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  • One Page Love Stories
    542 61 13

    In the Beginning, two idiots fall in love. These are those Beginnings, no more and no less. Short, sweet, to the point meet-cutes (or meet-uglies). Here there be BL, some GL, fantasy, magical realism, sci-fi and more, wrapped in a coating of humor and feel-good vibes. Warnings: may contain mild language and innuendo...

  • Lost and Found (manxboy) ✓
    499K 24.1K 13

    Twenty-five-year-old Beau has just lost his boyfriend of seven years. Harrison was everything to Beau and he's coming to realize he doesn't know how to handle life without his much older boyfriend there to tell him what to do and take care of him. He's really utterly useless on his own. He's fallen in a pit of despair...

    Completed   Mature
  • Silence Says | ✓
    250K 14.2K 16

    Toby didn't like to talk to people or look them in the eye. He didn't need friends. Or did he? Shipped off to summer camp, Toby had more new things to get used to than he could deal with. Could his cabinmate, Noah, offer the support he so desperately needed?

    Completed   Mature
  • Kairos - Blood (MxM) | Book 2 | ✅
    555K 40.5K 59

    Is this your world, Jack? Blood and guns. One wrong step and I might fall. Or worse, Jack. You could die. Stupid. Remember to breathe. Screw being cautious. Shit happens anyway. "I've taken away your speech." No, you've helped me speak the words I really wanted to say. "I've taken away your sight." No, you've helped...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kairos - Lust (MxM)| Book 1 | ✅
    1.5M 84.7K 52

    Ah, screw it! I'm not your dog, not your whore, and certainly not your lover. I'm Prof. Steve Finley. I teach English Lit to snot-nosed students. I'm a failed writer - those who cannot do, teach. Don't give me that look, Jack. You're a shady gangster and you don't know anything about writing or about me... ...

    Completed   Mature