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  • The Song of Sqia'lon Seven
    32 6 1

    Scifi Challenge Dec 2018: Prompt is the title. The crew of the Star Chaser argues for years over the souce of the signal they are chasing. Now they'll find the truth.

  • The Ghosts of Dark Hollow (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 1)
    176K 13.3K 41

    Wattys 2018 Short List! Wattpad Featured Paranormal story. When a stranger arrives from Europe to reclaim his estate, a crumbling Gothic mansion known as Blackshire Manor, seventeen-year-old Hannah Gares finds herself inexplicably drawn to its eccentric new inhabitants. As she dives into the mysteries surrounding the...

  • Cursed I - The Burning Frontiers
    420 53 6

    Amani is a cursed demoness, banned from her homeland to repent for a grievous sin she committed against a vengeful God years past. Now she has returned, hoping to find forgiveness and her place back, only to discover that her homeland refuses her, her Goddess still punishes her, and that she still has a long way ahead...

    15.5K 2.3K 76

    A cold adrenaline rush... The chill of death... WATTPAD FEATURED STORY on November 2017 - Book 1 in the Sea Lab Series. The world's coral reefs hold a delicate balance of complex and diverse marine life...until now. Something with an insatiable appetite has transformed these aquatic sanctuaries into dead zones devoid...

  • Angels and Wormholes
    199K 9.6K 53

    A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoners to be 'excommunicated': hooked into a neural simulation of eternal torment. Captain Rolland Barron leads the Sol Federation Starship Excalibur on a...