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  • LIFE AS ME// autobiography?
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    Ay it's me, this is my life when i write about it :D stolen from jiminotes

  • LIFE WITH YOU//2018
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    An autobiography of my year in 2018 ??

  • The Dream Files
    72 12 5

    A story of 6 girls where their dreams come true, but which dreams?

  • Lips and Ears (BTS Kim Taehyung Story)
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    "The petals to my heart keep falling off, each guy who break my heart peals off another one." A high-school girl who is deaf faces hard relationships, break-ups, lies, and more. A new guy transfers to her school and things start to change.

  • •*•*Dizzy Shore*•*•
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    "I always go to this beach which which makes my fall asleep and make me forget about the mistakes I made, sometimes when I wake up I see a man with bright brilliant blue hair. It makes me question if I drank last night or not." A story of a lonely g...

  • Yoongay | Serena was here >:3
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    Me. My life. my story. And umm k bye.

  • Wings - Story Ideas
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    a collection of BTS story ideas

  • *~Cinderella and The Seven Princes~*
    173 13 7

    A girl named Velvet got kidnapped and got saved by 2 of the princes and meets the rest when they get to the castle. Little did she know it was going to change her life.

  • Bucket of BTS trash= This author right here-!
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    This is where I post my tagging stuff and what I do in meh life or just to torture my friends with pics for fun! 🤣🤣 Hope u enjoy my weirdness and craziness 💜

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    The BTS family is trying to solve a mystery about the death of their parents. Who can be the murderer????

  • Table For Two// nishiyuki
    599 69 39

    "We have a shoko, it's magic. But what if you could break the magic....... well simply then the world would crumble" Licht, Daiki and Kuzino are best friends living their normal high school life when the creator of a magical necklace that leads to your soulmate shows up and demands they must go with them? Will their n...

  • Our Future || Jung hoseok Fan Fic || {COMPLETED}
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    I saw 'him' place the money required to recieve his fortune on the table. " I would like to know what will happen in my future." he smiled I handed him his money back as he gave me a questioning look. "I refuse to give you a fortune." _________________________________ In which a girl who was a fortune teller was afra...

  • Love Yourself )|( Jeon Jungkook )|( {Oneshot}
    186 14 2

    After a horrible car accident, Jeon Jungkook's legs were never the same. He barely ever got visits from his friends and family. He missed his old life. He missed his old friends. However, all of that changes when he meets a girl his age in the halls he hated. *** This is just a story idea I got from the love yourself...

  • His Smile {Jungkook FF}
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    {ON HIATUS} "Come on, let's go!" he yelled. I knew this wasn't a good idea but I couldn't resist..... because he showed me that adorable, sweet, bunny smile.🐇 *** I dont think I'm going to continue writing this. Its my first fanfic and I'm not proud of it

  • accιdenтal тeхт ✿Թɑɾk ʝiɱiɳ ƒɑղƒiς✿
    9.2K 918 45

    when a wierd, socially awkward, girl accidentally texts a music legend.🎶 *** Consists of: •Curse words •Loneliness •my dry humor •The jibooty Completed 8/28/17

  • Scapegoat }•{Kim Taehyung}•{
    50 6 1

    •She was his Scapegoat• ___________________ ***

  • My Bartender \/ kɩm Տҽօkjɩղ /\
    123 15 2

    Kim Seokjin was a bartender at a very popular bar in Seoul. What will happen when one of his customers becomes obsessed with him and his very charming visuals? ***

  • Kpop Wallpapers/Book Covers
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    •°CLOSED°• All Wallpapers and covers are made by me :) There are also a few other creations that I made in this bc why not lol