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  • Unapologetically Me
    1.9M 42K 25

    Fatima Ward is a pre-med senior at Hampton University. Becoming a pediatric doctor is her parent's dream for her, but secretly Fatima wants to be a Fiction Writer. She finds herself fulfilling this secret passion by writing fanfics on the extremely popular online writing website, WriteNow. To keep her identity private...

  • About Lastnight
    194K 11.7K 18

    Is it possible for you to fall inlove with someone you never met before? Tahari Smith is a young, twenty one year old model, that is in her senior year of College at University of Miami. With a stressful school year ahead of her she decided to have one last night out with her closer friends. Zaquan or 'Qua' Banks is...

    284K 18.7K 40

    AFRICA 18, is a straight "A" student, who is soon graduating from high school. Living in a two parent home, she has been spoiled all her life and given anything she wants. A warm night in June 2005 was no different. She goes out for a night of fun with her best friend and it changes her life forever. In a world of lie...

  • Life Is Not A FairyTale
    303K 8.9K 27

    Aaliyah Vasquez is a single mother trying her hardest to make ends meet . With little to no money she constantly finds herself in the struggle . As if Aaliyah's life wasn't hard enough she had to take care of her drug addict mother who doesn't want any help . With a 5 year old daughter Aaliyah has to find a way to s...

  • His Only
    91.2K 3.4K 26

    After tragedy struck Naomi, she wanting nothing more than her savior to love her. She decides to move on in her life but with her heart broken an a baby on the way. She's not sure if she can do it.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Troubled Hood Chick (An Urban Fiction) [EDITING]
    435K 10.3K 28

    Nothing but a troubled 18 year old, hood girl. Fighting girls, stripping and failing in school. With an drugged out, alcoholic mother and a dead beat daddy. Who does Quanti have to lean on? Trying her best to be a good mother figure to her younger sister Neveah and doing anything for them to eat and afford to pay the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baby's Mother [Completed]
    157K 5.7K 43

    A "mother" is an independent woman who could care less about what her baby's father doing and doesn't spend her days being spiteful and hateful towards him. She puts her child first before anything and handles all the business. She grinds for her child and makes a living by any means necessary. She doesn't care about...

  • Thugs don't love
    98.6K 3.2K 25

    Kierra Miller has been through it all. She has to learn to be on her own. Well thats until she meets Derrick Ross, the biggest drug lord in the city. When they get together their whole lives will change. Read to find out more. {Kind of like an August Alsina Love Story} so a little Fan Fiction too !

    Completed   Mature
  • One Night Stand
    480K 15.5K 65

    *2 years after Kaylen have what was spose to just be a One Night Stand* ||READ TO FIND OUT MORE||

    Completed   Mature
  • A Thug's Wife Prayer
    31.4K 855 29

    ~No matter how thug my man was it wasn't his life style that kept me it was his love for me that kept him and me alive and also my prayers~

  • Thug's Babymama
    88.6K 2.2K 20

  • Just His Babymomma?
    216K 5.5K 46

    Brianna Davis is a 21 year old mother ..her sons name is kaysen washingtion ,she & kaysen's father are no longer together he broke up with her after he found out she was pregnant .When they finally meet will old feelings come back or will she just be his babymomma?

    Completed   Mature
  • Runaway Babymama (Editing)
    244K 7K 33

    Book 1

    Completed   Mature
  • Hustle.
    125K 3.9K 22

    If anyone had ever told me that I'd be pregnant with a thug's baby, I would have never believed you. My life had been great. I was living in the Upper West Side with my mother and baby sister, maintained good grades, kept to myself, and enjoyed playing basketball. During the middle of junior year, I was discovered b...

  • My Baby Daddy (COMPLETED)
    245K 6.9K 35

    Jhanay and Alex have been on a 2 year break. When they get finally get back together, will the fight for their relationship be worth it in the end? Join them on their emotional roller coaster and find out what happens..

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving A Thug Ain't Easy
    279K 7.3K 50

    "But whatever you do, stay away from thugs". I was told this all my life but thugs were sexy and had money. Every girl loves a man that can handle her and it was all good until I was handled too much and my life started changing. I love my thug but loving a thug ain't easy.

  • A Thug's Love
    411K 9.2K 43

    this story is about a girl who fell in love with a thug READ PLZ ITS MY FIRST STORY

  • I Fell in Love With A Thug
    23.5K 593 29

    Thug Love

  • Love with a Passion
    143K 6.5K 27

  • One Night Stand
    346K 14.8K 20

    One night, six years ago on her 20th birthday, Milan involved herself in a steamy, outrageous one night stand with a man whom she's never seen or met before. The next morning, the mysterious man and Milan said their goodbyes and never contacted each other again. That was two thousand one hundred and ninety one days ag...

  • A one night stand
    109K 3.2K 36

    Read it and find out ! ☺️

  • That Girl
    208K 3.5K 36

    Ava Montano is a 17 year old girl who everyone either wants or hates. Every girl wants to be her friend but her bestie Bianca already has that position. Ava has her eye on a huge drug lord named Omar. She knows she can get him cause obviously she is THAT GIRL.

  • Trap Queen
    62.6K 735 11

    After finally finding her sister, the world doesn't let up on Malaysia. Follow her through her journey and she has to learn the way of life--Kill or be killed"

  • Kaliah's Thug
    441K 13.8K 47

    Kaliah Taylor Finds Herself Falling for one of Georgia's Most Infamous Thugs , Jaquayvion "Quay" Roberts . This thug soon finds a soft spot for her , but will it end tragically or will he forever be Kaliah's Thug ?

    Completed   Mature
  • Before You Walk Away
    10.4K 261 33

    A girl who was neglected by her father & raised by a single mother leaves her hometown in "Louisiana " for college in Cali . She get nervous about falling on love again but she over comes it with confidence . She's meets King one of Cali's finest thugs & becomes good friends with his sister . Secrets are exposed & lov...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strippers need insurance too
    10.8K 394 27

    Did you know that strippers don't get insurance. Insurance companies say that the job is too risky for them too insure. That if you put yourself in a risky situation like being a stripper you don't need someone to insure you when you're nothing even insuring yourself. BULLSHIT. STRIPPERS NEED INSURANCE TOO!

  • The Thug Who Breaks Hearts
    418K 12.2K 44

    18 Year Old Talecia Life Is Changed Around a when She Met A Thug Named Jarus , Her Mom Was A Crackhead And Telecia And Her Sister Were Not Eating On Certain Days , She a Goes On An Adventure seeking Love And Peace , Will She Find The Love Of Her Life To Be Jarus Or Another Boy , and Will She Live Happily Ever After ?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Life of a Thug's Daughter
    749K 17.8K 54

    Nyla is a 17 year old junior at LA high. Her father Kaylen is the biggest drug lord in LA. This story is showing the perspective of a thugs daughter's world that revolves around love, drugs, sex, and lies.

  • In love with a Thug
    21K 344 25

    Copyright ©by Lovely_Mind...Jessica Marie Carter is this girl who is falling for this big time thug that goes by the name junior but she only know him as Andrew the dude she loves is a thug and she finds out things she never knew about but no matter what she cant leave him because .....The story tells it all just read...