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  • Where Creativity Flows
    30.6K 2.7K 17

    "Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein An entertainment book for the bored ones. Cover made by @SarahattheDisco168

  • Rants & Bants
    23.1K 1.7K 20

    bant: shortening of the word banter (chat that is playful, intelligent and original). not to be confused with b.a.n.t. which apparently stands for big ass, no tits.

  • stranger things memes ✓
    1.8M 107K 199

    first stranger things memes book - 100k reached september 27th 200k reached october 7th #4 in random 500k reached december 29th © mileventrash 2016

  • Pickup Lines
    3.9K 70 18

    |"I value my breath so it would be nice if you didn't take it away every time I saw you."|Everybody Loves A good pickup line for a laugh or even the poor soul that tries to use one of these!

  • Wattpad Covers II [CLOSED UNTIL I CATCH UP]
    8.6K 560 68

    "Don't judge a book by its cover". Don't listen. Don't lie to yourself. We all know that at least on wattpad, you always read a book depending on its quality of cover. Want it to stand out? I will do my best. As someone once told me, a cover is a "Visual Story" for your story. It gives your readers a tas...

  • Book of Random Facts
    261K 7.6K 159

    I cannot guarantee that all these facts are true, but let's imagine that they are. All of these were written when I was a smol child and I cringe at it but this book is my most popular so I'm keeping it up. Give it a read if you'd like. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #7 IN RANDOM CATEGORY! (the glory days are over now)

  • Relatable posts
    3.8M 392K 200

    New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍 Welcome to Relatable posts. The place for everyone living the sloth life - slouching and snacking away watching endless hours of TV. This book totally describes your life

  • Teenager Posts
    489K 35.6K 164

    If you are in the mood to laugh your lungs out, then this is the book that you should read. Laugh, Enjoy and Relate!!!!

    10K 589 75

    [C L O S E D] People say and I quote "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Well but we tend to and can't help it with how we look at things. So I'll be making covers! Enjoy Highest ranking in random: #101 All covers and pictures will be mine and payment should be done. Snapchat- glittergold_17 Instagram- rabiyapotter...

  • Funny Texts
    31.1K 2.2K 105

    This is a mixture of multiple texts. Some I have done and others I have found I hope you enjoy.

  • I'll Make You A Book Cover
    6K 307 50

    Do you need a cover for any of your Wattpad books? I can make them. Many examples of my work can be found on smilebookie's Wattpad account. I am 100% willing to help you! To get a cover from me, fill out the form in this book. Thanks! Don't be discouraged by the number of views this book has. I make a point to get to...

  • Wattpad Covers [CLOSED]
    21.6K 1.7K 189

    I will make it ASAP Message me or leave in the comments the following info: -Story title -Main Characters (if you have any preferences) -The basic storyline Payment is 5 likes on any of my stories, and follow me! Also, I know most if you awesome people do anyways, but please mention that I made...

  • Disney Facts
    39.9K 5.4K 159

    This will be a book dedicated to Disney facts that all of you guys may not now about! I hope you're as surprised as I was when reading the interesting facts about Disney and their movies. :) Copyright / All Rights Reserved | These facts belong to Disney and the movies that Disney makes BOOK BY RACHEL @KingdomCoro...

    2.4K 67 27

    Need a cover? You came to the right place! Dm me your request but first you MUST READ THE INFO CHAPTER for all the details I need for your book cover! GAIRENTEED to gain you more views & quicker! From the moment I read your message, you will get your cover and not just one but 2-3 to be sure you find your perfect...

  • Highschool Roleplay [Discontinued]
    30.5K 603 26

    Just typical highschool stuff. Just alot more drama

  • Stupid Girly Things That Only Girls Will Understand
    5.9M 539K 207

    ***REQUESTS ON HOLD*** Helloooo ladies. So this is a random book of complaints I have about...Welp...being a girl. Helloooo curious boys. If I were you I wouldn't read this. You cannot unsee crazy girl things. I'm sorry if boys (or girls, though I don't see why) find anything I say offensive. The main purpose is to ma...

  • Cover Shop (taking requests now!!)
    10.5K 504 29

    graphics for your story currently: open ♡ send a request now and i'll have it completed within the hour!