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  • Where Broken Hearts Come to Rest
    25.7K 973 8

    Born as an omega in a pack that hates them and without any parents or close friends to protect him, Issac Wild doesn't have any easy life. In fact, some would say he's strong. While multiple beatings and cruel words befall him he doesn't beg or cry, only hides behind an impenetrable wall. But their words still tear wo...

  • Saving The Neko (BoyXBoy)
    164K 5.1K 31

    Max is a Neko a very rare species. He is a 17 year old boy looking for a home and a family. Alpha Damien Knight is a werewolf a very possessive werewolf. He is a 20 year old man that has been looking for his mate for the past 3 years. What will happen when they meet? Find out in Saving The Neko (Ple...

  • Master Please...... Hurt me Sweetly (BoyxBoy)
    5.8M 158K 42

    "But you can call me master my pretty little angel." Angel is only nineteen years old. He's studying law and is a really good writer. He doesn't drink or smoke. Angel not a really sexually guy... In fact he's still a virgin, but something really soon might change that. Mason, 25 years old, owns his own business and i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blossoming From Zero (boyxboy)
    5.1M 208K 59

    Harvey is a quiet, shy, and extremely talented sixteen year old boy. He never really enjoyed speaking much, he usually lost himself in thought. At his school he's either bullied or completely ignored by the students, the teachers don't help him at all either. Its as if everything is working against him. Though he bega...

  • Sick and Tired // TicciMask \\
    1.1K 36 6

    Toby lives in a small shack in the woods. Meanwhile Tim lives in a small house in a new neighborhood. Tim explores his new neighborhood including the woods near by... when two maniacs meet. !!: THIS STORY IS UNCOMPLETED AND I DOUBT IT WILL EVER BE COMPLETED!!

  • Cuts and burns.
    71.7K 3K 8

    Tyler. Just another normal, suicidal teenager. Or, at least, he thinks he is. Little does he know; that bully that keeps harassing him? The one he has this little crush on?... He's not human. ~~~ Gabriel. The soon-to-be alpha of his pack. He has so many expectations laid out for him; the most important one is finding...

  • Forever and always [boyxboy][completed]
    519K 20K 33

    Ben Colins is a typical 17 years old, goes to high school, a nerd and gay. Andrew Kingsley is the alpha-to-be of Silver Cresent pack. His family urged him to find his mate in order to be an alpha. One night Andrew laid his eyes on Ben, he knew he is the one. But along the way they will meet many challenges: family a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Say Something 【boyxboy】√Completed
    115K 6.7K 38

    Jude doesn't talk. He can't, even when he wants to. They don't want to hear what he has to say, and they only use their words to hurt him. So why even try anymore? Starting at a new school seems like the perfect opportunity to blend into the background, but it isn't far enough away to start over. Some people just won'...

  • Nerd and Jock(BoyxBoy)
    92.3K 2.4K 8

    This a story about a boy that haved a bad childhood and a bad injury that is being bullying by a jock that is secretly in love with him

  • Why Me? (BoyxBoy)
    224K 7.7K 14

    "is this a joke?" "No! Why would you think it was!" He says looking at me confused. "Because you're you and I'm me." I say like that would explain everything. "So that doesn't matter" he says and starts to lean a little closer to me. I stand up and take a couple steps back. "Yes it does" I yell at him. "Someone like y...

  • The Prince And His Neko (Yaoi)
    127K 5K 36

    This is a story about a boy that has a very big secret and when the prince comes to the village he worries that his secret will be revealed.

  • Maiden Neko {BoyxBoy}
    150K 4.6K 7

    Yuuta is a cold male who has a hard time warming up to people. As he was walking home from school, he heard a noise coming from the woods and there he found a wounded cat. Even though he was a cold person, he brought in the cat and gave it shelter. When he was going to take the feline a bath, it turned into a boy with...

  • His Kitten
    332K 14.7K 21

    "Come here, kitty kitty!" Ever since that fateful rainy night, little Emerson Jackson took in a small kitten, despite being part wolf. Something about the kitten was different. Emerson knew it. Fourteen years later, Emerson and his cat are still the best of friends. But things are changing. Emerson is soon...

  • His Monster
    71.1K 3.4K 26

    •BOOK TWO OF SHIFTER SERIES• ~COMPLETED~ Theseus Castellan was stolen in the dead of night by a mysterious man called Blade. Blade was a bounty hunter, sent by an unknown person that wanted Theseus- alive. Theseus knows that if he must escape the clutches of Blade as they cross half the country to the 'buyer' as...

  • Last to know~[BoyxBoy]~Book 1
    118K 4.5K 22

    ❤️!!BoyxBoyxBoy!!❤️ (First book!) Echo Winters has been in love with his step brothers for quite sometime, he finally builds up the courage to tell them how he feels and when he does they reject him. Echo's left broken hearted and helpless that is until he try's out for the X-factor, that's where he gets put in a band...

  • Torn (BoyxBoy One-shot)
    2.8K 136 2

    "The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it..." This is a boyxboy story with mature scenes, if you're not comfortable with it, DO NOT READ! Read at your own risk. Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • bad things
    113 10 2

    i fell, i learned, i rose...i fell again.

  • Outcasted Omega
    281K 10.7K 12

    I'm blushing. Why am I blushing when he is near? My blood is rushing; heart pounding. I am not supposed to have this feeling. Omega's are usually rejected not accepted. Why does he continue to drag out the inevitable? Oh I know he has just told me. "Ryden, will you accept the position of running my pack as Luna besid...

  • Pleas and Cries
    1.5K 47 25

    Poetry and thoughts. This is sometimes like a little diary for me, so there will occasionally be stuff about my personal life.

  • How Not To Die (boyxboy)
    4.9K 220 8

    When a serial killer and suicidal teen end up meeting, what will happen? Not everything is as simple as is seems.

  • So What?! (Manxman) Completed ✔️
    11.2K 428 5

    [Completed ✅] Abel Caldwell goes missing The night of his sister's wedding, and after five years of marriage, Abel's is found but was he really missing this whole time? Short story!! (Manxman)

    Completed   Mature
  • The alphas abused mate (boyxboy)
    300K 7.8K 16

    The original description was lost and I can't remember what I put due to this being written years ago..

  • Is it Because I'm Small? (BoyxBoy) : New Ending (Jan. 2017)
    326K 15.7K 15

    Lu is the omega of the pack because he is so small and can't turn to his human form. Everyone treats him like crap and he believes what they say. Until another pack moves close by and Lu finds a little hope. At least he hopes he did. What happens when the alpha of the new pack, Electro, says no? Will Lu survive the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Breathless
    84.6K 2.5K 9

    BoyxBoy. Christopher has never lived a happy life. After his mother left, he was forced to live with his abusive father. When he was finally enrolled in high school he thought that he'd finally be able to get away from the abuse at home... but he soon finds out that school isn't safe either.

  • Roommates with Secrets (BoyxBoy)
    1.5M 51.7K 35

    Keegan Pierce is the shyest Boy around. Trying to escape his past of bullying and abuse from both parents and other students, He doesn't see much of a happy life for himself until he's forced to be roommates with a certain Jock from his old school. Alex Fisher Is a well known Jock, Living a life of partying and frie...

  • I am the protector
    322K 9.3K 13

    Wallow Tobias Night is the abused boy never noticed or acknowledge at school, always ignored by his peers. They never ask about the bruises that litter his body that were given by his ever doting mother. But he has a plan. He's given himself one more year to live, if things change for the better hell live on with his...

  • Dangerous Lies (boyxboy)
    27.4K 1.3K 21

    Life for Ridge had never been calm to say the least. With five siblings and... eccentric parents his home life was never the picture of normal. Even now, moved out and living in an apartment by his college his life is hectic. With the mundane challenges of finding a decent boyfriend and the strange occurrences that co...

  • Don't Protect Me [Editing]
    163K 4K 16

    Erik Greene has been abused by everyone, especially his ex boyfriend, Trayce. Erik is trying to completely let go of Trayce, but he keeps coming back and injuring Erik. After a scary run-in, Ezekiel, Erik's best friend, takes him home only to find Ezekiel's boyfriend, Darryn, and Darryn's best friend, Dwight, there. A...

  • Life Of A High School Boy Toy(BoyxBoy)*Book 1* *Editing*
    649K 14.4K 36

    Matthew has always had a hard life especially at home. His adopted father abuses him and forces him into prostitution at sixteen years old. He is a freshmen in highschool and a outcast because hes "emo" and it doesn't help that he's gay. He was held back when he spent some time in the hospital after his bio dad went c...

  • Loving Abuse (boyxboy)
    944K 35K 44

    Ivy loves Christian and Christian loves Ivy. Ivy will always love Christian. No matter what he does to him. No matter how many bruises are left on the boy's skin. No matter how hard Christian hits him, Ivy loves him. And he knows Christian loves him, even if he shows it in a different way. Ivy needs help.