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  • Journal ||h.s||
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    So goodbye Harry. Goodbye for forever this time. I cried and closed the journal, what have I done? /I warn you now that it is VERY short chapters and that is because it is from a journal and I have decided that her writing is shortly in her journal. If you can't stand with chapters that is around 100 words then you...

  • ✓ lights /styles au/
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    Where Harry is blind and only sees muffled lights and shadows and the person he falls in love with doesn't even know it. "Let me help you." "You can't even see." "I can see the lights." "That's not enough." COMPLETED

  • Daddy Styles
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    One Direction ~ 2057 Series <><><><><><><><><><> It's now 2057 over the years divorce rates got worse and worse. The government made a testing system to see what type of person you are compatible with. 18 year old Valentina Orlando finally gets her results..... Little Girl! And her Daddy is Harry Styles. ~~~~~~~~~~~...

    Completed   Mature
  • Toxic Love » hs
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    He was her one and only. He was the person she would live and die for, but when Zoey loses the love of her life she feels as if the world is slowly crumbling around her until she's trapped underneath. That's until she meets Harry who tries to pull her out fast enough to save her from her toxic love, but that may be a...