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  • Dear Brendon
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    Ryden is real and the government knows it

  • KIK // ryden
    19.7K 928 41

    Just cutesy shit because we all need that in our lives,, well,, kinda

  • thirteen hours ✧ ryden
    4.5K 365 17

    hour one: "hi, i'm brendon." "i'm ryan." hour thirteen: "ry. you left a piece of paper on your seat." "keep it. it's for you." warning: ⚣

  • it's just poetry sweetheart||Ryden
    10.1K 532 22

    ✔️The story where Ryan Ross is a self proclaimed poet and a Brendon Urie writes songs for people sometimes

  • Born (sequel to Daddy)
    13.5K 966 18

    ✔️Sequel to Daddy. Tyler is a teen now. Ryan and Brendon their married and also have a little daughter named Amanda. What happens when Tyler gets into trouble though? (Art done by BennyPhantom on tumblr)

  • Daddy||Ryden
    83.1K 4.9K 39

    I was 11 when I wrote this, this was written 2015-2016. This fic is not edited at all, I wouldn't read it. Also, this fic has nothing to do with sex, it's a kid fic. I picked the title because I knew it would get a lot of reads. ✔️Brendon Urie has a son Ryan Ross is a waiter

  • It's Just A Lie (ryden)
    42.8K 2.1K 22

    this was my first ryden fic. I wouldn't read this, it was made in 2015. Nothing is grammatically correct, the plot is somewhat decent. ✔️Ryan Ross likes girl clothes Brendon Urie is a church boy

  • Pretty boy; ryden
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    ❝I just love being pretty❞ in which brendon is a sucker for the boy who just loves looking pretty.

  • love never dies (a ryden fan fic)
    23.4K 712 27

    "brendon i cant." ryan whispers seductively in my ear as i lay there. "ryan, we were meant to be, who cares what your mom thinks?" i see tears in his eyes as he gets up and turns away, ive hit a nerve. i get up and hug him tightly from behind. "no one said loving each other would be easy." i whisper into his ear.

  • Oh how I wish that was me
    3.3K 167 4

    When Ryan has a blast from the past while he's in his attic he begins to realise how deeply his misses being part of panic! At the disco and most of all how much he misses Brendon. How will he feel when he finds out about Dallon though?

  • His Cheshire Smile ☞ Ryden AU
    23K 1.1K 7

    There was this one kid that stood out the most in Brendon Urie's life. And that was Ryan Ross. He was the kid that got made fun of because he never took the bandana off. And got really pissed when someone tried to take it off. So you'd imagine how he'd react when he bumped shoulders with Brendon in the hall only to...

  • No Phones In Class
    20.5K 1.4K 16

    Where Ryan gets detention for using his phone in class, but was it really such a bad thing?..

  • Me & You
    7.7K 386 6

    "The second you walk out that door, you walk out on me. You walk out on us. You walk out that door, and you can never come back. I will not let you hurt her the way you continuously hurt me." Basically, shit goes down. Sequel to Here & Now

  • Is It Still Me That Makes You Sweat!
    8.9K 376 6

    When Ryan comes back to Panic! At The Disco after being gone for almost 4 years, how will Brendon handle all the emotions that come back with Ryan!

  • You Clicked Your Heels And Wished For Me
    20K 963 19

    *SEQUEL TO FOLKIN AROUND (RYDEN)* Brendon introduces Ryan back into the band, however it's a big change for Ryan. Being constantly bombarded by fans and paparazzi sends him spiraling downward, crumbling beneath his own mind. *Trigger Warning- SH, depression, anxiety*

  • Hey Moon (Ryden)
    68.8K 2.7K 25

    Ryan's new in town and with his crippling anxiety and past issues with bullying at his last town, school is not going to be easy for him to start fresh. That is, until he meets Brendon, the only person he can count on to make his life less painful than it already is. As school takes an unexpected turn, Ryan finds hims...

  • Little deaths (ryden fanfic)
    69.1K 4.1K 22

    Brendon is left disabled after a car accident and has to go to a special school, but what will he find when he gets there?

  • Folkin' Around (Ryden)
    106K 4.7K 31

    17 year old Ryan Ross was just a normal kid living in Las Vegas until he fell for his new best friend who also happened to be his bandmate. When their band, Panic! At The Disco, gains popularity will they continue to just be friends or will their relationship take off? |Completed 1/31/15| * Ships: Jyler , Ryden, Jonce...

  • When You're Gone *Ryden Short Story*
    4.4K 218 1

    *WARNING! If you get upset easily and you are a fan of Ryden/Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie/Panic! At The Disco... DO NOT READ THIS STORY!*

  • fanboy ; ryden
    43.6K 2.5K 24

    @ryanross: I'm having a contest! do a cover of one of my songs and you get my private kik! let's see who wins! @ryanross: it lasts until now (04-15) to 05-15! Brendon had one month to do a cover and get his kik. this was the shorter boy's chance to meet his idol who saved his life.

  • ADHD: The Sequel
    8.5K 486 5

    Continuation of ADHD: A Brallon/ Ryden Fanfic

  • Teenager posts #2
    2.4M 119K 201

    Sequel to Teenager posts. Don't die of too much laughter, I don't want to go to jail early... Seriously, don't.