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  • One Voice
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    Voices of Wattpad is a group of passionate Wattpad users who want to make sure their voices are heard. This is our story, one about changes to offline reading and how it will affect all of us. It's a story we must share. This is the original book from 2019. We have a new book called "Wattpad Unraveled" to continue dis...

  • Do you know cats?
    31 6 4

    This is a manual of how to train your cat. 'meow'

    2.4K 451 14

    A young man named Abraham has been desperately searching for clues regarding his alien lineage. When he gets his first clue in years, tragedy strikes. But was it truly an accident? Join Abraham as he delves deep into his own mysterious past, and learns more about his people and where he comes from.

  • The Golden Child
    155 7 7

    Evelyn is your average teenage girl... or is she? Evelyn grew up not knowing who her parents were. The last thing she remembered from her childhood before she ended up at the orphanage was a flash of black, yellow, and blue as well as a mysterious man dressed in purple, a man clad in black and yellow clothing, a...

  • Anxiety
    16 3 1

    Anxiety is...

  • astro Boy
    1.7K 23 40

    Astro gets a girlfriend named catherine and him and Catherine are boyfriend and girlfriend Astro will do in his power to protect Catherine from the peacekeeper Catherine has blond hair and cat is 21 years old later on Astro tells cat he's a robot

  • The Mother
    254 9 9

    Evelyn is a wealthy 25 year old woman with a very unique past. She lived in a mansion in the woods with her butler Alfred and her maid Athena. She also has a special... gift as some would call it. She could write stories and make them come to life if she wished (sound familiar?) but her specialties were hor...

  • My One Shot Book
    1K 81 40

    This is a book for all of my One Shot ideas, book ideas and requests for one shots. I hope you guys like this!

  • Alari's Doodles of Awesomeness Book
    1.6K 162 30

    Ahoy there! Welcome to my Awesome Doodling Book! Here I would be posting art of my drawings Ye guys can also request drawings as well Enjoy!!!!!

  • Alari's Doodles of Awesomeness Book 2
    508 39 22

    Yes, I just made a new book just because why the heck not XD I'm open to any Requests, Commissions, AT's, etc. Cover is done by my friend/Sis/Cuz, Miss Toy X3333 Warning! Some of these doodles will contain mature content You've been warned!!

  • Goosebumps Zodiac!
    3.4K 95 42

  • OC Book
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    Title describes it all :333 Drawing belongs to my good friend, @Sylveon572

  • Ask Me Anything
    3.1K 212 47

    Ask me anything your heart desires~!

  • Allergic to Life
    135 4 1

    Dagur has some pretty extreme allergies, but he's always kept quiet about them, embarrassed to have such an exploitable weakness. Keeping this secret was fine until he goes camping with the dragon riders and something in the stew doesn't exactly agree with him. *Just a one-shot, hope you like it! :D* Requests are al...

  • Origins (on hold)
    69 5 1

    This story follows a girl by the name of Annabeth (or Beth as she likes to be called) who is having nightmares of an old hospital that was shut down years ago; the causes of the hospital closing still remain a mystery... She thinks it's just a nightmare concealed in her mind and nothing more , but until things start...

  • Down on His Luck
    756 15 5

    While Mala is away on a diplomatic mission, Dagur decides to explore the icy caves under his island where Hiccup had previously discovered the King of Dragons, the massive Bewilderbeast with its egg. It turns out to be not such a great idea when Dagur discovers that the icy caves are inhabited by something else as wel...

  • Super Mario Bros Roleplay Book
    314 8 5

    I decided to make one of these since I was bored :3333 Picture doesn't belong to me!!

  • Earthbound: Subject 8277 [On a Break]
    2.6K 220 34

    Subject Number: Subject 8277 Name: Ness Franklyn Age: 13 years of age Date of Birth: August 27, 1977 PSI Type: Classifed ------------------------- From a Loyal Scientist: This kid is dangerous and must be put under lock down; no exceptions. A Master of PSI who isn't afraid to use them. For his type, he is extremly ta...

  • A Hyrule Christmas
    8 0 1

    Hello everyone who are Legend of Zelda fans! here's the Christmas special of Legend of Zelda, it is the sequel to A Legend's Tale, this is where Link gets Epona for Christmas.

  • We Are One
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    The story where Link and Zelda have their first child together.

  • Hunted By The Haunting
    68 11 3

    Wrote this when i was 15... I'm here to write my book, I didn't want life to end this way. I had a loving husband and a beautiful son. I no longer have that. I didn't believe the paranormal existed. What can possibly exist that is this powerful that it can rip my family, my life EVEN AN AFFAIR apart. I shouldn't have...

  • Dummy Madness (art book #2)
    244 21 10

    My second art book, yay!!! I'M DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be aware for what you're about to see...

  • The Abusive side
    89 4 4

    Sara is only 17 years old and is force to marry a man her mom picked out for her . Her mom is selfish and mean kind of abusive . But how will Sara ex cape her mom and her future abusive husband . Will she make it out alive ? Or will her best friend mark come and save her.? Note: This book is not really edited

  • My Theories On My Favorite Things.
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    Okay, I know most people on Wattpad knows what most stuff is, and I've got theories especially on Goosebumps and Gravity Falls.

    Completed   Mature
  • Shelly's Family and Friends {Completed}
    1.1K 195 45

    Have you ever wondered what my parents look like? Or who my best friends are? Well, now you can get an idea! In this book, I will be discussing about my family and friends, hence the title. All of the pictures that I will show will come from the coloring app, Recolor. All in all, they will give you an idea of what th...