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  • Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls
    2.4K 173 12

    Take places after My Little Pony Equestria Girls : Mirror Magic. It's been a month since the event with Juniper Montage. Things have been alot of peaceful recently as Starlight was still enjoying her stay in the human world with her new friends. When suddenly Flash Sentry announce they're going to be transferring to a...

  • Super Equestria Ninja Girls
    1.9K 127 12

    Takes place after The Friendship Games & The Fourfold Trap It has been a few months since the events of what happened at the Friendship Games. Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, AppleJack, FlutterShy, and Rainbow Dash have been asked to be transferred to a school in New York City along with their fr...

  • TMNT/MLP: Truth, Justice, and Love
    3.6K 197 20

    (Credit goes to @kiana1506 for the cover) Takes place after "Legend of Everfree" The Mane 7 transfer to New York City to start a new life. There, they meet 4 mutant turtles that go by the names of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. They hang out a lot and become close friends very quickly and may soon eve...

  • TMNT/MLPEG/SONIC Short Stories
    1.4K 147 7

    These short stories are about our favorite couple and they are some short stories that I tried to use for my previous stories but thought it would be great like these

  • Miracle Charm:Slice of Life & Reasons
    3.9K 325 44

    Read the unknown lives of the Good Lucks and the Dark Fortunes with the predictable,destination leftovers and troubles that ends to good.(i know it'll be confuse but this is all the flashbacks of what happen)NO MEAN COMMENTS...

  • My Little Pokémon: Chaos and Magic
    359 18 1

    Twilight Sparkle is a smart, beautiful, and kind-hearted Pokémon Trainer who dreams of becoming the Top Pokémon Coordinator in the Equestria Region. She is the student of the Champion of Equestria, Princess Celestia, and is trained by Professor Zecora, a brilliant scientist that learns so much about the bonds between...

  • The singer and the turtles
    360 15 3

    Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie were sister who worked as a singer.They were very popular around people.But behind the smile when they sang,hide a sad feelings.They both have a father named Eric Sacks and he has criminal record.No one know about it.Sunset and Pinkie worked at California before they went to New York city...

  • TMNT/MLP/SONIC:Opposites Attract
    4.5K 376 41

    This Valentines' Day Special is about the loving inspiration of 'Romeo and Juliet',And now it's been represented to it's Yours Truly.Opposites can be attracted to his/her side even if they're different.And another thing,All the cast of TMNT/MLP/SONIC shall be named by roles in this story but don't worry they're selves...

  • AprilSentry love story
    8K 96 47

    April is a 16 year old girl with psychic powers and no one can ever understand and bullies her for it. Flash Sentry is a 16 year old boy that plays guitar and dreams on being a famous rock star and get Twilight Sparkle to love him. When these two meet; however, they instantly fall in love with each other and have trou...

  • One Way Or Another [A TMNT/MLPEG crossover.]
    5.3K 101 25

    This is a collab with Fun Zoey. April and her friends were trying to get their loved ones back, so they all decided to surprise them. But when they got to their exes house, they saw their loved ones with other girls and boys having a fun party. At that moment, they were all hurt that their exes had moved on and they d...

  • Tmnt and MlpEg Glitter Force love story
    10.5K 287 38

    Sunset Shimmer was known as the most beautiful girl in her village and everyone loved her, but her mother was murdered by a strange person and after the death of her mother, her father married the beautiful and kind Queen Aphrodite, but her step aunt Galinda and her two daughters Briana and Audriana were the only two...

  • MLP EG/TMNT in The Princess and The Pauper
    1.6K 62 6

    From the Barbie movie, In a unnamed kingdom a star princess and a sunset pauper are born simultaneously. The princess, Twilight Sparkle, craves freedom from her royal duties. The pauper, Sunset Shimmer, craves a different sort of freedom as she is an indentured servant at Madame Aria's Dress Emporium to work off her p...

  • TMNT/MLP in Miracle Charm
    23.7K 1.4K 112

    Note:I'm not great at stories or make transcript but i'm going to show happening story and pictures to give a hint. A purple masked turtle,Donnie and his friends The Good Lucks and his rivals The Dark Fortunates will show their life of luck.

  • Rainbow Dash and the haunted school
    12.8K 385 42

    Rainbow Dash is a 15 year old girl who is the best at sports, has good friends, and even has a secret crush on a blue hedgehog, so far her life is good until one night, she had a scary nightmare about her friends torturing her, so she has been scared to even think the dream she had was real, so Pinkie Pie invited her...

  • TMNT and MLPEG MAGES Love Story
    59.7K 1.1K 40

    In the land of Equestria where people have powers of each mages, Princess Celestia receives a letter from Hamato Yoshi, leader of the Hamato Clan and wants to make a peace treaty and unite Canterlot and The Hamato. But as days went by Hamato Yoshi's sons Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey fell in love with Princess Celestia...

  • TMNT/MLP EG High school adventures
    7.4K 124 13

    So after defeating the kranng from taking over world and with the shredder gone the turtles are now famous heros from all around the world and as a reward they are welcome to society and principle celestia has declared that all mutants are now welcome to canterlot high. So the turtles, karia, april, casey and mighty m...

  • MLPEG,TMNT,and Sonic.
    2K 93 15

    Enjoy I don't own anything!😀

  • MLPEG,Sonic,and TMNT Crossover Love Story.
    569 23 4

    When the Equestria Girls arrive in New York City it is a very interesting place.