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  • Tiny fractures
    1.7K 45 4

    Keith is found after being kidnapped for three months. Lance notices that he seems different and want to know why, but maybe that's not the best choice. Lance doubts that he can save Keith from whatever is bothering him and Keith doesn't want to talk to anyone. What did those kidnappers do to Keith, and what is lance...

  • Galra Keith
    10.9K 156 3

    Keith is slowly turning Galra and the paladins don't know what to do, but maybe the Galra do. Keith can change between Galra, Altea, and human states because of his shared DNA. Klance shipping is in here btw.

  • The forgotten paladin
    25.4K 738 9

    Keith never met the paladins if Voltron before he escaped from a Galra ship. The paladins if Voltron don't know what to do when they see a young Galra boy piloting the red lion.

  • Why Lance?
    7.5K 260 4

    Keith has had a crush on Lance since the garrison, but one day Keith finds Lance in the training room screaming horrible things about himself.

  • The Loud and the Alone
    118K 6.4K 14

    No one gave it a second thought whenever Lance would go quiet when someone mention family or Earth or how Lance should just be quiet sometimes. No one noticed until Lance locked himself in his room, not coming out for anyone, screaming gibberish at anyone who'd try to get in. No one knew why, but Keith was determ...

  • Oxygen (Klance) [COMPLETED]
    6.2K 135 3

    Lance and Keith each made a deal with Shiro to ride in the same vehicle, while Hunk Pidge and Shiro are in another. Keith begins realizing desires before they take off. After things take a turn for the worse on the road, Keith finally completely understands these desires, which are more like feelings and are directed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love In Colour (Klance)
    813 36 2

    Keith Kogane had been diagnosed with severe colour blindness, ever seen he was born he couldn't see anything in colour. Only black and white, maybe grey if he was lucky. But he's life changed dramatically when he met, Lance McClain. Ever since there first touch Keith's life changed. He saw his life sparkle of life...

  • Time Will Tell (Keith Angst💔)
    7.9K 299 6

    Keith knew he was half galra. He knew it would change him. What he didn't know was how. He felt more alone then ever, outliving his friends and living through generations of paladins. Who would want to move on? !!TW: Strong angst, don't read this if you aren't comfortable with death!! Art by suitboxers

  • Lance x Keith (College AU) When the Day Met the Night
    82K 3.3K 21

    Lance is expecting a new roommate, hoping that the teen will be able to look past his ADHD, and become a good friend. He wasn't expecting an emo kid, with a mullet and achluophobia. But hopefully, the two of them can learn to get along after a power outage. Or, perhaps not, who knows. (All character's belong to Dream...

  • Klance Voltron Fanfiction - Sharing Lions
    13.5K 564 3

    After the Lion switch, Lance had to adjust to Red. He had talked to Blue and gushed his heart to her, but Red seemed intimidating. Keith still had his connection to Red, even while he was piloting the Black Lion. When Lance spoke to Red, Keith could see exactly what Lance was talking about. The beaches, the family, a...

  • The Omega // A Voltron Fanfiction
    688 22 3

    What is an omega and why does this silver-haired stranger keep referring to Keith as one? Edited: 6/21/2018

  • Cruel life, Happy love [klance]
    99.2K 2.9K 32

    ❝"Shiro, I don't think we're here alone..." Lance said. Then he heard a sound behind his back. "Did you calm down?"❞ Lance and Shiro are trapped by the galra. And they aren't alone. Voltron klance fanfiction I don't own neither the picture or Voltron. DON'T READ THIS IT'S EXTREMELY CRINGY

  • A Song From Two Worlds...
    192 8 1

    Lance has been experiencing painful changes ever since he landed on the Balmera... Keith tries to help but gets stuck with his own problems. Would the team accept them for who they are, or would it tare the whole team apart? {I'm not really sure how to end it but I'm thinking about putting lotor in it} {there might b...

  • Galra!Keith
    3.6K 92 6

    The war against Zarkon is over. Shiro is alive and himself but Allura never forgave Keith for being a hybrid Hope you enjoy!! Thanks for reading! *ON HOLD*

  • Goodbye Keith
    79 1 2

    "Lance dont cry," Keith's voice was shaky, a single tear rolled down his face, and his body was weak. "Keith you can't leave me, please." tears spilled down Lances face as he held keith tightly in his arms. Keith's yellow eyes fluttered shut and he lost consciousness. Lance pulled him closer to him and started crying...

  • Love is overrated
    131 8 1

    Keith just figured out that he's part Galra and can change to look like them at will.He hasn't got it under control yet,and the team berate him to do so.Well,everyone but Lance and Pidge.Pidge doesn't care and Lance doesn't judge.The blue Paladin swears on his life that he'll help the half alien,and Keith doesn't unde...

  • Weak Link- Voltron Legendary Defender
    1.1K 23 7

    During an update in the Castle's defenses, something goes wrong and the team blacks out, only to wake up to the non understandable. Lance wakes up in an asylum, Shiro seems to be brainwashed, Allura is human, Coran and Hunk are stuck on a busted ship, Pidge has forgotten everything she ever knew about tech, and Keith...

  • You're My Home
    144 4 3

    The Galra Empire is stronger than ever, especially now that Voltron is no longer a threat and Keith is overwhelmed with his duty of being the Black Paladin. The only one who notices Keith's struggle is his right hand man. Lance is doing everything in his power to protect Keith from the harshness of the universe and...

  • Seeing Blue (Discontinued)
    56.4K 2.3K 14

    Keith is struggling with night terrors and flashbacks to when the Galra had tortured him while he was imprisoned. The only person who has been able to keep him sane while he was on the brink of insanity is Lance. However, Lance is a little confused how to deal with Keith's neediness. {I do not own any characters or...

  • Everything's Not Okay
    50 0 3

    AU Where Keith Sees His Greatest Fear/ RWBY Crossover That No One Asked For I'm conflicted on making this a one-shot or continuing it

  • Heroes
    60 5 1

    (By Battleshidge [Amiria_Raven] on AO3) "My mom always hated the Garrison and what we were supposed to do there. I never got it. How can you despise the idea of being a hero?" Lance laughed a little here, dryly. "But I think I understand now." He took a shuddering breath. "Because heroes aren't meant to survive," he c...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Day Long (A Klance Fanfiction)
    1.7K 32 8

    A bonding exercise in a room never used before. Why had that seemed like a good idea? The system to keep the boys locked up for 6 hours malfunctions, trapping them for up to a day. The outcome of this was different from what anyone on the ship would have expected. If you don't like boy x boy fanfiction, this is not th...

  • Something We Can Agree On //Klance//
    3.7K 216 21

    Just some Keith and lance being oblivious (as always, you know how it is) I'd like to mention that the cover art and the characters in this story do not belong to me

  • Space Dad (Voltron Legendary Defenders)
    46.7K 1.7K 8

    Shiro and the others just came back from a mission, a failed mission. He was the only one who actually dodged the ray, while the ray instantly turned the others into... Toddlers. Shiro must use the space dad that had been inside him. °•°•° "Hey!" Shiro yelled as baby Lance hit Keith on the head with his lion toy, Keit...

  • The Mysterious Galra
    5.6K 110 10

    The team is on an important mission when something goes wrong. Lance, who was meant to be a distraction got injured making it hard to defend himself when out of nowhere a male Galra takes out all of the guards. When Lance wakes up he is in Blue on his way to the Castle of Lions. After Lance was out of the healing pod...

  • I'll Be Here For You, I Promise (A Klance Fanfiction)
    2.2K 67 6

    Keith and Lance get sent on a separate mission to 'bond' . It all seems to go well until Keith becomes distressed and stays locked up in his room, worrying and confusing Lance. What happens when Lance tries to comfort the Red paladin?

  • The Escape ( galra keith)
    12.6K 268 5

    The nightmares plagued him all the time. Until one night it became a reality.He had to leave. He couldn't stay here what if they found him? they'd despise him. He made his choice but what if he was interrupted by one of the people he least wanted to see?

  • Song of the Cosmos | Voltron
    76.7K 2.7K 42

    Zora is the Princess of the Galra Empire. Zarkon's only heir. When the Princess escapes her fathers warship and runs right into the Paladins of Voltron- everything she's every known is called into question. Will she stand against Voltron or will she betray her father and her people in an attempt to put things right?