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  • Fate/Stay Gakuen | Gilgamesh x OC: Hinako Suzuhana (AU)
    32.2K 1.1K 53

    HIGHEST RANKING/S: • #1 in the #gilgamesh tag [06/04/2018] • #6 in the #fatestaynight tag [09/17/2018] - Hinako Suzuhana is a first year high school student in Homurahara Gakuen, a school located in a beautiful town nestled between the sea and the forest, Fuyuki city. She is a scholar student, receiving a full scholar...

  • The Guardians of the Servants (Fate Zero/ Fate Stay Night Lancer Love Story)
    19.4K 611 22

    Being friends with Rin was never easy, but also never boring. Growing up together had made things easier for them after the last Grail War, but this War is about to take them for a ride. They will learn things about themselves that they never knew to begin with.

  • Leave the future in the past (Gilgamesh x Reader)
    98.1K 3.4K 23

    One day you find youself in the middle of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Being the (un)lucky person you are, you manage to summon Gilgamesh, one of the strongest Legendary Spirits. The more you get to know this narcistic person, the more interesting he becomes. Mentally prepare yourself for this journey between fluff and...

  • A Twist of Fate (Fate Zero & Fate Stay/Night:UBW) {COMPLETE} #Wattys2016
    27.3K 877 57

    Cover by ShimmerShey. Join our female protagonist, Eritrea Yunani, as she embarks on a quest of adventure, companionship and self-discovery. Involved in a war with a wish to end it, will she find her true purpose in love or a different world? Features minor characters from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Bl...