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  • 🍂When the Leaves Fall🍂//A Draco Malfoy Fanfiction
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    "Let me love you..." His voice was soft as satin, as he whispered in her ear, his rough hands caressing her soft cheeks. "One night. He wouldn't want me to..." She was cut off by the blonde pressing his lips firmly against her own. The rest came in a flash. He picked her up, her legs straddling his waist as he pinne...

  • Draco Malfoy Imagines
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    "Draco Malfoy? In love with me? How?" Guess you're just going to hafta read the chapters to see all the different ways this platinum haired boy falls in love with you. I do not own any of the characters created by JK Rowling, author of the "Harry Potter" series. highest ranks: #2 in hp #8 in fanfiction #26 in dracoma...

  • Fred Weasley x Reader
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    Just a (not so) short Fred x Reader. Begins right before the Quidditch world cup. You're staying at the burrow with your best friends, Fred and George Weasley. (If anything is inaccurate, please message me and I will try to fix it, Thank you). I do not own you or any of the names mentioned in this story from the Harry...

  • Lost & Found → F.WEASLEY ✔️
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    ➥COMPLETED ❝Fred Weasley! You're such a pain in the arse!❞, she yelled, throwing her hands up furiously, but he just smirked with the usual mischievous sparkle in his warm eyes, as he bowed slowly down to her, his face merely inches away from Lynnea's. ❝I know, Bailey, I know. But I could be all yours forever.❞ o...

  • Draco Malfoy Imagines
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    500k Edition!! Extra content: including behind the scenes and alternate endings! 💞💞 ---------------------- He pulled me back into his chest as I wrapped my arms around him. "I will never leave you." [highest rank #16 in Draco tag] [highest rank #112 in Potter tag] ...