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  • Lab Partners (Wattpad Books Edition)
    151K 3.7K 32

    WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. Love is a chemical reaction. When Jordan Hughes arrives at Pinecrest High School, Elliot Goldman's graduating year suddenly gets a lot more interesting. Smart, good looking and charming, Jordan isn't exactly the kind of person Elliot's used to having as a lab partner. But when they start acing...

  • Ladies of Lavender
    187K 10.8K 22

    2018 WATTY AWARD WINNER || PART OF THE EBONY SERIES || ONGOING || Lavenders. Lavenders is what they are called. Some can grow gardens in their hair, others can control the wind, others have freckles that glow like maps of the stars. They have, of course, throughout time, gone by many other names. Hag, sorcerer, caste...

  • Butterflies in Glass Cases
    28.1K 2.2K 37

    After a horrific car accident ruining both her and her family's life, Patty Woodall accepts a job offer to assist an elderly matron to maintain a remote home owned by the Morgan family, along with the two little girls who live there. But soon, Patty begins to discover the dark history of the home and the even darker s...

    Completed   Mature
    871K 14.4K 8

    [Now published!] Snarky Angels. Bad boy Omens. Dangerous Demons. And a deal with the Devil. -- The past twenty-four hours have been pretty weird for pre-law student Rachel Mortimer. She accidentally sold her soul to the Devil. An Angel showed up in her bedroom. And an irritatingly hot Bad Omen has been following her a...

  • Homewrecker
    1M 69.1K 71

    Bronwyn Larson has spent her whole life not depending on her mother, a constantly recovering addict, until the moment her life was literally torn apart when an EF4 tornado ripped through their trailer park and her mom is found dead, miles away after the storm. Suddenly, her estranged father is a part of her life, a pr...

  • The Last Place to Hide
    16.1K 612 3

    [Being developed for TV with CBC Gem] Before he was murdered by the same man he was hunting, Frankie's father was an esteemed crime writer. Now, after ten cold years, the killer is back - and eighteen-year-old college student Frankie is determined to complete her father's legacy. But as she investigates her tight-knit...

  • Star Gazers [BXB] [COMPLETED]
    697K 43.4K 40

    *Spinoff/Sequel of Lab Partners (Recommended you read Lab Partners first but not required.)* "You know, you shouldn't smoke those things," I spoke softly, referring to the cigarette perched between his teeth. The pale light of the moon made his skin glow like an ethereal light, while his black hair shone like pure obs...

  • Lockdown on London Lane
    438K 29.8K 26

    When the London Lane apartment block is put on lockdown, its residents are in for a whirlwind week. Imogen's stuck living with a one-night-stand in Number 14, and has to face the reality that maybe it's time to grow up. Upstairs, Isla and Danny are still in their honeymoon period, and this could make or break their ne...

  • Fight Like a Girl | ✔️
    144K 11.6K 30

    Lucy Lahey trusted the man she was dating, and it turned out to be her biggest mistake. Reeling in the aftermath of a rape that stole not only her virginity, but her confidence, her love for MMA, her clarity and more, Lucy now finds herself in Jersey City, living with her absent father. Noah hasn't been the worst fat...