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  • Taekook smuts
    670K 11.4K 30

    A collection of Top Tae bottom Kook smuts (For all the horny fucks who read 18+ fanfics when y'all are like 5)

  • Suit and Tie - VKook ✓
    183K 4.7K 10

    VKook smut oneshot Jungkook - Boss Taehyung - Assistant Top!Tae Bottom!Kook

  • Until All We Hear is Moans [REVISING]
    18.9K 424 4

    Taehyung and Jungkook love nothing more than the feeling dominating the older members of the group. The way they beg for their touches, plead for release from someone you get than them leaves nothing but smirks on their faces and leaking cocks as they watch their members whimper and moan with desperation to please. Ea...

  • Vampire Sex Slave
    294K 7.6K 44

    "Babyboy i need you " "TAEHYUNG STOP!!" " I need your blood bitch " V pulls my hair roughly

  • Trouble Maker
    32.9K 1.6K 29

    Jungkook a young cop by the age of 20, was forced to be a cop by his friend who was also a cop. He has had slight cases like small robberies, or missing pets. But his new one was quite interesting, finding a famous gang consisting of four members wouldn't be so he thought. Taehyung, who is a gang member by...

  • BTS Smuts #1
    84.6K 423 4

    Keys [S] * Sexting [P] * Public Sex [G] * Includes Pictures/GIFS [F] * Includes Fem!Bangtan [T] * Threesome * Top!Dom Top!Sub Bottom!Dom Bottom!Sub * Doesn't include BTS X Reader * Includes Underrated Ships * Requests are allowed * NSFW/NSFR * One shots * BDSM * Kinks * +18 Don't read unless you're old and mature eno...

  • •Taekook || Bottom Kook Oneshots•
    360K 7.8K 38

    Basically BTS Oneshots with Bottom Kook /Taekook.

  • -ѕмυт-ѕнσтѕ | taekook
    32.5K 517 2

    ;) top!tae bottom!kook

    83.7K 1.8K 4

    𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐃𝐄𝐑|𝐓𝐀𝐄𝐊𝐎𝐎𝐊 ↢---↣ "A-ah, Taehyung harder" Wait, what? Did he just moan because I choked him? ↢---↣ In which a series of events leads two highschool acquaintances into a friends with benefits relationship. The only problem is that one claims to be straight while the other begins to fall head over heals...

  • Bad Bunny || VK ♥
    31.7K 914 1

    Jungkook's not innocent anymore. ✔️COMPLETED✔️

    Completed   Mature
  • Sheets ||taekook
    357K 18.9K 32

    When Jungkook's best friend starts 'accidentally' sending him sexual messages and blames autocorrect, Jungkook ignores them(for the most part). Until stuff starts happening in real life. Now Jungkook's not sure how to feel. ............................................................ Highest ranking(s): #1 in bottom...

    Completed   Mature
  • needy | taekook
    404K 19.1K 30

    Jungkook's obsessive and he loves too hard. Taehyung loves to take advantage of it. top!tae bot!kook

  • The demon in my basement || Taekook
    241K 10.3K 45

    "What do you want?" "I want to sleep with you." ... Jeongguk finds a demon in his basement, and only logical thing to do was to try to get rid of it somehow. 24/12/20 #1 in basement 25/12/20 #1 in toptaehyung 23/02/21 #1 in toptaehyung

    3.4M 144K 129

    "He likes his men in all lace." Yoongi, a rich business man who's in need of a BDSM slave. Park Jimin, a stubborn but sensual porn star who works under Namjoon's porn industry. camboy/pornstar!au/stripper!au millionaire!au mentions of: depression, smut, anxiety, BDSM, porn, angst, fluff 12/22/18: #1 in kinky 12/27/18...

    Completed   Mature
  • Taekook Smut
    467K 4.3K 22

    Just a whole lot of smut!

  • "Dare" - [SMUT] KookV One-shot
    153K 2.5K 4

    Taehyung is subjected to a dare to make Yoongi laugh. When bad comes to worse, the blonde fails. And Jungkook isn't gonna make his punishment easy. {A/N: I'm a sucker for Bottom!Taehyung. Also, this story is smut apocalypse. Be warned. No lol jk just read it~ ♡}

  • Vkook | Sext Me [Book 2]
    3.4M 180K 30

    Taehyung and Jungkook meet again on Kik but they have no idea that they are texting each other. BOOK TWO OF TEXT ME All rights reserved to @taetaeholic_ ©︎all rights and plot to @taetaeholic

    Completed   Mature
    15.7K 163 2

    Ayy so this is where I dumped my Sinsworld fics Very gay and very dirty, don't say I didn't warn you lmao !!NOTICE!! This is in no way related to the real life people, it is purely the FICTIONAL characters. Y'all whomst use real life names for fictional chars are nasty.

  • Mixed Emotions (Tordtom)
    303K 8.8K 40

    Years of trust crushed in one day, their friendship became like his torn off sleeve, left scarred deeper than his cut open wound. He starved for more answers than questions, but only alcohol answered. Acid sips enough to drown him further in his depths of depression. They tried to pull him out of his trapped world, ex...

  • ~My Master~
    812 42 2

    Evan was born a neko, sadly he's the last person alive that's a neko. Therefor many people are tying to kill him which causes Evan to meet some friends that will "adopt" him until they can find a good parent to raise Evan without having to worry about the people that want him killed- -But what happens when Evan gets h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Satan Is My Mate?(boyxboy)xboy
    17.2K 777 20

    Tyler lives with a happy family. His brother, Damien has a brother complex, his mom cooks great food and his dad is his best friend. But there is one problem...they are supernatural beings. Tyler is a badass and is often pissed off or annoyed if his privacy is being threatened. He has the looks and has girls falling f...

  • Alpha and Omega <H2OVanoss>
    61.6K 2K 19

    Alphas: VanossGaming (Evan) I AM WILDACT (Tyler) CaRtOoNz (Luke) Terroriser (Brian) BasicallyIDoWrk (Marcel) Daithi De Nogla (David) Omegas: H2ODelirious (Jonathan) Mini ladd (Craig) Moo Snuckle (Brock) Lui Calibre (Lui) Delirious' Mark (on his side) Mini's Mark (upper thigh) Moo's Mark (wrist) Lui's Mark (middle of h...

  • Unfortunate Omega (H2OVanoss)
    190K 5.3K 19

    DISCLAIMER: This was written before all of the stuff came out about Lui and Mini. The only reason this is still up is because they aren't the main focus of the story, however I do not condone any of the things they've done and I refuse to promote them further, hence no tags with their names and such. Thank you for und...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wanted : A MiniCat Fanfiction
    5.6K 319 42

    We were scared. We were angry. We were wanted. Many people wanted to hurt us. But Mini and I, We decided that the best way to fight off crime is To do it, together. Running from the police, Tyler decided that the best thing to do was to get some sort of help. They couldn't do this alone. Receiving help from...

    Completed   Mature
    17.4K 891 27

    Where two groups of friends come together Started; August 9 , 2017 Ended; -

  • Victuuri Smut One-Shots [Yaoi]
    6.1K 79 1

    A collection of Victuuri one-shots, all of which are chock full of the kinkiest smut around. Don't be afraid to make requests or suggestions. If you're shy, just send me a message, nothing is off the table.

  • Yaoi pictures
    1.6M 36K 198

    Yaoi pictures mostly fluff (no more request)

  • House of Night
    68.7K 3.2K 38

    The House of Night of Toronto is getting a new fledgling and his name is Evan Fong. Evan really hopes he can make it to his dream job in the gaming industry. But his hopes get put down when he gets marked by a Tracker and everything goes crazy at the House of Night.