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  • THE CREED | Z.M x N.K
    3.4K 296 4

    Haidar Alli Malik may be known as famous Basketball player, but can also be known as a convicted felon. Being in jail for almost three years for manslaughter, Haidar has missed out on a lot of things. He knows that deep down he may never get to play again, but he believes and still holds on to hope that he will get to...

  • the sisters ─ zjm
    5.3K 236 2

    "daddy wants both of his babygirls right here, right now." © -tropico;; 2016.

  • TAKE ON ME (✓)
    23.2K 1.6K 16

    ─ IN where reconciliation stumbles across two former lovers that struggle with their discording emotions upon being separated for three years.

  • AMOUR » z. m
    975 98 4

    ❝ you're everything to me and you always will be. ❞