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  • Hamilton OneShots By Mehh
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    Welp I've read a lot of these and thought of trying them out but never really tried cuz.... I don't know. HOWEVER now I think I can and I will! Hope you enjoy. I take requests! P.s I don't do x reader for... reasons... I'm sowwiiee.. I LOVE ALL Y'ALLS ♡ P.p.s.: cover art is NOT mine! FANKS AGAIN

  • Hamilton Oneshots [DISCONTINUED]
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    Requests are open!

  • Genderbend Hamilton [COMPLETED! ALL SONGS!]
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    Exactly what the title says!! I worked too hard on this tbh. I've also changed Lyrics to fit with the pronoun changes!! Original work of Hamilton by the amazing genius Lin-Manuel Miranda!!! All credit to him!! Hamilton is his! All art done by me :) Aarenne-Aaron Alexandra-Alexander Jane-John Lafayette-Lafayette Ha...

  • Nobody Needs To Know: A Philip Hamilton Story
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    It's Junior year of High school and Philip Hamilton seemed to be excited for his 3rd year in High school, but he never knew it'd turn out to be so...complex. George Eacker: About 5'10ish. Chocolate brown skin. His hair, kind of poofy in a short nappy type of way. Short tempered. Rude when you first meet him but can gr...

  • Our Garden | Jeffmads Hamilton Fanfiction
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    He went to the garden when he felt like he couldn't make his mind up. In the garden, his mind was clearer and he could think. He could know. The memories and feelings filled him when he entered the seemingly new realm of emotion. Vines twirled gracefully along hedges, and flowers bloomed beautifully towards the sky, n...

  • In New York You Can Be a New Man
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    "The story of then, told by the people of now." When 19-year old Alexander Hamilton arrives at New York City, he leaves behind his past of horror and death to join America. My fanfiction/story tells the tale of the Founding Fathers as they struggle through college life, love, and drama in the 21st Century! +++++++...

  • Stronger Than Words | Lams |
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    John Laurens was walking down the street to go meet some of his best friends. The crisp autumn breeze was hitting his face and he was feeling happy. Not watching where he was stepping, however, he bumps into a boy. He instantly feels a connection between them. They become friends, John, however, wants to be more than...

  • Hamilton Lyrics
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    All the lyrics will be here. All his songs were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and interpreted by him and the rest of the cast, whom will be treated at the end of this beautiful story, you're free to cry. Todos Los Lyrics estarán aquí, fueron escritas por Lin-Manuel Miranda, e interpretadas por él y el resto del cast...

  • JeffMads
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    *COVER ART IS NOT MINE* Madison is attending King's college, and doesn't have many friends. But, after Thomas Jefferson returns to King's college after a year abroad, Madison thinks he is in some trouble. Does Madison actually have feelings for this man? Will Jefferson return said feelings? Is there going to be mor...

  • ~Stay For Me~ A Mullette Fanfic
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    A Full Fanfic about the 2 chapters from my story Book Of Gay Ships. Now you'll understand where it all started. **WARNING:There is smut. If you don't like it you can skip it mate :3** Anyways. Jump in!

  • Love is hard...I guess(jeffmads)
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    Jeffmads because I picture them being that annoyingly cute couple that is also really funny also idc what else so just read the goddamn book *dashes off* k byyyyye also maybe possible smut 😁

  • Mullette Oneshots/Drabbles
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    because there's nothing for this damn pairing, also wattpad sucks with publishing, so I'm just gonna make one story like my other ones.

  • Pretty fucked up Washington
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    Strawberry masturbation Read at your own risk ---THIS IS JUST A JOKE OKAY! DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY---

  • Take Me Away (Jamilton Modern AU)
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    {{Completed}} Thomas has a deep love for Alexander, but some how always manages to ruin it. Maybe that's why Alexander doesn't enjoy Thomas's company. As James and Thomas leave the library James gives Thomas some advice to chill out. But will Thomas actually control his cocky ways enough to win Alex over?

  • Hamilton One Shots
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    Hamilton One Shots for the hungry soul.

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  • Picture This- A Hamilton AU (Completed)
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    Picture this: The Hamilsquad goes to a summer camp, where Eliza finds out her boyfriend was also dating her best friend Maria without her knowledge. This spirals into madness, near-death experiences, danger noodles, actual death experiences, pregnancies, secret agents, more cheating, guns, ships, Jefferson, and all of...

    Completed   Mature