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  • talk! | matty healy
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    both endlessly denying what's wrong to make each other right. **contains smut, some violence and swearing, drug use (lower case intended)

  • You (Matty Healy)
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    "You're a good girl, do you know that?" He exhaled deeply with a disbelieving smile, pulling me to lie next to him. "Which is probably why I find you so hot. Those innocent eyes, fuck. I was done for. I always have been." "You don't mean that." I laughed, clambering beneath the sheets. "Ah, always so skeptical. But...

  • Lacey // (The 1975 / Matty Healy fanfiction)
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    "Tell me something about you, Lace." "I don't like when you call me that." He raised his eyebrows, smirking at her attitude, "Why?" "Because it doesn't suit me," She shrugged, "I'm not seductive or even interesting in that matter. I'm just plain and simple, nothing special - certainly nothing like lace." He immediatel...

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