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  • Joker Imagines
    224K 5.1K 24

    imagines Smut,Fluff Sexy Mistah J Request please Leave comments so i know what you think and don't forget to vote Thanks

  • Jesus X Reader
    17.6K 444 11

    Here you will find sexy Jesus giving some love. That's all you need to know! :) Enjoy

  • I Never Guessed(Pewdiepie x Reader)
    14.3K 512 4

    You've been best friends with Pewdiepie over the internet and you finally get enough money to go to Italy. You find out he broke up with Marzia and moved to his own apartment. You also end up finding out some other things.. Interesting things.. (~ The picture is NOT mine. But the story and idea is. Please, no stealing...

  • My Gamer Girl [PewDiePie x Reader]
    604K 18.4K 35

    You've been a bro since the first 1000 subscribers but when Marzia suddenly vanishes out of Felix's life, he goes missing off of YouTube as well. But when he finds you he just might've found love. Will it end up as everything you hoped for or will it go all downhill?

  • Let Me Be Your Hero -PewDiePie x Reader-
    462K 16.3K 26

    YouTube is life for you. You always stop by at YouTube everytime if you feel depressed or just simply, sad. You always dreamed to become a YouTuber. What if, your dream of becoming a YouTuber came true? But, there is an exchange. You'll not like it.

  • Walking Dead Jesus x reader
    5.3K 85 5

    hope u enjoy.this it is the walking dead.daryl and rick and all the others are in it.if there is any mistakes just ignore them. Hope u enjoy