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  • broken past → sam winchester [sequel to broken glass] // ON HOLD
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    ❝it's nearly impossible to find the perfect match, who thinks the exact same, laughs at the same things as you do. if we meet again, i will hold you closer than ever.❞ sequel to "broken glass" and takes place before amelia's car wreck and where sam and amelia meet. you're welcome

  • heavan knows ❦ supernatural
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    ❝built upon years is who she finally become as; joplin rose.❞ tumblrkisses // wattpad

  • Parallel » Sam Winchester
    36.8K 1.3K 16

    "We were like parallel lines- always close, never together." [SUPERNATURAL][SAM WINCHESTER]

    31.4K 598 9

    ❝I m-miss you so much, Amelia.❞ ❝I miss y-you too, S-Sam.❞ tumblrkisses | wattpad

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Jen | Sam Winchester ✓
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    - ❝Sometimes you don't see that the best thing that ever happened to you is right under your nose.❞ [supernatural au] best sam fic / winchesterssociety's fanfic award 2019 cover by me ps; i'm australian so this is in british-english not american-english

    Completed   Mature
  • greycen :; sam winchester
    120K 4.6K 13

    "it's greycen." sam winchester simply said, because he always knew.

  • Seven Facts Of A Hunter
    594K 16.6K 64

    Between even injuries, curses, and kidnappings, can love truly blossum? A horrible past, and even more troublesome future. This is all you have ever known, but can a pair of brothers change this fate? Highest rank: #574 in fanfiction. Highest rank: #3 in Sam Winchester