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  • The Betrayed Knight
    360 7 5

    He was once a loyal knight of Rias Gremory until he was betrayed and killed by the person he once called master. Saved he was by a great hero and sought redemption for the crimes that were committed.

  • Not The Jaune Arc You Used To Know...(Jaune arc x massive harem)
    11K 96 7

    Cardin exposed Jaune's fake transcript then everyone in Kuoh Beacon kagura academia betrayed him even his friends then his family disowned him then he was now homeless suddenly a girl with white eyes offered him something powers which stronger than anyone in existence

  • The Accurate Minions(TABS male reader x massive harem)
    1.9K 32 3

    Y/N is a king he has Trillions of Armies that he can summons until he got suck on a portal

  • Darling ( monster musume x child reader)
    54.7K 1K 36

    Oh boy So you are a child who has been cast out by your own family, but when you meet a strange woman by the name of miss smith your life takes a very weird turn. You are placed in a home under the cultural exchange program. Is this a blessing or a curse?

  • Little Male Readers x Mommy Sayori
    1.6K 33 10

    it was requested so yeah if you want me to write something just ask okay? okay. lets do this

  • Little Sayori x Daddy Male Reader
    609 25 6

    this is a surprise for a friend okay

  • Kirby's Academia (my hero academia x male reader)(hiatus)
    1.1K 35 2

    In this world there are people with powerful quirks and everyone knows that with great power comes with great responsibility but what happens when a quirk that can change the world in owned by someone with the mind of a child © All rights reserved Matured content

  • Heavens only male?!
    17.3K 273 34

    This is a male reader x female angels. I might make a male reader x female anti-angels (that's if u guys like this story)

  • T-thanks...(Natsuki X Reader)
    2.7K 16 9

    Natsuki has been beated multiple times and has no friends. One day, that all changes. Natsuki falls in love with a boy who saved her and her new friend. Will he accept her confession. Also, I want chicken

  • The Lost Child // Doki-Doki Literature Club (DDLC) Fanfiction
    1.2K 16 3

    When Monika comes home after another successful day of the Literature Club, she comes across a box on her doorstep that may change her life. --------------------------------------- I've done this writing thing for quite a while now but never posted it anywhere on publicly. If there's something I need to improve on, fi...

  • Baby Natsuki x Momma Monika
    1K 26 4

    Natsuki x Monika don't ask questions read it or don't. no MC. if you are into a different ddlc ship I do different ones

  • Doki Doki Little Club 'DDLC'
    2K 52 11

    Monika makes a club for people that have special needs or made this a life style one by one the girls show up and they become more motherly protective and childish

  • little Natsuki x Mama Sayori
    699 14 4

    okay Natsuki asked Sayori to read with her She wet herself and Sayori takes her home.

  • little Yuri x club
    5.5K 159 34

    I don't know anymore man just life and stuff

  • M'Reader x Booette
    1.1K 5 4

    Booette is cutest waifu fight me scrubs

  • Booette x Male Reader (Lemon)
    3.1K 17 2

    You are some normal guy, but your uncle died and you got his old mansion now

  • The Cute Ghost! (Booette x Male!reader)
    935 10 2

    You rent out a supposedly "haunted" mansion for 2 weeks to see if you could film some ghost action. If the heat got too intense, you'd just give the house to someone else, so they could deal that shit instead. But you didn't expect to find a pale white girl... ghost queen. THAT WANTS ME DEAD!!! SHIIIIIITTTT!!!!

  • Booette X Male Reader Hardcore Lemon
    3.4K 15 8

    You where always the playboy tip but one walk into the wood and being nock out by a boo you meat Booette read this if you want to know the rest, love you please follow❤

  • Bowsette X Male Reader X Booette X Chompette
    270K 4.6K 24

    Because I love this Meme

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dragon that stole my Heart (Malereader X Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
    66K 1.2K 16

    You were a Rogue, Wanted from Numerous Kingdoms but a Hero of Others. Wanting to get away from them, You counseled the Most Powerful Sorcerer of the Land and now you are Transported into the Place named "Japan" After, 10 years Living alone here, You were saw Something that you wouldn't see in your Old World in a Long...

  • bnha harem x male reader
    101K 1.2K 23

    i own nothing

  • Getting The Hunie
    2.5K 87 4

    Y/n's love life was to say so mercifully not very good but all that was to change after he met his very own Love Fairy, he was in for an experience to say the very least.

  • The Unknown Adventurer - 不明な冒険家 (Deadspace x Goblin Slayer)
    3.5K 93 6

    Anon a classified mysterious youngman and one of the survivors against the marker outbreak alongside Isaac Clarke and sacrifice himself for humanity and was giving a second chance of life in a fantasy world but he fantasy world is riddled with a lot of dangers mainly beast from a fairy tale. Now an adventurer and soon...

  • Huniepop: Tiffany x Male Reader (Oneshot)
    1K 18 1

    With all her exams finally finished, Tiffany finally has a chance to relax and so decided to spend some time with one of her closest friends.

  • Monster Girl Harem x Male Reader
    40.2K 470 20

    Righty ho! This was coming one way or another, so why not now, eh? Anyway, this is going to be in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world/universe... basically a fantasy world. With castles and medieval sh*t. And you might have noticed the fact that this is NOT a Shy Neko Male reader story. Yup! That's right folks! This i...

  • baby Sayori x mommy Monika (doki doki
    1.7K 48 10

    have fun reading this i'm going to be doing other ones like this you know like different ships or a different way to the story or maybe different roles like Monika being the baby anyway bye bye and have fun and cover is from the comic doki doki babysitting club it's no mine

  • Yandere's x Reader 2
    185K 2.2K 103

    WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAACK AND ITS MEMIER THAN EVER In this book there'll be: Tears Laughs Memes Deaths Rape Sex (rape is unwanted sex so we may want it) Kidnaps Females Dick jokes Maybe some males Vagina jokes Jokes in general Mental illness Requests Cats Explosions Shitty fanfictions Most likely child porn Beastial...

  • Yandere females X male reader
    812K 7.1K 201

    Welcome to the completely not generic yandere x Male reader story! In this story you'll find the following: Memes Depression Stories Anxiety Rape Death Murder Happiness Sadness Cringe Did I mention rape? Sad endings And everyone's favourite! Rape! I DO NOT own any of the photos or characters used and all cred...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tank Harem X Male Reader
    106K 1.4K 22

    (Y/N), a tank otaku who found a dimension of tanks by accident. Although the tanks that live in that dimension aren't ordinary tanks but tanks that turn into girls...