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  • Endless Love
    11.5K 371 11

    A Foxxay fic bc I ship them so hard. Cuteness, little bit of smut, and lots of Foxxay love. I will follow the storyline of coven loosely so don't be confused by any changes. Enjoy<3

  • Teacher x College Student (Sarah Paulson)
    77.9K 1.8K 23

    The start of your first year at college, you expect a normal boring year until you spot a new teacher who changes everything. TRIGGER WARNING

  • How I Hate You Became I Love You
    5.5K 299 9

    Cordelia Goode disliked her roommate Misty Day with every bone in her body. The two women were almost always butting heads. However, when Cordelia's mother calls and pressures her about her career and lack of a love life, she comes up with the lie that she had found love and that she found it in Misty Day. As the two...