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  • Another Wrinkled Page
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    When you're tired of waiting and time is not on your side When you're tired of hating me, you no longer want to hide. ______ In which a girl gets all she ever wanted, but not exactly as she imagined. Bitch it's prog metal fanfic. 🤘🏻

  • Blackwater park
    25 2 2

    Part one of the Aesteticae Alborum series, a series of short stories based on or just inspired by my favorite albums, in which I'll attempt to capture the music's mood in words. Album: Blackwater park by Opeth

  • For the Love of Music...
    2.6K 56 5

    Martin Garrix is a famous DJ. Moriah is a freshman in college. One concert would change both of their lives.

  • Martin Garrix Imagines
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    Author: Chocoberry1998 (Melanie Berry) Rating: T On - Going and probably will never stop :v Summary: Như hàng triệu Garrixer khác trên thế giới này thì tớ có 1 tình yêu to lớn dành cho Martijn Garritsen aka con người 22 tuổi cute phô mai que thích ăn pizza :)))) Thế nên tớ viết cái này để chúng ta có thể cùng nhau tư...

  • I Want To Be Your Love (Martin Garrix)
    2.5K 83 23

    In which a great DJ, singer, and model 20 years old girl fall in love with the greatest DJ in the world. It starts bad but it gets better!

  • Make Me Love You [Mellomau5]
    6.7K 138 21

    Humiliated. That's how he felt when he was turned down, by the one guy to expressed affection to him first! It was decided then and there, he was going to make Joel fall in love with him, then he'd break his heart! It was the perfect revenge! But how the hell would he accomplish that?

  • A Life To Remember (Book Two of the Marshmello x Reader series)
    5.7K 242 28

    A SEQUEL TO Marshmello x Reader! PLEASE READ THE FIRST BOOK TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS BOOK IS ABOUT! Book One: Marshmello x Reader Book Two: A Life to Remember (This book) Book Three: Marshmello x Reader 3 Thank you all for reading this book! It means a lot!

  • ♡ Marshmello x Reader ♡ ( Looking for smut?? )
    5.1K 50 3

    You and a cute block-head. Oh ya, *SMUT WARNING YA'll*

  • The Man behind the mask Marshmello x reader)
    14K 245 28

    when your child hood best friend comes back to town. with a slight crush on you. the choice it to love him for him or him being a famous DJ, theirs also scenario at the end fill free to request any

  • The one (Avicii, Martin Garrix, ZEDD)
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    Completed   Mature
  • Finding Shelter
    826 20 13

    A 17-year-old girl and a 18-year-old boy. Trapped in their beautiful, yet lonely days, she begins to wonder about the outside world, and why they are all alone.

  • A Shelter In Your Reality
    28 3 2

    '"Your imagination is as real as you want it to be" I smiled, holding my hands afront of me. The breeze took me back a little. A new world was to be scaped today, and I held the key in my hands.' A Shelter in your Reality follows Yuna, a 14 year old android girl who was transported to an alternate universe known as th...

  • Not Addicted, That's Stupid - Portgo
    199 12 3

    In which Porter is deathly allergic to the very thing Hugo loves. Maybe loves too much. But he's not addicted, that's stupid.

  • Recharger [Madeon]
    9.8K 468 20

    No eran más que simples compañeros de clase. Pero un día comenzaron a bromear con que eran novios de estudio y eso fue desencadenando diversos sucesos que terminarían con más de un corazón enamorado. (Tengo el privilegio de decirte que esta fue la primer novela de Madeon en español en esta página)

  • My Feelings For You
    976 15 5

    Sarah is a normal college student studying biomedical engineering at MIT, but when a certain swede comes to University , Sarah's life is turned around completely ..

  • Dark Horse: Fragile, But Strong ~§Avicii Love Story§~
    605 11 1

    Date after date. Stand up after stand up. Marine has never been able to get it right. Maybe she's just made to be old and lonely with a bunch of cats. But all that could change when you run into a certain DJ.

  • TIM BERG/AVICII FANFIC -♡I will give to you the love you seek and more♡
    1.7K 24 3

    Hey guys, well I'm a hugeeeeee fan of Tim Bergling / Avicii so I decided to write this fanfiction on him. This is the first fanfiction I've ever written so bare with me guys as I'm still learning.. My spelling and punctuation isn't really the best so sorry about that, but therefore... ENJOY !!!! :) xxxx -Danielle

  • Avicii - Wake Me Up
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    This is quite random, but this short story is sort of based off of a music video I absolutely adore and wanted a story and narration to go along with it. So, yeah. Hopefully you give it a shot and enjoy it and if not, props for giving me like ten minutes of your time. And thank you Avicii, for your amazing music. We'r...

  • Forbidden Avicii Fanfiction
    8.9K 163 16

    Belle is a normal English girl, with a boyfriend she loves when he's sober, but sadly that's not very often she soon realises this but can't do anything until...

  • internet || edm
    1.3K 95 19

    a sitcom starring the world's top class edm djs, just that it happens online. DISCLAIMER: personalities of figures mentioned in this fanfic are not accurate representations of their personalities in real life.

  • A Year to Remember
    1.2K 18 8

    Portgo high school au Two straight boys continuously find themselves strongly attracted to each other until they decide enough is enough. What goes on from there is too NSFW to put in the description.

  • I'm A Lone Red Rover {skriplo}
    86 6 1

    A skriplo high school au that I was desperate for. Quiet emos and party dudes don't usually fall in love, but Sonny and Wes weren't usual people. Detention was a perfect time to bond, right?

  • Shelter: I'm Not Alone
    1.8K 97 4

    A 17-year-old girl named Rin, who finds herself living in a virtual reality world. Each day, she uses a tablet which controls the simulation to create a new, different, beautiful place for herself. As time progresses, the viewer comes to learn the truth behind her happy existence - The truth behind all of her lonelin...

  • Another World | Shelter (Complete) [Heavy Editing]
    2.3K 24 10

    Shelter tells the story of Rin, a 17-year old girl who lives her life inside of a futuristic simulation completely by herself in infinite, beautiful loneliness. Each day, Rin awakens in virtual reality and uses a tablet which controls the simulation to create a new, different, beautiful world for herself. Until one da...

    221 6 3

    "I need room to breathe. Let me float back to the place you found me. I'll be okay" © 2011 iyonnea lawrence, porter robinson

  • He Depends on You || Porter Robinson
    206 2 4

    Kate has been there through all of Porter Robinson's milestones. But when the line between best friends and something more blurs, that's when things get interesting.

  • Marshmello X Reader
    25.5K 790 33

    This is a fanfiction of Marshmello x reader (aka you if you didn't know) Y/n = your name

  • My little Marshmello
    3.4K 60 6

    What happen when you become a edm's girlfriend and meet all of your favorite artists

  • Marshmello x Reader (Book One of the Marshmello x Reader series)
    22.3K 767 45

    Hey guys, my first ever Marshmello fanfiction! I hope you guys like it! I'll try to update regularly, but just know if I don't it's because I have other books I'm working on. I'm always accepting requests, so feel free to request something! I'll try to reply to every comment too! Thanks for reading! ⚠️WARNING⚠️: Conta...

    Completed   Mature