one shots of any Kaneki hanging with the Avengers on a normal day or in the midst of battle.

  • Summer Blues (Laughing Jack fan fiction)
    60 7 5

    Jack has run off from his abusive poor household in New York. Follow him and his friends on this vintage 1970s AU where he goes through a process of self discovery that will change who he is forever.

  • Smiles |Creepypasta Homicidal Liu|
    281 5 3

    Lucus Keaton, or otherwise known as Liu, is a young art student, who comes to a realization that someone all too familiar is stalking him, and he must suffer as tragic events are brought to light. THIS STORY WILL CONTAIN MATURE SUBJECT MATTER, AND BOY X BOY. Though this story will NOT be a romance story, so, beware.

  • Kidnapped|Creepypasta Crossover Supernatural
    2.4K 63 7

    When Lucus Keaton- or Liu for short- was eleven, his sixteen year old brother brutally murdered they're parents, and mutilated the youngers face. Now, two years later, thirteen year old Liu is now kidnapped, when he is ever so suddenly grabbed by a man who in turn disappears. And of course, whose better at facing the...

  • Crimson 《Tokyo Ghoul Crossover Vampire Knight》
    52.2K 1.5K 11

    Keiko Kaori, a famous singer starts to attend Cross Academy. She has a lovable, happy nature and is generally energetic. Past her lovable nature, she bares teeth.

  • Tokyo Ghoul Crossover Supernatural: Muted
    53.7K 1.8K 12

    Two months. That's how long the white haired boy was kept by the CCG. Taken forcefully by the investigators, tortured for answers of which he wouldn't nor couldn't voice. One month into his capture he was transported into America, soon being locked within an Asylum. What happens if the Winchester boys were led to that...

  • Tokyo Ghoul Crossover Avengers: Ghoul Recruitment
    82.6K 2K 16

    ORIGINAL PLOT BY alarose ON FANFICTION.NET After days of awful torture, the unexpected happened. Ken ends up in LA. After two months of both basking in the nonexistent presence of ghouls, and the painful lonliness; Ken is found out. Ghouls do not exist. Not here atleast. SHIELD gives Ken two options, be arrested and i...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Night Stand (Homicidal Liu x Jeff the Killer) [ONE-SHOT]
    29.2K 344 2

    This is a lemon one-shot •WARNING: Contains 18+ content •Cover drawn by PSD

    Completed   Mature