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  • The Lovable Gremory (High School DXD harem X male Gremory reader)
    52.2K 1K 28

    (Update) Inspired by @Astro_Reaper22 and @TheWidowMaker, I decided to make a dxd x male reader(this is my first book so don't hate on me okay?) Disclaimer: I don't own High School DXD. Y/n Gremory-Bael, third child of the Gremory household, was always loved by his family, especially Rias his older sister, Venelana his...

  • Konosuba x Umbrakinetic Male Reader
    25.9K 483 26

    You already know the deal. Enjoy the story!

  • Be my Shining Star: Kill la Kill (Male Reader x Ryuko Matoi)
    40.6K 1.1K 32

    Being an old Friend Of Isshin Matoi, Dr. L/N helped him with his Research on Life Fiber and helped him to create a Kamui specifically made for Isshin's Daughter Ryuko. Afterwards however, Dr. L/N got attacked on the plain he was using to get home to his Son Y/N L/N who was currently staying with friends, seeing as his...

  • bullied!W.D gaster reader x bnha
    33.8K 378 26

    You are y/n 'wingding' l/n a bullied child with a rather unique quirk You are bullied by class 1-a for your quiet nature and an incident one day they take it too far and 'kill' you activating the full potential of your quirk eventually you return as a villain known as "the man who speaks in hands" (you replace tomura...

  • Danganronpa: The Ultimate Loss
    6.5K 264 35

    Despair Fetish. Best Guy/Girl. I love Chihiro Chihiro Fujisaki X Male Reader

  • Danganronpa v3 x The Evil within( Male Reader insert)
    1K 13 7

    You are Y/n Castellanos, a Top list Dectective. You got a distress call about a hospital for the mental. You thought this would be a walk in the park. But, it turns out.... no.

  • Attack on Titan x Male Reader
    84.7K 1.5K 24

    When a young boy joined the Warriors programme, he never expected to make such good friends, or to do so well, but his kindness got in his way. But he certainly didn't expect his first crush to ask something so important or dangerous of him.

  • Symbol of Hope or Despair (Anime Universe x All For One malereader)
    1.5K 24 2

    Y/N L/N is a man who has mastered the powers of many others in the anime universe with the power he was born, All For One. His mother passed away when Y/N was young and his father left him which left Y/N all alone. One day, he was founded by All For One and became the adopted father Y/N, he taught he everything he kno...

  • My Hero Academia Females X Male Reader Oneshot Lemons (Requests CLOSED)
    52.9K 435 26

    This contains 18+ Content, please don't proceed into reading this if you want to see the various females of My Hero Academia getting lewded. My Hero Academia belongs to Kohei Horikoshi and Shonen Jump.

    9.4K 675 201

    KO everyone, here are some of my ideas for Death Battle that I made over the years for either the show itself or you who does your own fanfic Death Battles, you all have my permission to use any of these ideas to however you see fit and hopefully making them into Death Battles for everyone to enjoy!

  • Quirks and Oneshots Galore! {Male Reader X BNHA Girls}
    23.2K 490 42

    Just a couple of one-shots about the ladies of BNHA. I see so little of these so its about time... Pending a legit description. Err why are you still here? I don't own the photos. But you guys know that right? Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia Is Owned By Kohei Horikoshi (bless this man)

  • Rip and Tear!(Abused Doomslayer reader x Rwby/MHA/DMC/Fairy Tail/Highschool DXD)
    15.8K 262 12

    Read to find out A/n: Also multiple anime and video games taking place in the same world also Seven Deadly Sins And Date A Live is also involved

  • The Shapeshifting Human (Pokémon X Male Reader)
    23.9K 353 13

    Long ago, there was a man that wanted to understand everything about Pokémon and ran tests on them. He even got data on a new race of creatures that he couldn't even describe. But when his son found out how awful he was treating the Pokémon, he tried to stop him. In the end, he gained the ability to change forms, lost...

  • Ultimate Crossover Harem Characters
    15.8K 170 63

    I don't own anything except for pictures of my OC's

  • My Chibi Academia (M Reader X MHA Chibis)
    652 32 2

    When a average teenager came home one day and found a box on his doorstep but what's inside it is something he wasn't expecting.

  • The true Hyoudou harem king(Male Evil/murdered/OP Reader x massive DxD harem)
    14.2K 364 1

    Y/N Hyoudou is the step-brother of Issei Hyoudou. One day, Issei became a devil and decided to fix his problem of getting a harem, his step brother. Deciding to take drastic measures, Issei murdered Y/N with his sacred gear, but what he didn't know was that Y/N also has a sacred gear, one that allows him to copy other...

  • I Love You 3000 (MReader X MCU X MHA)
    42.8K 692 13

    Y/N Stark, Son of Tony Stark. At first he was a scientist and a inventor like his father but in the events of Infinity War he decided to make his own armor and became a avenger like his father. But after the events of Endgame, Y/N offered to go alongside Steve to return the stones, but something happened in the proces...

  • Son Of All For One (boku no hero academia x male Reader)
    7.2K 79 3

    y/n is a the son of the villain All For One and has his quirk, now after years of planning and mostly living a normal life to all that know him. His father wants him to got in U.A for a mission but y/n meets people who makes him wounder and starts to dream and think for himself.

  • Breaking Point (My Hero Academia x male bullied battlemage reader)
    59.5K 901 25

    Numbness ... All I could feel in the black abyss I resided in was numbness ... Then I was asked a question. One of life and death. ... I said yes What happens when someone is pushed too far ? (Crossover with Skyrim, not stupid OP and harem)

  • I Served No one (Highschool Dxd X Betrayed Powerful Male reader) ON HOLD
    34K 432 7

    After the betrayal of Rias gremory to Y/n because due to how weak he was. he awakened his sacred gear known Divine Mimicking as as of now y/n trained and learned the 4 powers of the legendary dragons with his 1st sacred gear Divine Mimicking until that day he saw until that day he does not get to join in any faction P...

  • Male Reader x My Hero Academia Girls (One Shots)
    97.5K 883 28

    All credits belong to Kohei Horikoshi. I do not own my hero academia nor it's characters. I don't own any of these photos I don't really see a various females x male reader for my hero academia so I thought why not and decided to make one. I will be making a request page, so you can do request on there.

  • The Ghost Rider Of High-school DXD (A Male Reader Story)
    10K 293 3

    He was an unknown, he wasn't popular, he wasn't the kind of guy that every girl wnated to be with, he was just that average guy no one paid attention to. Well not anymore because... Now he's had enough of being unknown, he's got a thirst for Vengeance... And it's about to be quenched. Don't own ghost rider or high-sch...

  • The qurkless Hero (Male reader x Tsuyu Asui)
    22.2K 454 13

    (YN) (LN) is a boy who admired heroes together with his childhood friend Izuku Midoriya, but all his hopes were crished one day when he was diagnosed of being quirkless, but despite all that he still wanted to be a hero, so at the age of 5 he trained his mind and his body to be able to accomplish his dream of being th...

  • The Rejected Dragon Slayer x Highschool dxd
    147K 2.5K 16

    (Y/n) who was rejected by Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Xenovia, even Asia because of the perverted Red Dragon emperor Issei hyoudou. Now how will he take it..Destroy them or....Possibly forgive them?

  • E.N.D The Strongest Being
    60.3K 1K 7

    In the underworld there's a legend of a demon so powerful that even Great Red fears, this beings legend was use to scare young devils into behaving, even the Gremory family used this legend to scared both Sirzechs and Rias into behaving, and it worked once they herd how powerful he was children were to frighten of thi...

  • My Hero Acadamia The Ultimate Powers (OP Male Reader)
    1.3K 38 3

    y/n l/n was born with 3 extremly powerful quirks and he was very intelligent and he has grown up to master the 3 quirks and his dad said that y/n was even stronger then all might and all for one put to gether. I DO NOT OWN MY HERO ACADAMIA AND I DONT OWN THE PICTURES

  • Betrayed!! Male Masked Saiyan reader x Highschool dxd
    142K 2K 28

    they called him weak they left him to die but what happens when he doesn't die and he wants vengeance.

  • high school dxd the betrayed dragon emperor (Male Reader)
    47.5K 604 13

    main characters y/n blood (alias yashiro) age 15 pure blooded devil house name the house of blood y/n saw a brown hair boy bleeding in the forest and asked the boy who did this to him the boy said it was his master rias gremory y/n then asked for his name and the boy name was issie hyoudo i would like you to know i do...

  • Thirsty (BNHA x male reader
    57.9K 360 19

    There's a lot of lemons and harems so be warned , Let's just say shits about to get messy in here