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  • Night Changes | Unexpected Series Book Two
    52.4K 3.5K 22

    Second book in the Unexpected series. "We're only getting older baby And I've been thinking about it lately Does it ever drive you crazy Just how fast the night changes? Everything that you've ever dreamed of Disappearing when you wake up But there's nothing to be afraid of Even when the night changes It will never ch...

  • Happily Ever After (sequel to CEO)
    2.4M 96.4K 121

    First book: CEO » H.S All rights reserved, 2017 © jkharrystyles

    Completed   Mature
  • CEO
    2.9M 92.8K 88

    Harry Edward Styles is a very wealthy, successful, young CEO of his own business Styles Inc. His life seems perfect to all. On the outside his life seems ideal--or more like perfect. He's rich, gets women easily, and has very successful business But on the inside he's just a scared adult who lives and thinks about hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seeing Blind | Harry Styles AU
    287 9 3

    Abbey Road is a 21 year old, working in a small coffee shop in New York. One day when a curly haired boy, with piercing green eye walks in, with a white and red cane.. she never knew what she was getting herself into. ----- "Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise And I can't believe my eyes Oh, I must be seeing blin...

  • Trouble With Harry Styles
    4.8K 1K 26

    Cath, the girl with only one friend, thought she would be alone forever... until she crosses paths with a certain bad boy known as Harry Styles. Copyright 2019

  • Louis tomlinson's "Younger" Sister?!?✔
    1.7K 104 29

    Anna Austin was born on a stormy night. This is the night which created drifts between her father's ex and her father. Now thirteen years later she faces the court where the judgment is on who takes her custody. Will she be able to mend the relation between her elder brother and her? Will she get used to the life of...

  • Father Of My Child |H.S|
    90.9K 1.6K 32

    After a one night stand, Kyla ends up pregnant. Will the father of her child ever find out, and if so,how will he react? -THIS IS MY FIRST EVER WRITING SO WARNING THAT IT IS FAIRLY BAD, IM SORRY- highest rankings: #1 in kiwi #5 in carolina

    Completed   Mature
  • bare [h.s.]
    470K 21.5K 72

    ❝When I was a young girl, I imagined I could be anything I wanted to. I could be a princess, with beauty and grace, who would hold out hope of finding her Prince Charming. I could be a warrior, slaying the dragons and proving my bravery and honor. Even in the smallest sense, I could be happy. Yes, in a child's min...

  • Forced to become Mrs Styles (A Harry Styles AU)
    7.1M 178K 96

    Harry Styles fan fiction. When Emma was forced into an arranged marriage by her grandmother all she wanted was to get out of it as soon as possible. But nothings ever as simple as it seems, maybe things happen for a reason?

  • you put the O in disOrder ➢ (l.s)
    2.1M 109K 51

    ((warning!: hey everyone! i wrote this when i was like 15-16? and i realized i never put a rating on this story. it's pretty explicit! (i tagged it as mature but i'm going to put in the description that it's 18+ just so it's very clear)) Orgasms. You see that word and you think it's hot...right? Wrong. What if you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Neighbors
    2.4M 87K 99

    Quinn Adams has the definition of a perfect life for some. She lives in the most expensive house, she's rich, she's popular, and she can get any guy she chooses. Her life is described as neat, clean, and elegant. Her next door neighbor, Harry Styles is quite the opposite. His household is messy, loud, and disruptive...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. & Mrs. Styles
    60.8K 1.3K 22

    °Skye° Played By Indiana Evans° Skye and Harry just got married 4 months ago and Skye thinks it's time for a baby. Follow them on their journey of life.

  • Story Of My Life h.s ✓
    495K 9.8K 47

    Story Of My Life (Harry Styles) ✓ ~FLASHBACK~ "Harry i-im scared" 8 year old Kat said to her best friend Harry "Don't be scared Kitty Kat we will see each other again soon i promise" 8 year old Harry said to Kat. They were standing at the airport in London.Kat was moving to New York with her family.She didn't want to...