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  • Beauty in The Streets (Nba Youngboy story)
    68.3K 2.4K 21

    "I know we got one thing in common we both want the dough"💰💙

  • OPP | Nba youngboy (on hold)
    699 16 4

    Jus read da shit

  • Ride Out|| Nba Youngboy
    243 8 1

    "Baby I just wanna show you out Come and show me what you all about Made a promise to each other we gone hold it down"

    1.1K 45 6

    My ig is• nba.juicy 💕 Go follow me My co writers ig is• beanextdoor

  • DREAMALITY 1 || The First Generation
    215K 6.5K 70

    Story of Kaila Alain Westbrook and Kentrell Desean Gaulden.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hood (NBA Young Boy) COMING SOON
    10.2K 625 7

    "It's the type of love you give when you're from the hood. doesn't have to be all formal and proper; the kind of love you show when you can be relaxed around that special someone. no relationship/title involved. he's not my man, my boy-friend but my hood love." I explained as I sat up in my seat. "After we broke up we...

  • My Bestfriend🖇 •Nba Youngboy•
    50.8K 2.1K 8

    A book about a 17 year old black & Dominican girl who has her own clothing line turns out to be bestfriends with a famous rapper, Nba Youngboy! With him being famous and her busy clothing line they find time to tell each other about their feelings and their personal relationship. What happens when they realize they...

  • a player do what it takes
    6.3K 324 29

    Daliyah just moved to Baton Rouge with her parents and 4 siblings she wants to be a model and she wants to sing on her first day she meets the player youngboy he expects yu to throw yourself at him but when yu pay him no mind he make it his business to make you notice him even if that means bullying annoyance or eve...

  • Issa life
    2.2K 61 4

    Molly didn't care for no nigga she just wanted to make it out of her deadbeat life and make it big with her rapping career. Kentrell said fuck these females and get money but what about a female with the same dream. They meet unexpectedly an after that shit goes down....

  • Falling For The Enemy
    1.3K 52 3

    Another regular NBA Love Story

  • Caught My Attention
    22.8K 463 28

    NBA Youngboy caught his eye on Cuban Doll and there may be a possibility that he is in love.

  • Trap Princess
    9.7K 412 7

    " im a trap princess cause my daddy is the Drug King 😜 " imagine being the only child living with your father whose known as the biggest drug dealer In Baton Rouge Lousinaa , gettin everything you ever wanted was all you ever did . Being the only child with an over protective dad meanin' no boyfriends allowed 🤐 wel...

  • DOWN CHICK (NBA youngboy love story)
    105K 2.8K 40

    read and find out hoe 💉✨

  • Who Will Be The One ..??{Nba Youngboy & Jacquees Love Story}
    4.1K 119 17

    Who will win over her heart??? Read to find out???

  • THE STRENGTH YOU GIVE(an nba youngboy book)
    10.9K 435 17

    Read to find out!!!! You won't regret it ??

    2.1K 164 5

    My grandma was everything to me mane. Growing up with practically no guidance was hard on a youngin, I had visions of me kicking in doors and shit. To be honest, if my grandma wasn't there holding me down and teaching me what life was about I don't know where I'd be but now that she's gone I'm back to thinking What is...

  • she a baddie{NBA young boy}
    1.3K 47 5

    Wassup y'all its yah girl Dimples this is another one i hope y'all like.Read to find out!!!!!✌💕

  • Homeless Bitch
    3.5K 135 10

    Read to find out !!!

  • You the one pt.2
    91.4K 3K 63

    The second part of you the one so go read that book first but this is about them falling back in love together and trying to start over but going down the wrong road wit consequences....

  • "I Will Always Love Yall 🤞🏾"
    17.7K 469 23

    *First Book* Just Read To Find Out ❤️

  • Down 2 Ride
    51.9K 1.9K 36

    "I wonder who gone ride for me if it go down..." 🗣

  • Ride Out // Nba YoungBoy
    235K 4.7K 82

    Baby I just wanna show you out Come and show me what you all about Made a promise to each other we gone hold it down When you with me you ain't got nothing to worry bout Come jump in with me yea, and we gone ride out We gone ride out , we gone ride , (skrt) we gone ride out - Nba Youngboy Ride Out

  • Gaining Trust
    29.5K 1.2K 6

    Ariyel says she doesn't put her trust into niggas but what happens when she starts to gain trust for Kentrell again? Will it work out in her favor this time?

  • The New Girl-NBA Youngboy-
    4.2K 98 5

    Read To Find Out

  • On my own
    1.5K 32 7

  • You changed my lyfe🤞😊
    467 24 4

    This story is about a girl who was raped by her stepfather and ended up getting pregnant .She used to live with her mother but she left.They arrested him and he was in jail for 2 years n got killed in there.She then meets this boy who is willing to help her ,the child and her brother,but she thinks that because she wa...

  • Trying To Make It 🤦🙄🙏
    352 15 5

    Wassup y'all Since y'all int wanna vote on my other books,imma try something new. Off course It's based on The whole Nba gang?,hope y'all like?