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  • Snake Season
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    Snakes rule the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Humans have trapped these snakes underground. The earth hungers for the rightful rulers to rule again, but there's something else that arrives with them. Can they handle it? Are humans ready for the madness that is about to spread? Read to find out in my book...

  • South-Side Renascent || c.g.
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    "I- wait, w-what?" "Take a look for yourself, then." "Holy fucking shit, Cailee..." *Third installment of the 'South-Side' series.* (Set 2 years after South-Side Rhapsody.) *smut warning* SPOILERS I do not own "Shameless," only the characters and storyline I've created. Started May, 2018. Completed July, 2019. Highest...

    Completed   Mature
  • Female Marine In Bon Temps (True Blood FanFiction)
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    "Are you okay?" a female asked getting out of her blue ford-150 truck. Sookie couldn't make out who the person was only the black military boots when she got close. "Hey, stay with me," the female said, just as Sookie eyes closed.

    Completed   Mature
  • So I Got Mixed Up With Vampires - Eric Northman Story (EDITING)
    60.3K 1.3K 13

    ~Story Currently being Revamped~ When a girl is struggling for money, she takes a job as an exotic dancer at the vampire bar Fangtasia. After a shift she finds herself mixed up in vampire business. Will this strengthen her relationship with her hunk of a boss Eric Northman?

  • Brutal Bond (True Blood Fanfic)
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    Anna is unwillingly pulled into the vampire world by being forced to partake in a vampire's punishment. The punishment has changed her life in a way she never imagined.

  • True Blood Imagines {CLOSED}
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    I just started watching True Blood like last week but I already love the character Eric. He is such a badass, he's like Klaus and Elijah mixed together. Lmfao.

  • Look Before You Leap [True Blood]
    38.4K 1K 43

    *COMPLETE* When Rachel & Lily Compton's mother dies, they discover an estate in Bon Temps was left to them. But when they arrive to the sleepy town they're met with more than a few surprises. They find themselves pulled into the world of the supernatural, and realize their lives will never be the same again. Eric/OC...

  • Godric
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    (ON HOLD) Godric Saves Sophie. Godric has watched her a for a while. Sophie falls in love with Godric, but is unsure about his intentions. *I do not own any of the True Blood Characters*

  • Bite me (Eric Northman love story)
    71.3K 1.5K 19

    Okay, for starters I do not own True Blood, I do not own any of the characters. I just have a passion for Alexander Skarsgård. He is sexy and gorgeous so I must write a fan fiction about his character in true blood hope you enjoy it.

  • Pixie Dust
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    Sookie hasn't seen Solan in years. She's changed since they were teenagers. She will need her. More and more in the time to come.

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  • Two For The Blood
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    Things have quieted down. Eric Northman is bored and still mourns the death of Godric as the months go by and still Sookie still has not given herself to him. But will everything change once someone new arrives in town? Will Eric be able to handle her? Will she be the one to finally be able to tame him?

  • Brighter Now
    79.9K 2.1K 21

    Godric meets Adira when she goes to Fangtasia to get her friend's drunk sister

    Completed   Mature
  • The Vampire's Assistant
    91K 3K 22

    [True Blood Fanfiction] I wasn't so naive as to believe working for a vampire would be easy. But I never thought it would alter the course of my entire life, that I would discover things I never knew about myself, or that it would ultimately unearth a long-buried family secret that would endanger the lives of everyone...

  • Doomed Love? (True Blood Godric Fan Fic) ON HOLD
    122K 2.6K 18

    Brooke in need of money has gotten a job at the Camilla Hotel, she meets Godric and falls for him instantly, but will he let himself feel the same way or will he continue punishing himself for his past actions?

  • Him // e.c
    71.6K 1K 24

    Madison Miller moves to L.A. because of her parents' divorce. She accidentally bumps into Ethan Cutkosky. He's a green eyed heart throb, according to Madison. They hit it off right off the bat. But will Madison's horrid past come back to haunt her? Read on to find out! ♥

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    {colby_brock} "unfollow @piercethealex?"

  • Secrets 2|| •LIL PUMP
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    sza already tried running. It doesn't work. Nothing works. she's just had to accept it. "Solana Rowe, will you make me the happiest man alive an marry me" Jahseh said getting on one knee. everyone in Jamaica must've been recording. "yes"

  • Distance • Colby Brock [sequel]
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    sequel to clickbait. [SOCIAL MEDIA FIC]

  • Bad boy (Carl Gallagher)
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    A new girl comes to town and makes friends with Debbie Gallagher. But what happens when she mets the rest of the family, especially the brother.

  • "425 days without you" SEQUEL. Ethan Cutkosky/ Carl gallagher.
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    You've seen Skylar and Carl in action, but what happens to them when they are in trouble for their actions? Will they change when they're in prison? Read to find out ;) *this is a sequel, read the first book "I warned you//Carl Gallagher/ Ethan Cutkosky love story." First*

  • I warned you// Carl Gallagher/Ethan Cutkosky Love Story
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    "I warned you. I fucking warned you to stay away. But you're a Gallagher. You don't know what you've gotten into now"

  • Falling for you
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    what happens when ethan finds out his girlfriends is cheating on him , but little does he know its with one of his bestfriends, will he move on and be happy again?

  • I Rep Me (6ix9ine)
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    "Bloo, why she with that nigga?" "She mine, she stay on me" *Social Media/ IRL

  • psychopath//6ix9ine
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    "hernandez, your therapist is here" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - inspiration: prisoner by oreolovinq

    Completed   Mature
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    Title explains it all {completed}

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    when elton's sister moves to l.a., elton offered her a place to stay in the extra bedroom at the shared mansion with his friends...well, everyone but colby knew elton had a sister.

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    colby_brock is following you! Can love really bloom from Instagram? ***COMPLETED***