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  • Power Rangers Chronic Storm 1: The Axis of Power
    13.3K 794 18

    In the year 2990, the universe finds itself at war again. But aiding in preserving the peace are the Power Rangers, brought back after centuries of inactivity to fight on behalf on the universal monarchy. But the Rangers will soon learn that evil lurks around every corner.

  • The White Ranger
    9.2K 188 7

    Cassidy Brenning is just your average teenager in Angel Grove- if "average" is juggling raising her eight-year-old twin siblings because her mother's gone and her father's a jobless alcoholic living off his disability checks. She used to be good friends with Jason Scott. They'd known each other their whole lives. But...

  • An SPD Emergency (Bridge Carson/Power Ranger)
    7.9K 106 12

    Rose's life hasn't been the best. She has always gotten in trouble. Either with the police or others. She has always been an outcast. Due to her powers. Super Speed. She decides to turn her life around by joining the people who want her caught the most. SPD. Only to find out maybe it's a person who will turn her aroun...

  • Aliens, Police and Power Rangers
    23K 433 44

    Serena Lunar, Commander Cruger's childhood friend. As children the two were always close. Tragic events that happened caused Serena to leave. What will happen when she finds her way back to S.P.D. I do not own any of the characters except my OC or any plot lines except the ones I adapt *highest ranking* ~ #1 in spd

  • Piece by Piece (R. Griffin)
    82 4 1

    Kara Jameson wasn't one to fall in love but after bonding to the White Energem, she was thrust into a world of monsters and dinosaur spirits. Meeting Riley Griffin changed her mind but her fears keep her from acting on it after she finds he feels the same. With the help of her grandmother, will she find the courage to...

  • Come With Me Now (Chase Randall Story)
    510 15 5

    Stormbringer, the mysterious girl at Amber Beach, is in hiding and she's hiding in plain sight. While visiting the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, she meets Chase Randall who is actually a Power Ranger, but being the hotshot that he is, he takes an extreme liking to Storm. The thing is, Storm has a problem that she needs...

  • at my weakest • KENDALL MORGAN
    655 51 6

    ' I really want to tell you something but you might freak out, like a lot ' KENDALL MORGAN || POWER RANGERS DINO CHARGE || POSSIBLE SERIES

  • Mighty Plots
    7.9K 345 23

    In which the admins give you plot ideas for Power Rangers fanfics. Highest Ranking #805 in Random 4.9.17 All Rights Reserved | Copyrights © PowerRangerCommunity

  • How to Write a Lantonio FanFiction
    268 15 8

    You just created a Wattpad account and you started to ship Lantonio and you want to write a fanfic about it? You'd come to the right place! In this book, I will give you tips and tricks on writing the perfect Lantonio FanFiction of your dreams. From Oneshots, Covers, and more!

  • seeking || j. scott
    55.7K 1.4K 15

    heros get remembered but legends never die #3 in Jason Scott jason scott x oc 2017

  • Sky's of Change (Ninja Storm FanFic)
    1.1K 21 7

    Raelynn was a student at Thunder Ninja Academy who was taken by Lothor after being given the Thunder Morpher like her friends Hunter and Blake. Come figure out how her story plays out as the Amber Thunder Ninja. (Sorry for the bad description! This is the first of a trilogy I'm writing. Enjoy!)

    861 26 12

    "I'm having thoughts all the time, you and I, and they won't go away but, I'm kinda like what its like in my mind and I don't wanna be saved."

  • The Purple Ranger(Power Rangers Ninja Steel)*slow updates*
    49K 728 48

    when a shy teenagers guitar gets stolen a chain of events start to occur which leads to catching the eye of a certain boy who recently escaped a ship (follows Power Rangers Ninja Steel) (i don't own power rangers just my original character Bree)

  • Power Rangers Dino Charge: The New Aqua Ranger💙 (DISCONTINUED)
    15.3K 466 30

    Ava Lee Scott, a new ranger shows up at Amber Beach. But when she and Chase start feeling for each other, is it time to fade away? (P/S This is my own version of the story. Some of the content might not even match the events in the show. I do not own the power rangers)

  • Mistakes You've Missed while watching Power Rangers
    935 110 33

    some mistakes from Power Rangers

  • Power Rangers Mystic Force: Nick Russell x Reader(BOOK 1)
    31.3K 819 27

    (Y/n) Thorn is Charlie "Chip" Thorn's adopted little sister by two months. (Y/n) isn't as "childish" as Chip, but she still believes in magic. (Y/n) was riding her motorcycle when she got a splitting headache. (Y/n) crashed her bike into a tree and sits up, looking for any cuts. She had a bad cut on her right leg. She...

  • Atelophobia Power Rangers ⚡️ (Zack Taylor)
    160K 3.3K 58

    [A-tel-o-pho-bia] The fear of imperfection. The fear of never being good enough. Skylar Clarke is a insecure, bullied teen and sort of a loner, lives in Angel Grove with her abused dysfunctional family. She met five teenagers and soon her life began to changed when they all discovered something mysterious bu...

  • A New Ranger
    57K 1.2K 27

    Everyone has heard of the power rangers, starting in Angel Grove with the Mighty Morphin Rangers. Well now we are adventuring into Blue Bay Harbor, home to the Ninja Storm rangers. However we are getting too far ahead of our selves. For now everything is normal, Tori is surfing, Dustin is riding, and Shane is skating...

  • Fun Facts About Power Rangers You Probably Didn't Know
    8.4K 931 201

    This is some facts about power rangers. I found these from the Internet. Comment if you knew some of these or if you're just finding out about this. Feel free to give me some feedback

  • flower road
    6.7K 214 7

    Zack was more than estatic when he was dating the girl if his dreams, Kaia Michaels. And he hoped the so called 'honeymoon stage' would last forever. Everything was perfect and his world revolved around Kaia and his mother. He loved her enough where she never had to question her own love for herself. But something in...

    395 25 2


  • Stuck in Your Head↠ Dustin Brooks
    589 33 2

    "You're not the one I want in my bed, but I'm gonna be the song stuck in your head, stuck in your head Guess what? For the record you're the broken one Tried to sing along but we got stuck. So we turn it over and over again. But now, A thousand scratches on the song we held, A million cuts finally wore it down. Couldn...

  • Silver Samurai (Rewrite)
    3.3K 69 28

    Tracy's parents have always been telling her that her older brother Chris is going to be the Silver Ranger. On the way home from the mall she gets the message arrow. Now she is confused why she got it, instead of him. How will she handle the stress of learning that she has become a samurai ranger?

  • The Silver Ninja Steel Ranger
    53.1K 878 31

    When Galvanax, cruel champion of galaxy wariors, claimed the Ninja power stars, earth's greatest ninja, sacrificed himself to make the universe safe. Ten years later, a new generation of warriors rises up to protect the Ninja power stars. They are... power rangers, Ninja Steel! Gemma an 18 years old teenage girl. She...

  • Choices - Book I - Power Rangers: Dino Charge (COMPLETE)
    9.6K 248 43

    Kylie wants to be a journalist and is starting her career by writing a blog. She tried blogging about fashion and beauty, but with the amount of blogs out there covering this she just couldn't get the readers. Her next obsession: The Power Rangers. Her blog gets hundreds of hits a day with all the posts she puts up. B...

  • Purple • POWER RANGERS (2017)
    950 52 8

    "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves." - Thomas Edison. •••• autumn park, the school's artist, somehow finds himself stuck with five other confused teenagers because they were there at the wrong time but the right place. •••• STARTED: 3/3/18 (march third) FINISHED: ---

  • protector | c. mcknight
    8.9K 208 15

    Skylar Nicole is the new girl at Reefside and immediately makes friends with Conner McKnight, Kira Ford, Ethan James, and Trent Fernandez. During a trip to the forest, Skylar discovers a pink gem that holds great power inside. What she didn't know was that the same gem also held a responsibility to become the next Pin...

  • The Purple Ranger *Power Rangers in space*
    20.3K 435 51

    Maddison is a girl from planet KO-35. She is best friends with Andros , Zhane and Karone. When she was a young child Maddison had an accident causing her to forget her old life. When she remembers she returns to KO-35 to find it abandoned. This story is also on my quotev account. Highest rating: #1 in Ranger

  • Destiny (Powers rangers spd ~Sky Tate love story~)
    4.9K 165 10

    Riley Hopewell wants to be like her father a power ranger, but Riley's mother doesn't want her to end up like her father, but when Riley meets the B-squad rangers, she has a chance. Read as you see the outcomes, question is will Riley become a ranger.

  • Independent (power rangers Spd/ sky Tate love story)
    7.7K 181 14

    The final book We come back to ashley tate which she has news for you. Come join her and the Rangers as she goes through the tough journey as sky and her prep for a new member in their family