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  • Vices and Maces
    9.1K 1.2K 93

    In a world full of fairies and angels, genies and demons, shapeshifters and dragons, you would expect it to be fantastical and whimsical! And oh how Virgil wished, cause then maybe he wouldn't be stuck in a gang war. It wasn't too bad, at least he wasn't one of the muscle men, he was just a weaponsmith. And he had a f...

    Completed   Mature
  • That Which Lies in the Dark ~ Creativitwins
    2.7K 400 27

    (The ships are Platonic Creativitwins, Prinxiety, Introlociet, and Remile) (Inspired by @Sanderstalker, @inkling0121, and @GiveMeMyOwn) After the demons attacked their home when they were kids, Roman and Remus lived on the move with only one thought. If the monsters could so easily come and ruin their lives... The...

  • A Duo Misplaced
    11.5K 788 57

    Virgil is your casual emo teenager trying to make it through his last few years of school with his fanciful boyfriend Roman and his two friends, Logan and Patton. But one day a bizarre dream sends Virgil to a place that looks like home, but is it really? Two lives, so different, yet so similar.

  • c o n t x c t | sanders sides fanfic
    173 16 3

    ╳ 𝕞𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕖𝕧𝕒𝕝 𝕞𝕠𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕟 𝕒𝕦 ╳ Thomas Sanders is known across the land to be a good king. He's the ruler of the kingdom Cosáin, known to strive for peace. Thomas's council consists of his four best friends, Patton Saol, Logan Malartú, Roman Tintreach, and Virgil Eagla. They're happy. Until one day, everything...

  • Magenta
    38.8K 3.4K 57

    Sanders Sides Human AU The Virgil stans are gonna come for my fucking throat --- After falling into bed with Virgil Pryder, notoriously known as the hottest guy at Vine Academy, Roman quickly discovers that he should've never associated with him in the first place.

  • Chemistry - A Sander's Sides Fanfiction
    234K 12K 55

    // COMPLETED // Ah-hem . . . Because I'm garbage and bored: An unoriginal and probably predictable/cliché AU where the Sanders Sides all go to high school together! Virgil is the new kid in town, and when the four sides are placed in the same group for chemistry, developing relationships and drama ensues. Roman is for...

  • Arranged (COMPLETED)
    2.8K 123 11

    Prince Roman has never met the boy he's betrothed to. When he turns sixteen, he finally meets the other prince. Neither are very thrilled with the situation but they'll have to learn how to get along and an ancient demon threatening the kindom might just do the trick.

  • You're Not Allowed To Fall in Love With Me (COMPLETED)
    32.7K 2.7K 54

    Two hearts. One bet. £20. (Cover art by @winstermagic. Seriously, go Follow them. Their art is AMAZING!)

  • Sun and Moon
    11.7K 585 27

    Virgil is a survivor, doing his best not to be caught by the sun kingdom guards. He has done this for years. Stealing from others, but only what he cant afford (haha). What happens when he is finally caught? -- A prinxiety and logicality slow burn, fantasy au -- I do not own any of the characters. They are created and...

  • Unexpected Wattys 2022
    24.4K 1.1K 34

    One introvert plus one extrovert and a quarantine order forcing them to stay in an apartment for a unknown amount of time is a recipe for disaster. Or so Virgil thinks. He's a quiet college student who lives an apartment close to campus because he rather not risk random placement. When his friend is looking for anoth...

  • The Last Of the Dragon Witches (Prinxiety)
    69.1K 3.8K 27

    Virgil spent his life hidden away in the woods with his dragon, knowing that if someone saw him, they would probably kill him, putting an end to the species of Dragon Witches. But when a young, handsome prince stumbled into his camping site, wounded and panicked, he didn't have the heart to leave him there to die. Not...

  • A Gods' Holiday ~ Sanders Sides AU
    41K 2.8K 41

    When the children of the old Greek Gods drop from Olympus and land in the back garden of a young mortal, there's bound to be chaos. Adapting to a new world, struggling to get home and finding new friends, what in Olympus can these guys do? Meet Thomas. He only went outside because he thought he saw a squirrel. Now he'...

  • Once Upon A Disneytale {Prinxiety, Logicality, Dukeceit}
    26.8K 1.3K 15

    When Thomas and his Sides suddenly get sucked into a Dream Void in the Imagination, they must work together to venture through each Disney themed quest they'll end up in and find the story's significant object that will help them get to the next level/story. Twists and challenges await them. and oh, did I mention th...

  • Prinxiety Coffee Shop AU
    129K 5.7K 14

    The cover is the description. If you can't read it, I'll put it in the chapter picture ~~~ Coffee Shop AU that turned into having Logicality in it as well ~~~ Sorry there was no 'Beef', I meant to put it in, but I couldn't find the right spot. If enough people come to me telling to my add another chapter in somewhere...

  • What Happened In Paris || Sanders Sides
    3K 275 30

    //Immortal/Human au. Ships: prinxiety, logicality, demus\\ Two immortal ex lovers have spent quite a bit of immortality trying to avoid each other. Moving across the world from the other usually works. However, when you're immortal you have to keep moving. You can never spend too long in one place, lest someone get su...

    Completed   Mature
  • Misinformation Can Be Deadly
    18.9K 1.6K 96

    *completed* Despite being only 17, Virgil's had a horrible life, living in an orphanage and being an outcast at school, and it just got even worse when he's kidnapped by a freaking cult! He thought he was dead for sure when they started sacrificing him to some demon, but apparently the demon chose to serve him since h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bound To Me~Sequal
    15.9K 2K 103

    (Sequel to Bound To Fae) (Inspired by Offer me his lips by centreoftheselights on AO3) Roman and Virgil make the choice to pop back to Fairyland for a while only for the infection to start taking over. As its victims start to fall under Roman and Virgil are faced with such a horrible choice resulting in tragedy striki...

  • A Tail of Repeat Hiss-tory
    5.2K 596 12

    (Cover made by @Winstermagic) After all the madness a few years prior with Roman turning into a cat, everything seemed to FINALLY be turning right. They had their family... they had each other... and now... now they were finally getting married. Or at least that was what the plan was before a certain guest stopped by...

  • Feathers & a Dash of Magic
    8.7K 795 69

    *Completed* Everything was normal, Virgil's learned to be normal. It was hard at first, living with a human family on a farm and all, but he got used to it. Even after his adoptive parents passed away, he's learned to live with just Patton, his adopted brother. A few people even knew about his wings, including Logan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reapers
    15.9K 1.2K 65

    *Completed* After a near death experience, Roman can see strange things, things that don't make sense. Animals that died, strange creatures that roam about, and a strange hooded figure that seems so familiar. No one else can see these things, though these things can see them. They can affect them as well. Virgil hates...

    Completed   Mature
  • Of Princes, Pirates, and Curses
    8.3K 846 29

    *Completed* The crowned prince of the Andreas kingdom, Prince Roman was blessed, or as he sees it cursed, to appear to people as their ideal version of beauty. The stress of it all had caused him and his twin brother, Remus, to run away. They had everything planned out, for the most part, but when the ship they ran aw...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Borrower and the Fairy Prince
    10.7K 1.1K 49

    *Completed* Virgil has never had it easy, not since he was kicked out of his home by his own father. He's struggled to survive, and has fought for food. He sees what should have been an easy meal, some berries on a tree hanging over the river. It should have been easy to get it, of course the stupid branch had to brea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trustfall || Sanders Sides Equestrian AU
    13.7K 846 37

    It's one thing to be the best rider in the riding school's team. It's one thing to have the most expensive, impressive horse in the stables. It's a whole other thing, however, to connect with him - especially after a nearly-fatal accident that transpired the year before, an accident that seems to have set a wall betwe...

  • Divine || Prinxiety AU
    5.7K 282 16

    Angel and Demon A.U || ----- The Midworld, the in-between where angels and demons can coexist. Or at least that's how it appears on the surface. The demons have been mistreated and untrusted for a millennia, and long-lasting tensions have created a rift between the two parties. The rebel demons are planning to change...

  • Sanders Sides Highschool AU!
    24.1K 930 12

    -TRIGGER WARNING! Stay safe!- After being kicked out of private school for his mental illnesses, Virgil Sanders (18) moves to a new highschool where he meets Sassy cheerleader, a cheerful baker and a quiet nerd. There's gonna be quite a bit of Prinxiety and Logicality in this book. If you don't like it, don't read it...

  • Kicked Out (Prinxiety- Sanders Sides) [COMPLETED!]
    73.5K 3.1K 29

    'I plug my headphones into my phone, put them on, and press 'shuffle' on the P!ATD album. I slowly sink into another world where nothing matters.' When Virgil Black gets kicked out of his apartment by his homophobic roommates, who will save him? Well, it has to be Roman- the most extra guy around. But he has a sad bac...

  • Slippers and Tar (COMPLETED)
    20K 1.4K 70

    It's your normal Cinderella story. Virgil's been working for his 'family' for years and Roman's the prince, living in the lap of luxury. Wow, so great, huh? Roman doesn't think so. He's bored and he's tired of being coddled just because he can't see. (The original idea for this was by @PoetTheyThem, so go check them o...

  • Not Gonna Fall For You
    3.3K 185 14

    The Fanders Big Bang story Pairings: Prinxiety, Logicality, possibly more but those are the main ones... Summary: After his first heartbreak, Virgil Sanders completely gave up on the false concept known as love, not wanting to experience the same pain and heartbreak that he's been through. But that doesn't exactly las...

  • Hidden Past - A Sander Sides Descendants AU
    13.6K 534 31

    Prince Patton has pleaded with the Royals to allow a few lucky VK kids to come to Auradon Prep, and finally they gave him permission. But when a few, unsettling, villain kids are chosen, will the school regret their decision? This Story is from the view points of many characters, most notably Virgil. With a troubling...

    Completed   Mature