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  • Because Of You
    1.2K 58 3

    A Clexa short story

  • The Heda and Skai princess
    84.4K 2.5K 46

    This is set after Clarke leaves camp jaha in the season finale. She goes off to find Lexa to talk to her but other things happen.

  • In My Line of Vision (Clexa)
    30.7K 1.1K 5

    Clarke escapes the mountain men with Anya, only realizing she's been shot with a poisonous bullet. Her vision is lost, making her weak and vulnerable. Anya quickly takes her to meet the commander, Clarke not knowing if she will be helped, or put to her death. A clexa short story, there will be about ten chapters or s...

  • Life after Mt. Weather
    38.7K 1K 15

    After episode 2x16 Lexa follows Clarke with out being seen for months. Clexa!

  • odds // clexa
    59.3K 1.4K 9

    When Clarke abandons Camp Jaha, she ventures into the woods, unknowing of what will come. - Clarke Griffin and Commander Lexa - - This is a short story -

  • Love is Weakness - Clexa AU
    187K 5.2K 18

    Present day Clexa AU: Clarke Griffin is enrolled in a new school, Triground High. She's a junior, and she's only ever had 1 boyfriend, but she had to leave him when she moved to Washington DC with her mom. Clarke has never really had a lot of close friends, and likes staying in the shadows. On her very first day of sc...

  • Commander Clarke
    32.7K 1K 16

    **This is a Sequel to my book Clarke of The Grounders.** With Lexas' last breath, she picked Clarke to be the next Commander. Lexa was buried and Clarke grew stronger knowing Lexas' spirit was with her. How will the Sky People react to Clarke becoming the new Commander? How will Clarke adapt to Lexa being gone and her...

  • Clarke Of The Grounders
    472K 11.3K 44

    Clarke is betrayed by who she thought was her friends. She is taken by the grounders and a shocking twist happens.(Clexa) (completed 2016)

  • Grounder Spirits
    45.7K 1.3K 5

    Clarke has been ill for the past week and Lexa, worried out of her mind, takes Clarke to Arkadia to Abby who tells them the shocking diagnose.

  • Talking In Your Sleep
    88K 2.6K 5

    Clarke realizes that there is a reason why commander Lexa isn't fond of sleeping in front of other people.

  • The One Who's Fallen
    1.6M 57.9K 150

    After Abby realizes that Jaha may use his executive powers to float Clarke before her 18th birthday, she and Raven scrape together a pod and send Clarke down to earth a bit before the 100 is sent down. This will mainly be in Clarke's point of view, but there might be some chapters later on from Lexa's POV. Highest Ra...

  • The Ones On The Ground (sequel to The One Who's Fallen)
    398K 15.8K 121

    After the defeat of the Mountain, Clarke and Lexa need to make their way back to Polis in order to make Skaikru and Maunkru official clans. They, as well as Raven, Anya, and Luna, need to figure out how they work together as partners as well as professionally.

  • You're safe with me
    95.6K 2.6K 24

    Alpha Lexa Omega Clarke In a world where omega are treated as sex slaves that are brought and sold. Lexa father buy and underweight terrified omega for Lexa birthday.

  • A wolfs start
    3.6K 72 11

    Clexa fanfic My contain graphic scenes such as bloody and sexual so beware, may not be appropriate for children!! Hope you enjoy FairyTailLuza16 😋

  • Lexa's saviour
    76 5 1

    Read to find out!!

  • Answer Me.
    244K 10.3K 72

    unknown [11:00am]: happy tacos day stranger Lexa [11:30am]: Why you keep texting unknown [11:37am]: same reason why you keep answering text messages Au.

    17.3K 644 11

    Clarke, trapped within Polis amidst a political conspiracy, battles with her feelings - all of which manifest in polar opposite forms of love and rage - for the Commander Lexa. With growing tension within the clans, Clarke may have to choose quickly between admitting her feelings and being with Lexa, or possibly watch...

  • Polis Enterprises (CLEXA AU)
    29.2K 933 11

    Clarke is fresh out of college and on her way to her first internship at Polis Enterprises, attending the top dog, Lexa Woods.

  • Love And Lust (The 100-Clexa)
    89.8K 2.3K 21

    Clarke Griffin is a small town girl, moving to the large crazy city known as L.A. Attending college for pre med, Clarke is just hoping she won't get lost in the big city. She was never thinking about what would happen when a girl nuzzled her way into her life. Clarke has never had any feelings like this, but she reall...

  • Whenever You're Ready (Clexa AU)
    52.9K 1.5K 14

    Clarke is an art major struggling to find a job that satisfies her. Lexa on the other hand is the big time business owner of trikru Inc.

  • NEW HEIGHTS | A Clexa Tale
    139K 5.2K 32

    Two girls. New Heights. Clarke is a regular student at an art University and is struggling to pursue her artistic dreams. She is a self-taught, simple, talented, and a bit of an awkward person. What will happen when the new girl catches her eye? Lexa is a new student, enrolling in a photography major to achieve al...

  • Warpaint | Clexa (Completed)
    141K 5.3K 36

    Grounders and Arkadians are warring clans living in the same vicinity. What happens when Clarke, a young prisoner is sent to Trigeda to kill the rival Commander, and ends up falling in love. Does she kill the Heda and earn her freedom, or does she betray her friends and family and fall in love with the young girl wit...

  • The Million Dollar Lie •Clexa AU
    73.3K 3K 17

    Clarke's an art thief. And a con woman, and a pathological liar. What happens when a detective of the FBI, Lexa Woods, gets accepted into Interpol. And manages to hunt down and intercept one of the GGs (The Great Griffin) most wanted pieces.. Seconds before she got to it. What happens when Clarke sees the beautiful...

  • Blood Must Have Blood (Clexa Fanfic)
    57.8K 2K 24

    Not really a huge fanfic writer but I ship Clexa so much and there is a lot more that I wanted from the show, so I guess here it is :3 Will be posting on here as regularly as I can and hopefully will come up with some new ideas to develop the plot from here. (All Chapter Titles are also songs that feature on The 100 s...

  • Behind The Lens• Clexa AU
    301K 9.4K 38

    Lexa is a writer. she's been in the TV industry for years and has gained a bit of a following. Clarke is an actress known for obnoxious action roles until she decides to go in a different direction for an up coming project. They discover they're more alike then they think in a downward spiral exposing their trauma...

  • Clexa
    747K 18.9K 36

    Clexa AU present day. Clarke and Lexa are new students at the same university.

  • Lost - Clexa (#Wattys2016)
    294K 9K 21

    As Clarke & Lexa deal with the aftermath of their decisions at Mount Weather,forgotten feelings resurface. Both leaders struggle to find themselves among a world expectations and masks,trust is tested & truths revealed. Story continues on how these emotions affect the alliance,while discovering there are still forces...

  • That's Why I-
    64.6K 11 2

    Prologue: Clarke and Lexa dated two years in high school and had a very, very close relationship. One day after Sophmore year, Lexa had to move. They were both heartbroken. Two years later, both of them are going to college. Clarke, Raven, and Octavia were lucky enough to all go to the same college together along with...

  • she's the one i want | clexa {au}
    53.8K 1.4K 16

    "what's a beautiful princess like you doing in these woods?"

  • |Weeds| ~ A Clexa au
    2.6K 59 7

    What person is there to help you when you need it the the most? Who gets you out of trouble when there seems to be no way out? But most importantly who is there to inforce your consequences? Clarke finds herself tangled in a sketchy gang after being accused of doing something she didn't do but now she must use her wi...