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  • Silver Sword
    477 77 9

    "Please is the remedy of the weak." After falling through a portal, Marcia arrives at the lands of Dulunaris. A group of rebels take her captive--for she is reckoned as the infamous Naiadvi, the vicious ruler of Dulunaris. Once the rebels realise she is the ruler's doppelgänger, Marcia joins them, as they all have on...

  • Revolution | ✓
    784 86 13

    [UNEDITED] For thousands of years, humans have lived on the same planet as mythical creatures and beings that they deemed to be only imaginary. Just under a stone archway was the entrance to Amidia, the hidden land on Earth where all these creatures and beings lived. But the humans have been completely oblivious to...

  • Templar's Oath
    828 147 22

    After a fight with a witch leaves Arlyn mortally wounded, the newly appointed templar knight unexpectedly awakens in the village he was sent to save. His wounds healed, he continues his search for other dark creatures lurking in the forest. His investigation will start with this mystery healer. ** Contest Entry ** 20...

  • Rings and Wraths-An Aladdin Retelling 💍
    432 80 15

    Shortlisted in the Open Novella Contest. 2nd place in the Albina Awards. A feisty Djinn and a struggling apprentice are the kingdom's last hope. Mako and his mother have been living in poverty since the death of his father. With Mako's new apprenticeship to a wealthy merchant, he thinks he's finally found some luck...

  • Callista [Cover design by @xLovEtoLivEx ]
    216 30 9

    Callista will do anything to protect the child growing within her, even if it means trading away the life she once knew. It was forbidden for the Nymphs to mate with the other supernatural clans taking part in the war for the Crown: a symbol of dominance in a world of mythical creatures. Yet despite this taboo Callist...

  • Heimur Dýranna | #opennovellacontest |
    807 77 11

    Heimur Dýranna. World of Beasts. The name of a new and popular MMORPG that incorporates a new type of technology: The Dream Disk. The Dream Disk provides hyper-realistic graphics and intelligent AI unmatched anywhere else in the gaming industry. But one day, seven thousand players of the Heimur Dýranna game are sucked...

  • Swordmaster
    1K 179 18

    [Completed] I may be a monster... But I am not evil. In the realm of Magika it is said that every Cape needs a Magician and every Magician a Cape. But Swordmaster Leandyr has chosen a different path -- one of sharp, tempered steel. After nearly two millennia of service to the crown of Abydon, he seeks fulfillment beyo...

  • Siggi
    2.9K 373 17

    Chronicled within, the life and deeds of Siggi the Sly Wolf, who for want of immortality near cleaved the world in two. A decade past her prime, barren of womb and fame, Siggi halts in her evasion of the ever-enemy: time. Armed with wits, ruthlessness, and her wilting axe arm, she converges on the Anchor of the World...

  • Lethe
    1.1K 235 24

    Rich beyond imagination, engaged to his old childhood friend, kind and humble, Vincent Nero was Manhattan's golden boy. Until his disappearance left the whole of New York talking. Where did he go? Is his unusual behavior connected to his disappearance? Is he even still alive? The truth is much bigger than his friends...

  • Death Dancer
    1.6K 237 16

    * A Shortlisted story in the Open Novella Contest!* To deal with the recent influx of suicides, Death created a new breed of angels. His Death Dancers are the souls of those who died too soon, and whose life was filled with happiness and kindness. Their job is to search for the souls that are standing on the edge, an...

  • The Last Bearer | #opennovellacontest |
    1K 207 10

    -1st place in the Runaway Awards, Fantasy category! -Was a finalist in the Open Novella Contest! This story is the tale of Navin, a "normal" teenager who is the last Bearer of the most powerful weapon on Earth! A weapon with the capability to destroy armies, cities, and whole civilizations. As Navin wields this legend...

  • The Mountains Sang Their Silent Melody
    227 43 16

    Precocious nine-year-old Frances promises to help their friend Ophelia find her mother, who left for the city five years ago. In their valley town, this proves to be more difficult than the two imagined. Where sympathetic adults are few and far between, and the justice order called the Corpus is apathetic at best, Fra...

  • The Fall of Ocilyce {COMPLETED} [EDITING]
    218 20 14

    APHORA LEGACY ONE [COMPLETED] One Man. One Mission. One Fatal Mistake. A young man seeking the mysterious disappearance of his older brother has led him into the oasis city of Ocilyce; the paradise of the southern island nations of the Otopai Region. Surviving the natural obstacles in his path as well as a dark cartel...

  • The Blade
    8.6K 1.2K 33

    Exams, no girlfriend, a cantankerous grandfather - George had it tough. And that's even before the assassins came for him, he discovered he's descended from a god, and that he's responsible for saving a world he didn't even know existed. Talk about pressure. Fantasy and reality collide, as George battles to save his...

  • Mina's Children: The Legacy of Dracula (#OpenNovellaContest)
    955 94 18

    ~~5th place winner Final Round & 2nd place winner, Round 2 - Open Novella Contest 2018~~ Mina Harker (née Murry) was changed by Dracula's attentions, and so were her descendants. Reggie comes from this line of vampire hunters, nature's definitive balance to the darkness. Her whole life has been building up to this one...

  • Branches - Two Fates. One Tale
    1.3K 98 8

    [TOP 4 in the Open Novella Contest 2018] "In blood born, in blood it ends." Do you believe in the freedom of choice or in proclaimed destiny? He had terrorized the lands. He had murdered and killed. He had walked the earth for centuries. Now he is back to fulfill his part of the legend. The legend of he who died once...

  • Feast or Famine
    1.1K 102 10

    Michael Childs is an FBI Agent hunting a killer with an affinity for ritual murder. The victims have nothing in common, except that they were born with twelve fingers and toes. In occult circles, they are Nephilim, the unwitting descendants of angels from the time of the Great Flood, marked for death by a 3000-year ol...

  • The Sidekick Program
    3K 363 11

    ❝YOU WILL HAVE A WORLD FILLED WITH ADORING FANS, ALL OF THEM CHANTING YOUR NAME. YOU'LL BE MORE THAN A CELEBRITY. YOU WILL BE A GOD.❞ After getting mixed up with the wrong people, spending time locked away, Elizabeth is put into the Sidekick Program as a form of rehabilitation. She gets herself paired with The Magicia...

  • The Last Vikings
    9.9K 989 30

    #girlswhotravel #lifegoals Recently dumped and going nowhere, Jennie Jamieson decides it's finally time to listen to all those inspirational Instagram hashtags and do something with her life. A visit to Antarctica has always been on her bucket list, so Jennie quits her job and blows her savings to follow her dream. Th...

  • Within the Forest
    2.6K 451 24

    **Highest Ranking: #120 in Adventure 2/7/18** A SLEEPING BEAUTY RETELLING '"Go," the woman said. "This journey is for you, and for you alone. No one else can do it. Go now, and fulfill your quest. It is your destiny."' Diarmuid has never longed for adventure. But when he returns from a hunting trip, findin...

    391 26 11

    "Scars just prove you didn't get defeated. A scar simply means you survived." Orlon Kane has been a delinquent for most of his life. Before the age of 21, he has been in Federal prison for committing crimes against the government. Now the government wants him out. The president of the United States himself pardons...

  • Soul Walker: #ONC Finalist
    1.5K 275 30

    -⚔️Wattpad Official Contest Finalist: Completed ⚗️ Life is not about light or dark. It is messy, it is grey, and it is powerful. A Hero does not have to be an Adonis that glistens in the sun with muscles crafted by the gods. Heroes do not have to save the world on their lunch break, kiss babies, and bed incredible wom...

  • Made Of Glass
    1.2K 535 14

    [OPEN NOVELLA FINALIST] ❝To the fools who dream... I'll be at your funeral. ❞ Once upon a time... A princess made the mistake of being kind-hearted. It did not end well. [© 2017-2018 by vajwrites]

  • The Woodcarver
    16.4K 939 10

    Name - Sloane Maxwell. Detective Maxwell to most Sex - Female Age - 24 Hair colour - Blonde Eye colour - Blue Height - 5"7 Occupation - Police officer Motive - Wants to protect To find the truth. ~.~.~.~ Name - Unknown/The Woodcarver Sex - Male Age - n/a Hair colour - n/a Eye colour - n/a Height - Said to be around 6"...

  • Solitary
    335 31 18

    "Because when you open your eyes you never know what awaits you„ Chester Henderson never expected he would wake up to a stranger location after a long, long night of partying. As he risked for a single chance in escape--to be back with his parents, his girlfriend, his best friends--he slowly had his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Battle of the Killers [Editing]
    22.1K 3.1K 62

    "A part of me never thought I would ever see a girl almost face-plant because she tripped over human intestines. Life was becoming rather interesting." ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Seventeen-year-old Betinia "Tini" Woods has never had a normal life. As a child, she has always been categorized as weird, or odd, or a freak. But after...

  • The Spirit Witch | Bewitchment #1
    5K 479 22

    WATTPAD FEATURED STORY | WATTYS 2018 SHORT LIST | On her wedding day, Charlotte de Winter carried a crossbow as she walked a lone dirt road through a snow-laden forest. She wasn't saying her vows as she had hoped. Instead, she was hunting the monster who killed the man she loved. But there's only a small window of opp...

  • Monster
    1K 215 24

    Victor has never considered himself a monster. Sure, he came into the world in a somewhat unconventional way, and maybe he doesn't have all of his original organs. And he still looks 30 at 53 (or is it 83?). But his sole purpose in life has been to love, his only goal to enjoy the life he was given. Now they are...

  • Vanish (ONC Finalist)
    10.5K 1.4K 20

    Aled is a gay man in a soldier's uniform. Unhappy with the turn his country is taking, Aled seizes the opportunity to enter a mysterious portal into the strange, primitive world of Thera. Finding himself trapped there, Aled discovers Marius, a man left to wander blindly in the wilderness. Surrounded by intrigue, Aled...

  • The Celebrity Baby | ✓ |
    6.7K 448 19

    "Do you know what the worst part was?" I blurted to the stranger sitting next to me on the subway. They turned bewildered eyes in my direction, probably wondering why the hell I was talking to them-probably wondering if I was drunk. (Worth noting: I was not.) But I didn't even care what they might think of me. I just...