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  • The Still Raven
    178 35 21

    In the Gathering, you are your Soul, the small painting-like image on your wrist. The truth it tells about you determines your job and Soulmate; the only two factors of your future. For years, Melanie Baird has lived a lie, hiding her Soul and truth about her father's whereabouts in fear of being condemned by the Gath...

  • The Scribbled Mind | COMPLETED |√
    4K 553 20

    "The sun was drowning at the end of the sea And a curtain of the darkness,started to fall. Her figure was diminishing, Making her, slowly, invisible. The night was enclosing her, Like a black poisonous serpent, Taking her away to the world of dark magic. A good soul they needed to corrupt, For the evil kingdom to rise...

  • Bionized ( Light Years Wars - 1)
    145 34 3

    Luther Stone dwelled his entire life under curtains of darkness until one day a scientist implanted a set of bionic eyes into his skull. It was after this scientist died that things started getting horribly wrong. For starters, Luther came to know the eyes he was so graciously granted were WMDs not from his planet but...

  • Utopia Volume One
    470 25 15

    Stephanie van Lille, a young teacher moves to Nassau, Bahamas to start English tutoring. While on a boat trip to Long Island, she and her friends get caught in an unimaginable situation which leaves them stranded. Trapped in another realm, in the 1800's, she has to learn to survive while there are few to trust. Her jo...

  • Zora: The Veil
    7.3K 670 8

    Years ago, my mother and I disappeared from our world and left no traces behind. We lived on the edges of your precious Earth, in an old mansion by the sea, never leaving it, never seeing or conversing with any human. In that dying, lonely house, the two of us lived. We had three rules: 1) Never sleep. 2) Never fear...

  • The Escape
    40 1 2

    Nicki, her boyfriend Alex, and their two friends Cam and Jess got taken by two women, got their house burned down, and Nicki's memories get taken away. But then when she heard them talking her memories come back. What happens to the group? Well I guess you'll have to find out. Enjoy!

  • Inferno
    576 203 8

    "Oh, and sorry to break it to you but you were nothing more than just a pawn in the game." It all started with a sinister plan when a petite boy found a necklace somewhere in an abandoned forest while camping with his friends.

  • The Great Galactic Service Station
    46 10 11

    When Ralph gets an unexpected visit from three rather strange people his life is turned upside down and inside out. The three strangelings stop at nothing to refill their starship and get a hot sausage roll... Things go from weird to weirder very quickly leaving Ralph to try and make sense of it all. ©Simon Farnell 20...

  • Wordy love
    884 176 15

    Basically, these are odes to books that mean stuff to me. If there's a book here, it means I've read it and I either really liked it or I didn't. These aren't necessarily reviews... just how the book is seen from my messed-up point of view. If you guys have suggestions of books you want to see, don't hesitate to tell...

  • Surra Man Ra'a
    3.3K 922 103

    Surra man ra'a (Arabic) -- pleasing to the eye. I want these words to be the things that please and intrigue your mind. They may not always be happy poems, but they tend to make you think. I've put a lot of work into them, so I hope they make you as happy as they make me! You can expect fairly random topics, like love...

  • How to be Me - On Hold
    260 27 12

    This is not a story. Heck, I mean it is a story but this time it's about me. Through this story you can get to know me. How I am when I am with my friends, what books I like and blah blah blah. Cover Credits go to @ _internet_queen_ Thanks a tonne! I hope you like it. Comment and vote. <3 I will make a page re...

  • Strangers and Coffee Tables
    85 10 5

    There are no strangers in here. Just friends you haven't met yet. And trust me, when I say it's a small world. You have no idea who might be sitting in front of you. While you drink coffee because, in the end, it's all about . . . Strangers and Coffee Tables.

  • Rising Storm - [On Hold]
    304 75 18

    This is a story of Gloria Bradley who lives at a horse ranch with her brothers. Her mother died in an accident which left her alone and scared. Her fear of horses starts until one horse invites her to be his friend. Gaining her strength she starts riding again. Everything is going well, when a guy appears at her...

  • DEAR HARRY, | H.S.
    5.1M 132K 64

    What happens when you email Harry Styles for relationship advice...and he responds? Highest Ranking- #9 in Fanfiction

  • Of Sirens and Beasts (Top 10~OnceUponNow) Being Published October 11th
    27.8K 3.2K 7

    One of the winners of the OnceUponNow contest! Of Sirens and Beasts will be published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster on October 11th in the Once Upon Now Anthology! Football uniforms and tutus do not make a pretty picture. That is what Cal's football team, the Beasts, strongly believe. So when thei...

  • The Other World: Sole
    641 95 13

    Andrea Hamilton, in a prison-like home, finds herself in another world opposite to her own. A world of monsters and enemies with powers, who's only intention is to rid the world of humans. With the help of her friends, she finds her place in the world and the strength to fight back to help humanity. Take a stroll in...

  • Maximillian Ironson: Vampire Hunter
    2.3K 247 25

    Tired of reading the same old bad-boy vampire novels? This is a new spin with a lot more.... bite: Cat MacIntyre is completely, totally, utterly screwed. Her ex-boyfriend has hired a massive, wise-cracking bounty hunter to secure the money she owes, and she just can't seem to shake him. And bounty hunting, kids, that'...