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  • Fan Arts || Pokeshipping
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    Looking for some cool fanarts? Want to swoon over Pokeshipping comics? You've come the right place!

  • New Year's Day
    54 8 1

    A sad, but cute Pokeshipping story to start off 2018.

  • Project: Love
    7.3K 359 17

    'Students! I've been thinking for a while, and I've came up with an amazing new project! And I'm proud to present to you, Project: Love!' What happens when your crazy professor comes up with one of his famous, insane projects? That's for class 4c of Hoenn High to find out... Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon, just this...

  • opposites attract
    3.9K 252 23

    misty and blue move back to pallet town and start high school there misty meets ash who is dating serena and blue reunites with green and red pokeshipping and oldrivalshipping plus other shippings

    Completed   Mature
  • Unbroken (Pokemon, Pokeshipping)
    307 20 2

    Ever since high school graduation, and her devastating breakup with her boyfriend, Ash, Misty has been on a long winding downward spiral. Ash, the youngest, and most successful CEO ever of his father's company. The raven haired boy is turning 24 and continues to spiral upwards. What happens when their world's collid...

  • ♡You Saved Me ♡ Pokeshipping
    541 28 2

    Misty has just about had it up to here with everything in her life, her sister's are a pain, she has a gym to worry about and her quote 'friend' Gary is a honest dick head, things change however when she comes across a lost boy covered in cuts, bruises and holds a mysterious past. "Ash, just who are you?" (AU) TW: Sw...

  • Paired up 1
    7.5K 579 14

    Misty Williams loses every hope in getting a good grade for her Communication class project when she gets paired up with Ash Ketchum from all people. All he's good at is eating and sleeping in class! Sequel: Paired Up 2

    2.9K 91 15

    Hello so basically this is the season 2/ book 2 of the love triangle make sure before reading this you must read the first season :) Ash finally became the pokemon master in kanto and not only kanto but the whole world because ash promised to misty her girlfriend that before she came back he was already a pokemon mast...

  • Satisfied (Pokeshipping)
    11.4K 586 16

    Ash Ketchum is finished with traveling in Kalos so he comes home, taking a short break with Serena who is now his girlfriend, Clemont and Bonnie before going to the Alola region. Misty Waterflower is tired of wasting tears on Ash, she left Kanto and traveled the regions by herself. She's now going to Alola just like...

  • Paired up 3
    2.8K 243 11

    "But there are things that come before your book, no?"

  • Hey There Misty
    145 11 1

    Ash has finally become a Pokémon master. During his speech he sings a song for a special somebody.

  • Pokeshipping Oneshots! (Pokeshipping Week 2017)
    2.5K 143 8

    A collection of oneshots especially made for Pokeshipping Week 2017! It's all about Pokeshipping appreciation. These may not be the best stories, but it's all in the fun of writing!

  • Paired up 2
    4.8K 399 15

    College is certainly teaching Ash Ketchum and Misty Williams that being paired up for love isn't like being paired up for a Communication class project. Sequel: Paired Up 3

  • Fighting Arrows (Pokémon)
    109 19 4

    [ON HOLD, but please, do give advice as to how I should improve. ^^] After everything that happened back in the Almia region, Jessie finds herself in a team Rocket training academy. She's trying the best she can to become stronger and to be able to defend herself. What she didn't expect was for her to find lifelong fr...

  • Arceus Son (Pokemon Fanfiction)
    159K 2.5K 59

    Arceus has maintain order in the world because she created many legendary to maintain and protect it but it seem that she became bored of her responsibility and watched the human world peacefully.she watched them and learn that having a family is the greatest she have she thought of having a family of her ow...

  • The Incident
    8.8K 359 28

    Eight years has passed since that day. Eight years that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Yet, they could feel the pain everyday. In everything. In the last eight years they didn't live, they survived. The memories of that day still haunts them. They moved on but they still carry the burden of the past. People sa...

  • A pokeshippers tale ~~AshxMisty~~
    829 25 14

    Pokeshipping stories and some bit of amourashipping (sOmE) well enjoy. I do not update daily because of homework and other stuff :(

  • Easy On My Heart (Pokeshipping)
    5.5K 269 29

    I felt a stab of something unfamiliar. Was it anger? Hurt? Sorrow? I felt it stab again as I listened to Ash describe his crush. "She walks like she's confident. When I hear her laugh, it's like the ocean is singing to me." Jealousy. I put a name to the stabs at my heart. I was jealous. Jealous of the girl...

  • The End [Pokeshipping]
    1K 56 2

    Misty finally realises what true pain and longing means. Angsty Pokeshipping one-shot. Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon. Story Playlist: When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne

  • KJ's ABC's of Pokeshipping (Oneshots)
    1K 93 15 the title

  • Misunderstood Feelings(A Pokemon Fanfiction)
    3.6K 110 3

    Misty is still trying to deal with the heartbreak of not seeing Ash for so long and thinks her feelings for him is gone. But when he shows up at her house, she finds herself falling again. Soon, an old problem shows up and tries to steal Misty away. Will Ash find and admit his feelings for her? Or will he let her go? ...

  • Pokemon........ A Training Start (Pokemon Watty Awards 2013)
    228K 4.4K 54

    Ash and Pikachu along with Cilan, and Iris travel together to a new region where Ash runs into a lot of old friends and rivals. Ash finds himself learning more, but this time its not just Pokemon he's learning it is about his own heart he learns about.

  • Pokemon High school - A new beginning
    240 28 2

    Well this is my dream story I am not going to reveal much but it's obviously about our heroes studying in Pokemon High Pokeshipping ,Contest shipping,Ikarishipping,Wishful shipping will add Bonnie and her other regional companions if necessary

  • Pokémon Band Adventure (on Hiatus)
    5.6K 96 8

    Four normal girls (May, Misty, Dawn, and Leaf) go on an "adventure" of a lifetime and meet four famous boys (Drew, Ash, Paul, and Gary) who are a part of the band 'Bad Boyz' even though they really aren't bad... The girls are forced to tryout as background singers for the boy's band but will they make it or will they...

  • Coffee & cigarettes
    15.3K 660 17

    Ash Ketchum is a single young journalist who -despite his career being a total success- leads a cold, boring and depressing life. Forgotten, upset and disappointed on the night of his birthday, he gets drunk and wakes up the following day next to a fair skinned, redhead woman. It's Misty Waterflower, and she changes...

  • Three Legends ✔
    6.9K 231 33

    Three girls work for an organization and they were recently tasked to go undercover as high school students and assassinate the 3 legends. But it is proved not to be an easy task as not even the organization knew who they are. Will love bloom? What happens if they fall in love with their targets? What if they each k...

  • I Want To Be The Greatest Master Of Them All (Pokeshipping)
    100 2 1

    First it was Amourshipping, now its Poké. (I find Amour absolutely disgusting.) Ash has reunited with Misty, who is awfully surprised to see him after 8 years. Serena's jealousy breaks into their love, and she ends up leaving Ash out of complete sadness, ending up in suicide. Can Ash win Misty's heart, or will she be...

  • Pokemon High School Host Club // AAML Watties
    470 43 3

    ~Follows the story of the Anime, Ouran Highschool Host Club~ Misty is one of the smartest girl in the prostegious school of SatoKasu Academy. SatoKasu is a school for the rich and beautiful. And SatoKasu has the famous, Host Club. And it also happens that Misty gets sucked into the void of the Host Club. You want...

  • Breathe Underwater (PokeShipping Fanfic)
    1.6K 28 3

    This awesome cover was made by I_LOVE_AMOURSHIPPING "Ash who's this?" "Misty meet Serena. Serena and I traveled through Kalos together." "Oh I see." I said sadly looking down at my feet. Does he not like anymore? Is it because Serena's prettier than me? Is it because he thought I didn't like him anymore? "So you trav...

  • Love The Way You Lie[Pokeshipping](COMPLETED)
    21.3K 759 26

    Lmao I was 12 when I wrote this, I'm too lazy to edit rn but I will, one of these days. Also don't read if you don't wanna see Serena being a bitch even though she's a good guy in the end. I suck at descriptions. I_LOVE_AMOURSHIPPING made the cover!