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  • Frej Rising (After Death Chronicles)
    13.5K 1.6K 43

    Dark Historical Fantasy | Vampire | Romance | LGBTQ+ Frej was the seer's apprentice. He was supposed to be the link between the gods and his village. But when he was chosen to be sacrificed, he didn't decline. He revelled in being chosen for such an honour; an audience with Freja herself. Except it's not the Norse d...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Two Foxes (Completed, Editing)
    14.7K 1.2K 50

    HISTORICAL FANTASY: Sarah Thompson's naturally outspoken opinions and lack of interest in the church have pinned her as an outcast and nuisance in one of the largest colonies in 17th century Massachusetts, making her family want to be rid of her as soon as possible. And with every day that passes, Sarah realizes her d...

  • Justice Eternal
    5K 891 20

    Urban Fantasy - Romance - Immortals - Tournaments. Hidden throughout our modern world is an ancient, mythical community. Beneath their human masks lay a plethora of creatures both terrifying and captivating. Though united in their shared secrecy from humans, deep rifts exist between regions and races. The powerful Im...

  • Watcher (The Saga, Book I) ✔
    46.1K 3.8K 36

    Dark Fantasy - Romance - Adventure - LGBTQ+ Seth was in his third year of college. Just one more year to go and he would be able to graduate. He liked math and physics, and desperately wanted to study both subjects at the University. He was a quiet guy, didn't get into trouble, but then he ran into a god, that did...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Genius [BXB] #1✓
    1.6M 92K 30

    Wyatt Wilson has always been at the top of his grade. He's winning every quiz, debate and academic Olympic under the sun. His teachers adore him, his mates envy him and everyone generally thinks his parents are genuinely proud of him. But that's not the Wilson household for you. Meet the Wilsons, a family of seemingly...