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  • Of Parties and Potions
    277 29 5

    A mischievous scheme causes chaos at a costume party. The healer enlists the help of a cat and a mouse to right a lizard's wrong. (This is one of the longer stories I've written in the "Unexpected Inspiration" lgbt+ comedic fantasy series, so I'm posting this separate from the collection.)

  • Unexpected Inspiration - Short Stories
    709 53 20

    This collection of short stories is an lgbt+ lighthearted/comedic fantasy series where artists, inventors, and carnival performers fill the cast. Each short story in this collection involves friendship or cute love, intermixed with magic, mischief, and dorks aplenty! New stories are added to this collection regularly...

    110 1 1

    "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is a short story of speculative fiction by American author Washington Irving, contained in his collection of 34 essays and short stories entitled The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent.. Written while Irving was living abroad in Birmingham, England, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" was fir...

  • The Magician
    27 7 2

    Where have all of the magicians gone? That was a question for the great Aldo Wright, extraordinaire, to figure out. He couldn't be the last magician on earth! And news of the Jabberwocky has been revealed. The beast is only a figure of Author Lewis Carrol's imagination, isn't it? How can he be defeated? And now Aldo...

  • A Patriot's Tale (Completed) #Wattys2020
    59.9K 3.2K 50

    ♛WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL/SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2018 WATTYS♛ At fifteen, Lily Thompson witnessed her parent's murder, and the war for America's freedom begins. After two years of hiding, she escapes her loyalist-infested town and joins the rebel cause with the Bamburgh militia in Cheraws District, South Carolina. After b...

  • Hades' Vacation (Tempting Hades Contest)
    278 29 1

    Hades, the lord of the Underworld, has finally been allowed to leave his palace, and what could possibly be better than to take his wife to a ski resort? She hasn't seen snow since forever. Hades has been longing for a vacation. But this vacation is anything but relaxing.

  • Annabel Lee (1849)
    16.7K 1.4K 1

    "Annabel Lee" is the last complete poem composed by American author Edgar Allan Poe. Like many of Poe's poems, it explores the theme of the death of a beautiful woman. Cover by: @KatrinHollister

  • The Bells (1849)
    5.6K 366 1

    "The Bells" is a heavily onomatopoeic poem by Edgar Allan Poe which was not published until after his death in 1849. It is perhaps best known for the diacopic use of the word "bells." The poem has four parts to it; each part becomes darker and darker as the poem progresses from "the jingling and the tinkling" of the b...

  • Walking In A Winter Wonderland
    8 3 1

    Short stories and poems of winter delights.

  • Salamander Eyes • N. Scamander
    402 20 3

    •A Newt Scamander x reader• A girl desperate to seek a position to provide the world's magical creatures protection and a Professor who tends to take a particular liking to his students who show signs of harboring a sort of spark in their eye, one she - along with another - has. It was not much of a surprise...

  • Tomorrow's A Different Day (2018 Edition, part 2)
    822 124 165

    This is the second book, it will contain days 201 - 365. First book located here: The point of the book is to challenge myself to entertain others by thinking of stupid, or silly dry humoured scenarios for the next 365 days. It's ultimat...

  • Collection of Poems, Prose and Short Tales
    997 48 17

    A pen can create or destroy. Think Twice and Wise. Never mess around with it. © Anisesh It's my collection of Poems, Proses and Short Tales. It contains many genres. Read and Enjoy.

  • Flashback.
    86 13 5

    One of the first manuscripts written by myself. Constructive criticism is welcome. A teen drama and a crime-esc story that follows the murder of a fifteen-year-old known by the town of Emmerby as "Georgia Brown". See a point of view from each person, or should I say- suspect. Was it out of love? Jealousy? Blackmail...

  • Of Amber and Iron
    19.7K 695 13

    While Varian's father remains in his amber prison, Varian is locked behind iron bars. Is there any hope left for either of them?

  • The Irony ✨
    18.1K 6.1K 49

    ✨ I dread that split second which can split your entirety entirely. ❤️ ✨ Painted nails, Faces fake tanned, Wrapped up in extravagance, Welcome to Vanity's wonderland.❤️ ✨ Why do you chase perfection and flawlessness in mere specks of dust? Darling, even the moon has freckles.❤️ ✨ Don't blame the glass, if you fall fo...

  • The Girl Who Walks in Silence
    188 11 4

    Aislynn Shaw can see into other worlds. She can sense things before they're about to happen. She can hear people breathing and moving from blocks away. She can step outside of time, into the White World as she calls it. No one believes her. Everyone she's ever met calls her crazy, insane. She is openly avoided if not...

  • Rada: Tales of Altaica Vol. 1
    1.2K 113 23

    Welcome to the Zaragarian Empire. Rada's newborn sister is disfigured and her father has decreed that her fate lies at the Seat of the Gods. Rada knows what that means - he wants her sister dead. To save both her sister and her mother, Rada must find the Emperor and beseech him for help. Rada is six. The Emperor ter...

  • The Slightest Touch- A Percabeth Story
    298 17 10

    Annabeth andPercy were just friends until Annabeth developed feelings for her best friend. Annabeth was constantly trying to figure out if Percy liked her back and Percy was constantly trying to figure her out. This is my version of how Percy and Annabeth got together. BTW, this takes place at Camp Half-Blood. This...

  • Shades of Red
    10K 440 4

    Admina is a Shade, a being of legend and she must protect her King, but from what and who? She needs to find out quickly or soon she wont know who to trust. WARNING* This is NOT like 50 shades of grey! ok! Not one bit of this is sexual in nature! So don't read this if that stuff turns you on kay! Its just got 'shade'...

  • Unmistakable (Caspian x reader)
    9.7K 233 5

    Follows the plot of Prince Caspian. The reader is Susan't twin and falls in love with Caspian.

  • Book covers
    574 12 24

    This is where I take book cover requests.

  • Legolas x Elf/Human Reader One shot
    66 3 1

    Y/n was a simple girl Her mother was a Human and Father an elf. They lived outside of mirkwood and never dared to trespass the forest for it was dark and hide many monsters. But what if Y/n decides to see what so bad about it.

  • Even More Writing Prompts
    166K 5K 101

    Coming back at you with more inspiration, more dialogue, more prompts. And hey, I've got another prompt book that would enjoy being read by a lovely writer, such as yourself! Don't feel as if you need to read it before this because the only relation these two share is myself, the lovely provider of prompts, and prompt...

  • Writing Prompts
    1.4M 35.1K 200

    Just random ideas for stories. Not all of these are mine. Writing prompts and any other random things. Enjoy.

  • face claims ⇢ etc
    3M 48.6K 140

    created with the hope of helping you bring your oc to life [highest rank: #4 in random]

  • Face Claims
    671K 6.6K 201

    in which you learn to use fcs other than nina dobrev and dylan o'brien. 198 underused claims, including plenty of poc and legends you should stan! ~ ☆ ~ [ a face claim book ] © 2017 - 2018 by athena m.

  • The Adventures of Teddy: Teddy Comes Home For Christmas
    62 16 6

    Jonathan's mum finds an abandoned teddy bear in a shop and takes him home for her son. What follows is Teddy's adventures as he helps decorate the house for Christmas, attends the school Christmas play and enjoys cake at a coffee shop as he becomes a member of the family.

  • Beautiful Brokenness
    152 11 6

    A collection of poetry from an exceptionally broken girl. "Loving you is hating myself for not being good enough to save you." -ScribblesUnder

  • Mary And Annabelle.... Is That All?
    133 41 3

    Mary and Annabelle. Names everyone's heard, sometimes in the worst scenarios, but this story is different. With many hidden things, unknown, until a chapter unravels a piece of valuable information, changing your perspective along the way. The bonding of a mother and daughter. And something else.... Let's see how...