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  • The Potions Master's Daughter (Book One)
    510K 17.1K 52

    Jessica Wallwirt has lived with her mother for the past 11 years until one day her mother snaps and sends her to live with her father, none other than the cruel potions master himself - Severus Snape. Jessica finds herself at Hogwarts surrounded by new friends. Her power is growing every day. Growing up in the Muggle...

  • Lost
    474K 17.9K 95

    "Sweetheart, you are the badger, I am the snake, but in this chase, I am the predator and you are my prey." With that he moulded their lips together, sealing their fates permanently. (Chapter 20) ~*~ She was a girl who wanted nothing more but to fade away in surroundings, he was a boy who wanted to be known by...

  • Not About Angels (A Tom Riddle Story)
    215K 7.1K 101

    She was the secret he would never tell...........Have you wondered why Tom Riddle became Lord Voldemort? She was the beginning, and the end, of everything. Since childhood, he had a plan for world domination, yet, she stumbled across his path as the unexpected variable that he had never previously considered. She awak...

  • The King & His Queen✔
    262K 8.4K 57

    He ruled Oz. He ruled MistHaven. He ruled Corona. He ruled Wonderland. He ruled Camelot. He ruled Dunbroch. He ruled the Caribbean. He ruled Arendelle. He ruled Neverland. He ruled all the magical realms. But he's a monster. //Peter Pan// ||Completed|| \\editing in process\\