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  • Zodiac signs
    461K 17.7K 204

    Facts, Descriptions, Scenerios, And interesting things about the Zodiac Signs! Check out book #2! :) *Creds to original authors*

  • the aesthetic guide
    56.5K 1.5K 16

    your guide to being aesthetic ;)

  • Horror Movie Slasher's X Killer Reader (Boy Friend Scenorois)
    108K 2.2K 33

    This book will Include: Freddy Krugeur Jason Voorthes Micheal Myres Pinhead Ghost face/Scream/Billy Loomis Pinhead The Dead By Daylight Killers Pennywise And more in the future

  • Smut compilation (Reupoload for the second damn time)😑
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    For my fellow smut lovers.

  • Freaky goals (Re-Re-Re Upload)👅💦👅💦👅💦
    15K 442 91

    the book that lets you embrace your freakiness

  • 可愛い (cute) - zodiac signs
    49K 1.4K 179

    zodiac signs... that's about it. [#499 in Random on 3/11/17]

  • P R I N C E S S ♛
    38.2K 1.1K 57

    • P E R S O N A L • I'm a good girl..... hehe most of the time Oof don't mess with me, I bites

  • Red Roses [Predator x Reader] [Alien vs Predator]
    9.3K 166 3

    I love when I'm getting fucked up But I don't wanna die alone this way I don't wanna overdose today I don't wanna die out in L.A I don't wanna die alone this way You promised me that you would fucking stay And I just like the way you'll feel that pain I swear that Imma die alone today ---------------------- Cutting o...

  • Steven Universe One shots
    241K 3.1K 65

    Oneshots. That's all.

  • Steven Universe Jasper X Oc
    9.3K 200 29

    Shinji is a blind girl. She and her friend Lotus moved to beach City from Japan. Lotus thought this could be a way for Shinji to like a better life. But Shinji did not know that taking her fluffy white dog Lucy her life would change forever. From going from a blind girl to a blind girl who fell in love with a warrior...

  • Do whatever | Shu Sakamaki Fanfic | COMPLETED
    68.5K 1.4K 23

    Izumi Komori, Yui's sister,Izumi was a great student. She was a very smart yet young beautiful girl. Izumi never thought she could ever be a very good student with good looks. But somehow,she was everything she didn't expected to be. Until everything went bizarre. She found a note that her 'farther' made after yui...

  • Candy >> Park Jisung <<
    41.7K 2K 42

    I wrote this waaay back when I was in 5th grade so it's probably going to be shitty. - Park Jisung fanfiction.

  • Baldi x Reader Lemon
    17.6K 194 2

    for y'all desperate fangirls and my wife Minlet Art above is mine! The reader is 18 years old so IT'S LEGAL ,at least in my country ('3')

    Completed   Mature
  • Undertale lemons
    11.7K 148 15

    I will be doing requests of any undertale AUs lemons or oneshots if u dont like lemons ill do the oneshots for u

  • Warming his cold heart (ulquiorra love story)
    972 45 3

    Hana father left her at the age of 5 and her mother died when she was 9. She was left to abusive foster parents. What happens when one day changes her life forever.

  • Fighting Isn't The Only Thing (Bleach Kenpachi Zaraki Love Story)
    107K 4.2K 104

    Aria Kurami was a strong 20 year old woman. She lived alone and went to college. She also had a bad reputation of fighting, but she can also see spirits and strange monsters, so what will happen when she finds out about the Soul Society and everything associated with it by the infamous Kenpachi Zaraki? Follow through...

  • YouTubers x Chubby! Reader
    33.8K 583 11

    A/N; Hey guys JadeMoto here and I'll be taking request for Youtubers x chubby reader! Because I've noticed the lack of Youtuber x chubby reader stories because let's face not every girl is a size 0! So comment down below and tell me what youtubers should be paired with chubby reader! So grab a fat cat and have a nice...

  • Yuri One Shots 2
    654K 6K 58

    Book 2 of Yuri One-Shots!

  • Anime One-Shots *Request CLOSED*
    140K 2.4K 55

    §Completed § Various reader inserts some shittier than others. Cover made me. Transparents found on google, and Tumblr. Free transparents -> *List of anime used will be posted at a later date*

  • Various Anime x Reader One-Shots
    2.3M 50.1K 241

    Greetings everyone! This is my first Anime One-shots~ In this book, various animes come together to bring you pure bliss, happiness, and a temporary world you can escape to. Thanks for reading!

  • The blind Sister [Diabolik Lovers]
    159K 4K 17

    What happens if Yui has a sister and comes to live with her? She knew her sister can't see anything and she always takes advantage of it. Meet Yukata Komori a girl who was born blind, but is she really blind? What happens when the brothers meet Yukata? Will they fall in love with her? What happens if she is the real e...

  • The Other Girl (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic)
    276K 7.6K 25

    Seventeen year old Saki is, somehow, the other sacrifice bride aside from Yui. Now, she must live with Yui who has been in the unknown household for a long time with secrets that are discovered and tell what Saki is. Can Saki stay in that house without dying? -Completed-

  • tag, you're it // finn wolfhard
    964K 23.8K 23

    ❝when finn wolfhard kidnaps you...❞ ...its kinda sorta almost amazing af [COMPLETED] ☁for my impatient readers!!!☁ -skip to "play date" and I promise you'll fall in love ❤

  • Lazy Love | Shu x Reader
    11.4K 269 12

    You were 16 at the time, Well, you'd describe yourself, as more of a chubby person.. Curvy.. You thought you looked just fat. Well you experienced bullying, of course.. You were self-harming, had very low self-confidence, was super nice, and put everyone else before yourself. You tried doing sports.. Didn't work.. Di...

  • [Diabolik Lovers Imagines ]
    64K 1.6K 14

    i couldn't hold back the gasp that left my mouth as i looked deep into his eyes . the dim lighting in the room illuminated his eyes , emphasizing what was about to happen . gulping , as he smirked . if that wasn't enough torture for me , he had let his wild tongue escape his mouth , licking his upper lips and moving r...

  • Diabolik lovers: one shots (REQUESTS CLOSED!!!!)
    1.4M 26.9K 142

    Just a book full of one shots if you have any requests then please let me know!

  • Hidden Fragrance (Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction)
    637K 19.3K 43

    [2nd Place DLWattyAwards2015 : REVERSE HAREM ❤️] "But if they possess these extraordinary abilities...How come they didn't feel my presence?" -Izumi ________________________________________ Komori Izumi and her sister Komori Yui were sent to live in a mansion located in the forest, where they met a pervert, a...

  • She's A Gamer
    2.3K 79 6

    Diadolik Lovers x Reader --------------------------------- (Y/N) was sent to live with the Sakamaki brothers for the year, because her parents had business to take care of. (Y/N) didn't really care, since she spent most of her time playing video games. When she moves in, she sent most of her time in her room. So, she...

  • Diabolik lovers: Yui's sister crossdress (On Hold)
    18.9K 505 22

    Yui has an older brother named June Komori. Wait did I say older brother? I mean older sister! She doesn't like girly cloths and stuff like makeup so she just puts on whatever and because she has a flat chest she's mistaken for a dude. Like she cares do, she just follows the beat of her own drum. What will happen when...