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  • My princess
    2.1K 29 12

    This is a story of a little girl who was scared to grow up. when she grew up she found this kink and she found her childhood again. Read to find out more

  • My Life living with my brothers!
    140K 2.8K 25

    Maddilynne lives with her three older brothers Zachariah, Caine and Zaine Her parents are always on business and never home they have always had nannies to watch the kids but when Zachariah got old enough he took charge this is the story of Maddilynne's crazy life.

  • My boyfriend (spank-fic)
    331K 2K 31

    My name is Megan and my boyfriend spanks me to keep me in line. Read at own risk Mention of triggering stuff Be careful! This is the end It's been 4 years Readers, Critics , All, I would just like to say thank you and hope ye enjoyed this journey I hope my horrible spelling wasn't too bad I hope ye all know I g...

  • You're Not My Dad
    196K 1.2K 37

    Jace is Clary's older brother and he loves her a lot but sometimes she miss behaves and he has to lay down the rules. DON'T LIKE DON'T MUTHA FUCKIN READ!