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    Psicom Publishing and Pop Fiction =) PSICOM: Psicom Publishing Inc. entered into a joint venture agreement with Viva Communications. It is into printing and publishing books in varied fields. POP FICTION: Pop Fiction was born out of Summit Books. Its mission to bring literary hopefuls to a wider, book-reading audience...

  • The Bright and the Lost
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    #WATTYS2017 Winner - HIGHEST RANKING # 5 - DOWNTON ABBEY meets Libba Bray's THE DIVINERS in this YA Historical Fantasy set in 1922 England. Unlike all the Debutantes she knows, eighteen-year-old Vita couldn't care less about her coming out ball. Trapped in her gloomy country estate, all she wants is to spend the summe...

  • i want to sleep!!! (khr)
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    sleep-deprived Tsuna sure is scary

  • In Your Care
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    Adult Reborn fic. Summary: Reborn is assign by Timoteo on a special job. After doing that job, Reborn found his heart begins to change. What is the job? How can a single job change Reborn cold heart?

  • The day I became a papa
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    after a massacre of a village, a brunette baby is the only survivor. Giotto, feeling guilty and pity, adopted the baby and took him in his family. Giotto fell in love with the baby at the first sight promises to protect him. But, after a year, the baby shows no sign of walking or talking and it worried Giotto. Just wh...