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  • { crow club ♠ soc au }
    7.5K 422 18

    Scenario: a modern day ongoing series of texting threads and mini adventures shared between the six deadliest outcasts of the Grishaverse. - - - - All Rights Reserved ® GetBrekkered

  • Worst story on wattpad [Dansk/Danish]
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    COMPLETE #12 i Humor- 20/1/16 Træt af cliché wattpad bøger? Så er dette ikke en bog for dig. Vi tager alle overbrugte plots, karakterer og trope fra wattpad, fra player-møder-nørd til min-kæreste-er-en-vampyr og sætter det hele sammen til én forfærdelig, sjov parodi. NOTE: dette er en parodi. Karaktererne er ikke ble...

  • Sufin/Dennor one shots
    197K 7.8K 49

    A collection of Sufin, Dennor, and Hongice short fics. They are all in certain AUs, and are usually about 1000 words per short fic. I update frequently, and try to respond to most comments. Have any questions? Message me, and I should respond within a few hours or days. (All of the characters belong to Himaruya, and...

  • Nordic Crack and Headcanons 2
    121K 7.5K 186

    The second edition of crack and headcanons from your favourite Nordic family but with about three times more sin.