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    This is a story based on Julia Quinn's The viscount who loved me.. A short description ------------------------- When Sanskaar Maheshwari decides to fulfill his family's wishes and marry someone, He picks Ragini Gadodia as his wife to be. He knew Ragini would be the best choice for him. She was really beautiful, very...

  • SwaSan : When She Met Him...
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    ×°x •~ Is he, really a stranger to her? ~• °°° '¶ He won't fall for her. He can't. ¶' ×°× ~^ The story will be undergoing major editing soon ^~

  • swasan.. double game... short story
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    peep in the story...

  • Only For You (Editing Story) ✔
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    This is story about our beautiful couple Swasan❤ Sanskaar Swara and Kavita was best friend. Sanskaar and Kavita was loved each other but kavita died in accident after giving birth to baby..... but Sanskaar blame swara for kavita death. Swara lost her parents when she was 5 years old....swara loves Sanskaar....but San...

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  • I Don't Believe in LOVE....(BOOK 2)
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    Read the story and give your review...

  • SwaSan - Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (ON HOLD)
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    A story about Sanskaar who tries to woo Kavita, the hottest girl in college but ends up being attracted to her friend Swara. ___________ Cover Credit - @Mahi016 Status: ON HOLD • Ranked #3 - Kavita (28/02/19) | #1 (15/03/19) | #2(27/03/19) • Ranked #13 - Love Stories (27/03/19) • Ranked #16 - Unexpected Love (15/12/1...

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    DIGNITY - This seven letter word that holds a world of a Woman in all together.... No, this is not the story of a guy saving the girl and falling in love , this is the story of a man who actually understood the meaning of WOMAN,... a man who is not perfect, has his own flaws and insecurities still he fights with all...

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  • Rendezvous with SwaSan (A Collection of Short Stories)
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    A collection of Stories of Our Very Own SwaSan reflecting the different Colors of LOVE❤❤

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    Swara Bose's life was turned upside down when her crush was fixed to marry her younger sister. But to her shock, Her sister had eloped with one of their footmen leaving her fiance Sanskaar at the mandap and Swara is asked to remain far away from Kolkata by her brother Sahil. Five years later, Swara defies her brother...

  • My Friend Season 2 - Lies
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    Human lies, that's their nature. Here also, Some of them lied and that lies created a cobweb and made them as prey of their own lies. Someone hid the truth , Some other played accordingly and someone lied because of it. It's a story about friendship and love life of two friends, Lakshya and Swara. How much true their...