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  • Get in!!! Todobakudeku
    73.4K 1.9K 25

    Kastuki Izuku Todoroki all go to summer camp.Bakudeku fangirls will have their ending and moments. Tododeku will also have moments and an ending custom to that ship. Oh and a poly ending so all three are together. All rights reserved for the original release. Also, special appearances from other shows, games, books...

  • DOAR UN COPIL (Vei fi al meu)😇😈💔💕💞💝
    523 72 13

    Prima carte nu mi sa părut că are logică așa că am făcuto pe asta dacă nu Îți place yaoi nu citi (Katsudeku)

  • Secret Kisses (KatsuDeku)
    124K 4.4K 12

    "Kacchan, I'm so s-sorry I kept running. I just thought you didn't like guys, and if y-you did.. you wouldn't like me! Cause why would you? I m-mean just look at me in such a l-loser and, and-" "Oh my god. Shut up," Katsuki said and without thinking, kissed the mumbling nerd. It shouldn't have been a big deal, but it...

  • Trapped in a BOX ? [Katsuki Bakugo X Izuku Midoriya] BNHA
    81.9K 2.3K 5

    During their internships, both agencies worked together (One with katsuki.. and the other one with Izuku in it). They had an encounter with a villain who had used their quirk on both of them. Which resulted them being trapped inside a 'box'. .....What will happen? Will they ever fix their fri...

  • I Take it Back (KatsuDeku)
    8.7K 405 1

    Izuku won't forgive Katsuki's apology for almost a decade of bullying. "Tell sorry to that little kid you first called Deku!!" When a hero mission gone wrong turned Izuku back into a kid, can Katsuki have a chance to apologize for his mistakes? This is a request fic! If you have requests, you can message me or comment...

  • Blind Deku x Kacchan
    239K 8.4K 22

    Izuku Midoriya went blind when he was six years old, but he didn't let that stop him from becoming a hero and destroying All For One. Katsuki Bakugo his childhood bully, realized he hadn't been the nicest to Midoriya. To make it up he shows Midoriya the world without him needing his sight to see. (The titles represent...

  • ❛ɪ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ʏᴏᴜ, ᴅᴇᴋᴜ❜
    124K 4K 18

    [BOOK ONE OF THREE] ❝fυ¢кιиg нєℓℓ, ∂єкυ..." нє ωнιѕρєяє∂, "уσυя єуєѕ αяє gσииα вє тнє ∂єαтн σf мє σиє ∂αу...ι...נυѕт....уσυ...ωну...σн, fυ¢к ιт," нє вιт нιѕ ℓιρ вєfσяє gяαввιиg му ¢σℓℓαя, αи∂ нιѕ ℓιρѕ мєт мιиє.❞ ᴋᴀᴛsᴜᴅᴇᴋᴜ/ʙᴀᴋᴜᴅᴇᴋᴜ ғᴀɴғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ⚠ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ⚠ : ᴛʜɪs ғᴀɴғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ʜᴀs ᴀʟᴏᴛ ᴏғ ʀᴇғᴇʀʀᴇɴᴄᴇs ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ ʙᴏᴋᴜ ɴᴏ ʜᴇ...

  • Destructive Love (Kacchan x Izuku) Boku No Hero Academia
    66.1K 2.6K 26

    "What were you thinking Deku? " Kacchan Growls. I flinch at the sudden burst. "I was just thinking about..." I quietly trail off. Kacchan grabs me by the collar, scratching my neck. His eyes trail to the scratch marks he left. "You never think about what you're doing. " With that he lets go of my shirt. His eyes...

  • Opposites Attract (KacchanxDeku)
    22.2K 658 11

    Once best friends have fallen off. One looked at as the next best pro, the other a quirkless boy now with powers that rivals All Might's. Which one of these opposite will come out on top? Or will they come together instead I own none of the characters all copyrighted reserved to the original creator

  • "Fireball" - Katsudeku/Bakudeku (Bnha drama, so it does include other ships)
    194K 6.1K 23

    (THIS STORY IS MAINLY BAKUDEKU, BUT DOES INCLUDE OTHER SHIPS LIKE KIRIKAMI, TODOMOMO, AND OTHER SHIPS) (Also includes a lot of teenage humor, nsfw, and much later on angst/depressing events) I present, a story I have been working on for a long time and still am! First few chapters are a little rocky, but you will enjo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love is a pain (katsuki X Izuku) (boyXboy)
    138K 3.9K 51

    Katsuki always wants to punch Izuku for being almost stronger than him. Izuku knows him and Katsuki are both strong. But what if they start to feel different towards each other?

  • The Perfect Disease (My Hero Academia AU)
    70.3K 2.7K 10

    Instead of a world of quirks, it's a world of infection. The infection isn't really hazardous or dangerous; people turn into something along the lines of furries, nekos, or, most commonly referred to, Hybrids. They exist with normal people who are still not infected, as it is spread by a Hybrid biting someone, explain...

  • My Boyfriend Is A Tsundere?! - Katsudeku {Oneshots & Stories}
    50.7K 1.3K 11

    This book will be full of fluff, funny, (lemons included) etc. stories/one-shots! Also some AUs! Have fun reading! ^^ All characters belong to: Kohei Horikoshi. Original pic: &

  • Pervert Academy
    122K 1.4K 23

    don't read if you're a transphobe!!! thanks NSFW/Smut/Lemon! All fics are 1k+ and are correctly formatted with proper grammar! Comments and votes greatly appreciated. Assume all fanfics are finished unless stated otherwise. NO reader-inserts. [Katsudeku, tododeku, ochaiideku, iideku, kirideku, bakutodo, bakutododeku...

  • "Can I Love You?" [Boku No Hero Academia Yaoi]
    49.3K 1.9K 10

    Just as Izuku has finally started to adjust to his new UE high school life, Izuku runs into a crazy stranger at the park. Before he could even wrap his head around the situation, the stranger suddenly kisses him!?! Izuku makes a run for it, only to find out the next morning that the same stranger he met in the park i...

  • Deku is my Light (Katsudeku Fanfiction)
    75.6K 2.6K 37

    Izuku (Deku) joined UA as well as Katsuki (Kacchan). After school, Deku asked Kacchan to meet up with him at his apartment so they could settle their differences - but it went wrong and things have changed. (Fairy Tail will be in this!)

  • You Can Do It!! (Katsudeku, Yaoi)
    38.2K 1.1K 4

    Izuku Midoriya is a boy who has tuberculosis since he was a child. Katsuki Bakugou, izuku childhood friend, will do anything to get the boy healthy again including taking care of him

  • Nightmare (Katsuki X Izuku)
    9.7K 509 1

    Just one shot about Deku had a nightmare about kacchan and the slime villain. Enjoy ~

    94.4K 4.1K 15

    In this world when you kiss your soulmate you are able to see color. Izuku has gone all 18 years of his life without seeing color. He has spent his whole life with only two friends and one bully. Bakugo hasn't seen color in 18 years. But he doesn't care. He spends most of his college life studying and messing with Dek...

  • You're Mine!! {Boku No Hero Academia Yaoi - KatsuDeku Fanfic}
    705K 22.4K 41

    Growing feelings between Izuku and Katsuki become more intense by each passing day.....

  • Become Mine Again Deku... (KatsuDeku & Tododeku)
    102K 2.9K 24

    A new year of school starts for Midoriya or commonly know as Deku. When he goes back for the new semester his friend Uraraka encourages him to confess his feelings to Bakugou. But what happens when he tries to confess is a horrifying experience for him.