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  • Incorrect Harry Potter Quotes #3
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    Look it's a long series, who's to know they didn't say these things??? *NOTE* Not all of these are mine, I got most off of tumblr

  • Memento Mori (Beetlejuice x reader)
    36.7K 1.1K 21

    You're 20 years old and forced by your Dad and Delia to move, leaving behind all you know. You still have your best friend/little sister Lydia but what happens when you realise she's been hiding something from you Best Rankings: #1 - Beetlejuicethemusical #2 - Alexbrightman #4 - Beetlejuicexreader #4 - LydiaDeetz #7...

  • Hero Days - BNHA Oneshots
    175K 5.1K 43

    Various oneshots about our favorite BNHA boys! Come one, come all! #1/7.74k in drabble - 4/24/19 #1/57.8k in oneshots - 11/18/19 (Thank you so much everyone!!) Inconsistent updates Sneak Previews: "How can you treat her like a hero, if you can't even treat her like a man?" "Keep on chasing me, hero... I love the thril...

  • Kneel Before Your Queen (BNHA x reader)
    199K 7.2K 23

    As a child, (y/n) could never fit in due to the fear that came from her strangely powerful quirk. The more time that passed, the deadlier her eyes became; seeming to grow more powerful as she stared down to those below her, the ones who stood quaking at her feet. Her gentle mother, with the quirk of emotion persuasion...

  • 😊 THE MASKED SINGER 😊 (BEN Drowned X Reader) (COMPLETE ✔)
    37.7K 775 26

    Y/N or more known by her creepypasta name 'The Masked Singer'. She was known to attract people by her singing. Her catchphrase was, "Hi sweetheart, listen to my voice... it's the last you'll hear."... Copyright: All rights reserved. Highest rankings: 6/01/19: #3 on Creepypasta 5/08/19: #2 on bendrownedxreader 20/10/1...

    607K 28.6K 49

    ❝I'M ALWAYS TIRED, BUT NEVER OF YOU.❞ [various x reader] A lazy girl with a few missing brain cells is on the path to becoming a hero, but not without snatching some wigs and snatching some hearts. #1 IN #MYHEROACADEMIA #1 IN #BOKUNOHEROACADEMIA #1 IN BAKUGOXREADER #1 IN #BNHAVARIOUSXREADER ✰PLAGIARISM IS PUNISH...

  • I set the die that day- bnha x villain oc
    35.5K 1K 32

    If she was given everything she needed to succeed, to become the best hero in the world with everyone backing her and her bright personality, would she become a hero?

  • ::Scars:: Dabi x reader x Tomura
    290K 10.4K 41

    ✿❀ Completed! ❀✿ my name is (y/n) toshinori , I'm 18 years old and I'm a graduate of U.A. high. I finished in the Top place in all of my classes all three years I attended. I have never felt like I really belonged at U.A. to be honest. During training, I always played the role of the villain, unless Mr. Aizawa specifi...

  • I've Got You Under My Skin
    735K 31.2K 36

    Todoroki x Reader x Bakugou (L/N) (Y/N) is the daughter of one of Endeavour's colleagues, Reo. Her quirk and awkwardness tend to make her unapproachable, the only friend she has being Shouto. But then Shouto pulls away, and (Y/N) fears that she may have lost him forever. Not knowing how to fix things between them, sh...

  • The Guardian (BNHA x Male! Reader)
    220K 6.9K 77

    Rank #1 - bnhaxreader (6/17/18) Rank #8 - bnha Legends say that the guardians are the most powerful beings other than heroes. At a young age, (Y/N) is a guardian meaning the one who protects. Being a guardian is not all fun and games, a guardian's work is not that easy. One day, an evil energy was just in Musutafu...

  • the real monster (rwby x god reader)
    221K 1.8K 51

    (y/n) (l/n) aka 'the Grimm god' is a dangerous enemy towards all known kingdoms of remnant, for centuries ozpin tried to defeat (y/n) but it was never successfully. Nothing can stop him... Until someone betrays him

  • Twisted [BnHA]
    405K 16.6K 65

    After getting into U.A. (Y/n) feels happier than ever! She meets new friends, develops a crush and even meets her role model who turns out to be her teacher. However, after some horrible incidents start happening around her (Y/n) must try to stay on her track and safe. Unfortunately, she doesn't realise the one respon...

  • Ghastly - ♥BNHA Izuku Midoriya x Reader♥
    94.4K 2.9K 38

    ~Completed~ ghast·ly ˈɡas(t)lē/Submit adjective 1. causing great horror or fear; frightful or macabre. - You are one of the League of Villain's top villains. An extremely skilled and tactical young lady by the name of Y/N L/N. You once had dreams of becoming a hero, just like your dear old parents. But when they sudde...

  • All I Have (Aizawa Shota x reader)
    58.2K 1.2K 33

    Just read

  • How You Became A Hero ~ My Hero Academia (Midoriya Izuku X Reader)✔
    356K 8.6K 24

    This is the story of how you became a hero. You even became a hero to the pros. You don't start as well as everyone else but you soon grow stronger than everyone else as the time goes by along side your best friend and crush Midoriya Izuku. Now you might be wondering what your Quirk is? Well, its known to be a new Qui...

  • Good girls gone bad
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    Fed up with saving the darn city and hearing mayor crying because they broke something while defeating the villian. Fed up with professor and his son and missing school because they have to keep their secret indentities a secret. Fed up of villains, of everything to be honest. Their families were also mad their grades...

  • All for one | BnHA x reader
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    Villain!reader x BnHA

  • Artbook 2019
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    Huh, well prepare for stupid comics and more

  • Dabi x reader x shinso.
    142K 4.6K 37

    I keep having this story idea about shinso and dabi ( my fav characters) and be being a uchiha in bnha. so I'm gonna make an x reader on it. It's gonna be kinda slow but worth it. Expect Naruto references And possible lemon (☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞ oh and it's practically a reverse Harlem . So 👏

  • Bad Apple (Izuku Midoriya x Reader) [BNHA]
    317K 12K 60

    "I have no chill, (Y/n)! We kissed, and I wasn't thinking straight, and now you're gonna have to live on the streets, and it's all my fault!" "What? For being so great that I fell for you?" (Y/n) (L/n). A former semi-Villian. Hero in training. Quirk: Unknown. Age 15. Student at U.A High. Guardian: Inko Midoriya, Izu...

  • UtaxReader (OneShots) Tokyo Ghoul
    45.7K 591 39

    "Loving someone else could just be the key to loving yourself." ________________________________________________ I do not own Tokyo Ghoul or any other characters. Just the scenarios I've written of them.

  • Fire and the Thud [Hiccup x Reader]
    184K 6.2K 26

    Nobody could anticipate that a relatively small village on Berk would completely shatter the ways of the Vikings, especially someone who spent most of their life living in it. It's been five years since you last set foot on the island, and the surprises awaiting your return would overwhelm anybody. Except maybe your o...

  • Broken Past: Todoroki Shoto x Fem!Reader
    96.6K 3.2K 77

    (L/N) (Y/N) lives in a small apartment with her twin brother, (L/N) Haikari. Her best friend is a supposedly Quirkless boy named Midorya Izuku. Her dream is to go to U.A. and become a great hero just like her mother, but when her past demons are reviled to her new friends how will she react? -disclaimer- I do not own...

  • Up Against You//// Bnha Villain Reader x Class 1A
    21.6K 781 9

    What happens when you start in a dark space only to be picked back up by a pro-hero to be used as a punching bag. what will you choose to better your own life and get what you want? How will the villains catch your eye, and how will you fit into their plan? I do not own any characters from Kohei Horikoshi

  • Rivalry | Eraserhead x Reader x Present Mic
    286K 8.8K 34

    You were born with a strange quirk that makes you feel very self conscious. You never want to talk about it in front of anyone, especially in front of guys, but then you end up demonstrating your quirk to a guy to enroll into UA. Who is this guy you ask, well its none other then Eraserhead. The quirk is nothing physic...

  • f i x a t i o n {kankei ken x reader oneshots}
    96.2K 1.8K 28

    kaneki ken x reader oneshots -includes kuro!kaneki shiro!kaneki & akaneki! -includes fluff, drabbles, smut/lemon, angst -requests open started 8.30.2016

  • A Burn (Katsuki Bakugou X Reader)
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  • BNHA oneshots
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    One shots with BNHA characters

  • The Hunt || Todoroki Shouto ✔
    99.8K 3.3K 21

    THE HUNT | BNHA | Three. That was how old the daughter of two pro-heroes was when she was arrested. She wasn't even sure that was legal, but alas, it happened. What had she done? Oh, that's simple, she simply murdered her parents, brutally, may I add. After years and years of time spent locked up beneath the earth, s...

  • smile ✓
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    SHE'S THE ONLY ONE HE KNEW WHO COULD SMILE THROUGH A MURDER. shimura tenko female reader insert