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  • Seven's Fool
    59.4K 2.7K 6

    Once bitten, twice shy. [#24 IN SHORT STORY]

  • Serpent Heart
    22.7K 2.9K 23

    "She is twenty-nine when the FBI comes for her, but Catherine Themis was only seventeen, grieving and naive and angry, the first time she wiped someone else's blood from her fingers and felt the snake rise in her chest. She was seventeen when she stepped into the dark and never looked back." HANNIBAL meets YOU in this...

    2.2K 184 2

    ❝It is from the ashes of her lover and their greed for her power That an unforgiving ice and a hunger for carnage bleed from her heart, out into her soul as the ruination of a sinful empire.❞ 【 EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE 】 Copyrights © 2017 Ames Cathanara. All Rights Reserved.

  • Sins of Royalty
    8.9K 781 5

    ❝I WILL SEE YOU IN HELL.❞ Prince Landon Vaughan has always been told that he needs a wife; a princess, who will be his queen when the time comes, and bear his children to pass on the royal blood. His father, the king, has assured that only the richest and most beautiful woman will be betrothed to his son. However, is...